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Hall of Heroes

The great vaulted chamber was supported by many huge stone columns, each maybe ten feet in diameter.  The chamber itself was huge, three stories high, having balconies along each wall accessible by narrow stone staircases in every corner of the room.  There were many portraits hanging on the walls, depicting everything from halfling bards and great human knights to gnome illusionists and elven druids.  Below each portrait hung a scroll detailing the persons past glories and history.  This was indeed a Hall of Heroes....

Click on the characters listed below to view their details.  Villains as well as heroes also appear in this section. See the Census Statistics table for a breakdown of races and classes.

Submit your own character to the 'Hall of Heroes' by entering your characters information in The Census Chamber. If you have a sketch you'd like included with the character then please email it to us with a subject header of your characters name.   Please remember, the characters background and history are the most important factor to bring alive your character.


Character Name Race & Class Author 3.0/3.5
Abbadon Halfling Ranger By Phillip J Rhoades  
Aden Sahr Donzait Human Mage \ Cleric By Kristian  
Alexander Goodwind Halfling Fighter \ Thief By Stephen Forsyth  
Alloran of Sabreland Human Paladin By Evan  
Ami Silvermist Elf Ranger By Ryan Crabtree  
Amlurith D'Arguth Drow Spellsinger \ Priestess By Vivian Rivera  
Angelanthasia Hailow Elf Mage \ Thief By Angel  
Anthor Del'Niera Half Gold - Half Moon Elf \ Sorcerer By Jimothy Banaszewski *
Anton Drow Psionic By Anthony  
Aradorf Silverblade Half-elf Fighter \ Mage \ Cleric By Wesley Wagers  
Aragrym Ravenmane Human Barbarian By Adam Butler *
Arazn Blair Half-elf Fighter \ Mage By Joe Parker  
Arethyl Elf Thief By Axel  
Arykard Kilbourne Talonscar Half-elf Specialty Priest \ Wild Mage By Erich Krueger  
Aslan Elf Mage By Roger Brouwer  
Azco Human Necromancer \ Fighter By Christopher  
Azrael Wandric Human (Vampire) Fighter By Vidar  
Bagoluth Wheatfellow Halfling Specialty Priest By Sean  
BeholderMage Human Mage By Thomas  
Beorn Aedilkulda Garlgaen Dwarf Fighter By Lincoln  
Bixon Lightfoot Halfling Thief By Derek Chapman  
Boldar Willowdweller Human Ranger By Curtis Jones  
Braxis Montar Dwarf Specialty Priest By Eric McCubbin  
Brightmane Wemic Fighter By Michael Jordan  
Cabe Arrakis Half-elf Thief By C Johnson  
Caith (a.k.a "Cat") Human Thief By Lincoln  
Calcadin Ashbaad Human Paladin By Matthew Polis  
Calix Nai Elf Fighter By Cory Biesiada  
Cathoes Elf Fighter \ Mage By Stephen Forbes  
Celane Windevryl Elf Diviner (Academician) By Jim Griffith  
Celeborn Earendil Half-elf Ranger \ Mage \ Priest By Brooks Dosier  
Celebrimbor Eleneithel Elf Fighter By Paulo Andre  
Christian Human Rogue By Jeremy *
Coren Human Mage \ Psionicist By Joseph  
Corleone Grey Elf Thief \ Illusionist By Rob Davenport  
Credus E'pan Drow Mage \ Thief By Mike Polis  
Daeron Anane Half-elf Fighter \ Thief (Swashbuckler) By David J Hepford  
Dagnar Flameslayer Dwarf Fighter By Matt Berry  
Dagger Fobbin Human Ranger By Kayne  
Damien Steele Elf Ranger \ Thief By Rey Bustamante  
Dane Smallshadow Halfling Thief By Justin Gusto  
Darkon Chaosbane Human Paladin By Steve  
Darryel Blackhand Halfling Ranger By Anth Hopper  
DarZen'Kennan Drow Warrior \ Battlemage By Drakkos  
Deathrall Darkwater Dark Dwarf Fighter  By Anth Hopper  
Delen Grothar Human Rogue \ Wizard By Bitty *
Demor Human Necromancer By Thomas  
Deregond Tyrsfist Human Rogue \ Paladin By Camo Coffey *
Derrent Lolumbar Alenuath Elf Fighter \ Mage By Daniel Buchmueller  
Dessdinova Yntarsil Drow Fighter \ Thief By Kristoffer  
Dirken Half-elf Thief By Curt Wilson  
Drab Elf Bard By Bitty  
Draven of Tantras Half-elf Bard By Dreman  
Drisinil Gaun Drow Ranger By Stephen Rine *
Druinor d'Yantra Human Mage By Dion Fernandez  
Duriel-Gurth Human Fighter \ Cleric By James Robbins  
Elamien Andrammar Half-elf Ranger \ Druid By Sune Hansen  
Elenril Ranmir Half-elf Fighter By Eva Creyghton  
Eliphas Runesword Halfling Specialty Priest By Jeremy  
Elkor Alish Human Paladin By Cory Young  
Elrawyn Amadriel Elf Fighter \ Mage By Austin Roberts  
Elrothian O'Faron Half-Elf Ranger By Derry Ambo *
Elygad Moonbeam Elf Ranger By Austin Roberts  
Emile Giliath Human Cleric By Antonio  
Entillis Winterfrost Elf Cleric \ Mage By Morgan Favre  
Erazan Marqueel Drow Fighter By Adam Kobiljak  
Erin Talltankard Halfling Specialty Priest By Todd Sale  
Ffinefli Stormhammersson Dwarf Cleric By Paul McWhirter  
Fletcher Avornin Human Ranger By Andy DeVilbiss  
Fredrick Dragonslayer Human Paladin By James Abbey  
Frekul Winterboone Human Fighter By Leo Tello  
Galac MacHamantur Dwarf Fighter \ Cleric By Kai O. Sovde  
Gavin Trueblade Half-elf Fighter \ Thief By Kevin Kortekaas  
Ged Human Cleric By David O'Neill  
Ghelkyn Stormwind Half-elf Fighter \ Cleric By Sune Hansen  
Gimloin Dwarf Fighter \ Cleric By Josh Thuma  
Glindinfrod Bloodgem Gnome Mage \ Thief By Gaelan Kent  
Grebeir Marendais Half-elf Cleric (Crusader) By Chad Ryberg  
Grimnol Battlehund Dwarf Fighter By James Robbins  
Grinkle Hobgoblin Rogue By Casey Watson *
Grovik Straga Shield Dwarf Fighter By Jakubias *
Haiko Human Rogue (Assassin) By Jon O *
Helk Dermit Human Mage By Doug Price *
Hunter of Rashemen Human Barbarian By Spencer Whipple  
Idrin Thirag Dwarf Fighter \ Thief By Andrew Caton  
Isirmak War'Khul Drow Fighter By Axel  
Issac Frotello Half Elf Fighter \ Rogue By Randy *
Jarek of Waterdeep Human Fighter \ Bard By Jon Burfoot  
Jaspar Eaglemane Half Silver Elf Ranger By Sean Francos *
Jasper Gnarlson Gnome Thief \ Illusionist By Terry Best  
Jeiroth Ulondarr Elf Fighter \ Mage By Tyson Bell  
Jerock Theldarn Human Mage By Fred B Phelps  
Jestarius Calantrian Half-Elf Bard By Marco Severgnini  
Justin TrueLaris Human Mage By James Robbins  
Kaetonarius avan Cielle Elorfindar Elf Mage By Andrew Caton  
Kahl ' Astol Human Mage By Axel  
Kain Longsword Half-elf Ranger By Jonathan Yeung  
Kage Selden Human Specialty Priest By Jim Griffith  
Kale Stormrunner Elf Fighter By Sean Janiec  
Kalen O'Rouke Human Paladin By Angie Daugherty  
Kasnar Drenor Half-elf Mage \ Thief By Stoffie  
Kaus Honorshield Half-Orc Cleric By Boton Bredge  
Kaylee-Loranis Half-elf Fighter By Melissa Carlson  
Kazin Elvenarrow Half-elf Fighter \ Mage (Harper) By Bob  
Kelazequan Ketheril Elf Ranger By Rad  
Kelemvor II Lyonsbane Human Fighter (Myrmidon) By Tazio Splendiani  
Keltrich, Son of Kremvardt Human Necromancer \ Thief By Kevin  
Kerik Harranan Human Fighter (Harper) By Greg Cornelson  
Khan Human Fighter \ Wizard by Maarten van Duijvenvoorde *
Khrel Human Paladin By Denis G  
Kilinthanos SerpentHelm Human  Ranger \ Rogue \ Fighter By Tony *
Komlenin Henderbreck Half-elf Enchanter By Sinner  
Kyrie Eleison Half-elf Ranger \ Mage By Brooks Dosier  
Landale De Dragoon Human Mage By Joshua Moody  
Landallestarfinia Leafsleeper Gnome Fighter \ Thief By L. O. Mck  
Lanis Elf Ranger By Michael  
Leech Halfling Thief By Kristian  
Leiona Dagdar Earendil Human Fighter \ Mage By Brooks Dosier  
Lexam Flumby Gnome Illusionist \ Thief By Curtis Jones  
Leodin Umanyar Half-elf Fighter \ Mage By James G  
Lhenath Jorali Elf Ranger By Mike Williams  
Lilianth Lyr'tyrl'tha Drow Specialty Priestess By Todd Sale  
Lord Anson Madrox Half-elf Cleric \ Mage By Anthony Emma  
Lord Samuel Silverblade Human Paladin By Steven Vafai  
Lordin Granderson Human Mage By Jason Niehaus  
Luithiantinileanon Thanggorad... Elf Fighter \ Mage \ Thief By Bitty  
Maevius Lorr Human Illusionist By Carlo Rosetti  
Mandor Half-elf Fighter By Christian  
Maysrill of Waterdeep Human Mage (Academician) By Jeffrey Morin  
Max Stormsailor Human Cleric By Lance Jones  
Mefisto the Magnificent Alaghi Fighter By Brad Cutcliffe  
Mezreal Blue Human Wizard By Matthew Hallman *
Milo Greenbottle Halfling Rogue By Nick Werner  
Mordouin Goldreee Elorfindar Elf Fighter \ Mage By Shawn Nicolen  
Morwen'cartel Da'Na'Draiken Drow Specialty Priest By Kimberly Moser  
Nantlakeen Mirafey Drow Fighter (Assassin) By Brian Christensen  
Narissa of Darkmist Human Fighter \ Mage (Invoker) By Kayne  
Nellafein Deleal Drow Fighter (Blade Master) By Brad Garner  
Norrin Axeswinger Human Fighter By Geoff Lowry  
"Nighteyes" Alerian Elf Fighter \ Mage By G Hedgspeth  
Nithanul Immortal (once half-elf mage\cleric) By David Dufour  
Onygian Human Necromancer By Ian Traylor  
Ordric Zen'helif Human Mage By Matthew Polis  
Oswald Thanatos Half-elf Stalker \ Specialty Priest By Kevin Langley  
Pariah Cambion (Half-elf\Tanar'ri) Fighter \ Thief By R T  
Parsifal Blackspear Human Paladin By Roberto Migliorati  
Peregrine Human Paladin By Michael  
Quarios (Karsus) Valderan Drow Wizard By Tony *
Queyol Quenya Erewhen Elf Fighter \ Mage By Lincoln  
Rhaethiir Iliphar Vytheryl N'Vyn Gold Elf Fighter/Wizard (Bladesinger) By Aaron Litz *
Ralfeign Drow Ranger (Blue Dragon!) By Ned  
Rand Brightwarden Human Ranger \ Priest By Brooks Dosier  
Raulph Bloodhorn Minotaur Fighter (Barbarian) By Ned  
Raven Storm Human Fighter By Mike Jordan  
Raven Whiteblade Human Thief (Nightblade) By Brendan O'Donnell  
Razir Zen'helif Human Mage \ Cleric By Matthew Polis  
Ren the Transmuter Half-elf Specialty Mage (Transmuter) By Lance Jones  
Renthar Ashencloud Half-elf Thief By Brian  
Reygn Wyn Falloraen Human Fighter (Assassin) By K. Rawlins  
Rhialdon Embereye Elf Specialty Priest of Malar By Paul  
Riehari Kenchi Human Ninja \ Mage By Trevor Thorsteinson  
Riezel Swordsinger Elf Fighter \ Mage By Sean Benolt  
Rig Human Fighter (Gladiator) By Jim Griffith  
Ristaun of Tsornyl Elf Ranger By Jason Freiheit  
Rizlaunim Caluan Baen'rae Drow Fighter \ Druid By Kye Baxter  
Ruu Toetickler Halfling Thief By Bitty  
Rytalyn Fisherson Human Druid By Curtis Jones  
Scarter of Waterdeep Human Mage By Ulas Sozener  
Scott Sharp Elf Fighter By P Murry  
Shea Silvermoon Elf Fighter \ Mage By GoldElf7  
Shiasta Del'orn Elf Ranger By Sarah Niehaus  
Sir Din Nilmorne Drow Fighter \ Cleric By Darren Dare  
Sir Krystallos Doisan Human Necromancer \ Cleric By Nipsky  
Sir Kyal Kastagiir Human Paladin By Christian Rapp-Peltola  
Sir Lars Trollsbane Human Fighter By Anthony R Thomas  
Sir Louis De Lory Human Fighter By Aubrey Edwards  
Sir Nathaniel Gallathilial Half-Orc Fighter \ Cleric By James Sale  
Sir Rhondihir Human Paladin By R. Scott Calili  
Sir Sekemmis Vorcoth Human Fighter By Joseph A. Renzi  
Slade Human Thief (Bounty Hunter) By Joe Myers  
Slade Elvenarrow Elf Thief By Bob  
Slanti Uth Malain Elf Fighter \ Mage (Undead Slayer) By Stein Erick  
Stint Ironjaw Dwarf Cleric  By Aridale Belmont  
Sylvus SwiftBlade Elf Fighter \ Mage By Jesus Rivero  
Szordin Coloara Despana "the Serpent" Drow Fighter \ Thief By Fabio Passamonti *
Talen Blackthorn Half-elf Ranger By Brian Middleton  
Talen Whitemane Halfling Garath By BJ  
Taliesin Human Illusionist By William Stanton  
Talwyn DragonFriend Human Paladin By Tyrone Lambert  
Tamatha Dragonslayer Human Mage By James Abbey  
Tamsar Trollbane Human Ranger By Darren  
Tanil "Silent Toes" Half-elf Mage \ Thief By Azone4Life  
Tarim Ravenmane Human Wizard \ Sorcerer By G. Hedgespeth *
Tevnes of the Realms Human Bard By Jay  
Thalhar Amali Human Ranger By Nick Secker  
Thanatos Half-elf Fighter By Jay  
Thargos Dalebane Human Fighter By Scott Youngs  
The Arcadian Human Cleric \ Divine Disciple \ Contemplative By Peter *
Thorin Goblinstomper Dwarf Fighter By Jason Niehaus  
Thorn Half-elf Thief By Brian Middleton  
Timra Dashal Jhurel Drow Fighter \ Mage By Jashan A'al  
Tiryn Human Mage By Tina Olenka Cenzon  
Tjacion Oakleaf (Tanaribane) Elf Fighter By Sune Hansen  
Tyrion Red "The Warlord" Human Fighter (Cavalier) By Anthony Nelson  
Vadriana Half-elf Cleric By Jason Niehaus  
Varden Erin Kenzei Half-elf Fighter \ Druid By Eric  
Valhadrion Roth Drow Cleric\Mage By Jamie Pearsall  
Vegazeal Maveraxaspin Half-elf Fighter By Nathan Porteus  
Velathar Dunsire Elf Fighter \ Mage By Stephen Forsyth  
Verimus Brensworth II Human Mage By Justin Lopp  
Veronica "Ghost" Sil'derune Half-Elf Fighter By Joseph Wykes *
Vesfious Silver Lizard Man Ranger By Anth  
Vhabner Hardhead Dwarf Fighter By Seth *
Victus Carrington Human Ranger By Craig Young  
Vladamir Blackblade Minotaur Fighter By D Bartkus  
Wangar Hammerhead Dwarf Fighter By Lance Jones  
Waylan Rowenmantle Human Fighter/Bard By Fabio Passamonti *
Welfran Human Mage By Bjorn Dahlby  
Wybaar Human Invoker By Steven Lord  
Wyr Shi Moruloki' Elf Fighter By Lincoln  
Xeraro Z'aerth Drow Fighter \ Mage By John Heron  
Yasraena T'Sarran Drow Fighter \ Mage By Mark Martinez  
Yurt (and Hanuman) Human Fighter By Steven Best  
Zander Esor T'Lann Human Fighter \ Cleric \ Mage By James Robbins  
Zorek II Gnome Thief \ Illusionist By Guy Patching  

Adventuring Parties

The Riders of Elvenflow

The Riders of Elvenflow are an ongoing band of adventurers in the Realms (and beyond!), their existance covering over twenty years of continuous campaign time.   Click on the graphic above to go to the Riders of Elvenflow page to view their character pages and tales.

* * * * *

The Black Roses

The Black Roses are an ongoing band of adventurers from Eveningstar and now based in Dagger Falls. This is the adventuring party depicted in the picture of the same name in the 'Gallery of Faerun'.  Click on the graphic above to go to The Black Roses page to view their character pages and tales.

* * * * *

The Raging Fools

The Raging Fools are a band of seven adventurers based in Amn and operate from a small keep. Click on the graphic above to go to The Raging Fools page to view their character pages and tales.

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