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The Raging Fools

The Raging Fools are an ongoing band of adventurers in the Realms.  All information on The Raging Fools is the property and copyright of their creators and is used by Candlekeep with permission from Jason Niehaus. Anyone wishing to join the party, e-mail Jason Niehaus with character history. Also, the Fools (more spascificaly, Vadriana) have applied for a crest, any ideas on what it should look like please also e-mail Jason at the address above.

The group is currently stationed out of a small keep given to them by the leaders of Amn. Vadriana has opened the doors to all comers in the hopes of forming a respetable mercenary company, a goal only she seems to pursue.

Listed below are the members of The Raging Fools, along with their race, class and player.

Lordin Granderson Human Mage By Jason Niehaus
Thorin Goblinstomper Dwarf Fighter By Jason Niehaus
Jasper Gnarlson Gnome Thief \ Illusionist By Terry Best
Yurt Human Fighter By Stephen Best
Hanuman Ancient Monkey companion to Yurt By Stephen Best
Vadriana Half-elf Cleric By Jason Niehaus
Shiasta Del'orn Elf Ranger By Sarah Niehaus


Current Recruits

Horten Hufflefluf level 2/2 wizard/warrior

Stony MacRock (Gargoyle brought to life by one of Lordin's spells. Acts as guard dog of the Raging Fools compound)



Morin Goblinstomper level 2 cleric, major dojo of the Raging Fool Compound, runs it in the groups absence, Thorin's cousin.

The five Krandle brothers: Identical brothers, each named Krandle, work as butlers, handymen and all the other jobs Morin can give them

History and Lore

This section contains tales of The Raging Fools, their conquests, history and other interesting articles submitted by the players of the characters.

Call of the Monkey God    

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