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Yurt and Hanuman

Personal Information
Name: Yurt (and Hanuman) Player: Steven Best
Race: Human Gender: Male Height: 6'11"
Class: Fighter Level: 8 Weight: 198 lbs
Kit: None Next Level: 250,000
XP: Not Given Alignment: Neutral Good
Eyes: Cobalt Hair: Blue Deity:
Monkey god of his tribe
Age: 25
Ability Scores
Str: 18/70 Weight Allowance: 160 lbs Bend Bars/Lift Gates: 25%
Attack Adj.: +2 Damage Adj.: +3 Max. Press: 305 lbs Open Doors: 13
Dex: 17 Missile Adjustment: +2 Pick Pockets: +5% Open Locks: +10%
Reaction Adjustment: +2 Armor Class: -3 Move Silently: +5% Climb Walls: +5%
Con: 17 System Shock: 97% Poison Save: +0
Hit Point Adjustment: +2(+3) Resurrection Chance: 98%
Int: 12 Max. Spell Level: 6th Max. Spells Per Level: 7 Illusion Immunity: None
Bonus Proficiencies: 3 Chance to Learn New Spell: 50%
Wis: 11 Bonus Clerical Spells: 0, 0, 0, 0, 0, 0, 0 Clerical Spell Failure Chance: 10%
Magic Defense Adjustment: +0 Spell Immunity: None
Cha: 13 Loyalty Base: +0 Maximum Number of Henchmen: 5
Initial Reaction Adjustment: +1
Saving Throws
Paralyzation: 9 Poison: 9 Death Magic: 9 Petrification: 10 Polymorph: 10
Rod: 11 Staff: 11 Wand: 11 Breath Weapon: 11 Spell: 12
Hit Points: 89
Base THAC0: 13
Melee THAC0: 11
Missile THAC0: 11
Natural armor class 10
Chainmail Armor +4 -5
Magical Armor adj. -4
DEX Defensive adj. -3
Unknown adj. -3
Weapon Proficiencies

Spear (specialist)
Two-handed Sword

Non-Weapon Proficiencies
Fire-Building 15
Forage 14
Tracking 15
Musical Instrument (pan pipes) 12

Other Skills:

Enhanced hearing
Silence in jungle settings



#AT Speed


Range (-2) (-5)
Weapon Melee Missile Factor Sm-Med Large Type Size Short Med. Long
Spear +3 7 7 4* 6 1d6+8 1d8+8 P M 2 4 6

* - Normal #AT\round = 2, doubled due to Bracers of Speed

  • Items Readied
    • Spear +3
      • (Monkey Gods Walking Staff; a gift from Hanuman to Yurt, +6 against anyone who has ever hunted for fun)
  • Items Worn
    • Chainmail Armor +4
      • Monkey Gods Protection, another gift from Hanuman)
    • Qutizlecal Crown: Feather Headress
      • (magical helmet made from rare multi-colored feathers, acts like a helmet +1, inspires fear in enimies and courage in friends)
    • Sandles
    • Deep Green Tunic
    • Gold Braclet (200gp)
    • Bracers of Speed (twice as many attacks per round)
    • Rings of the Monkey God
      • (allows Hanuman to channel his lords divine power into Yurt, adding +2 stregnth per 3 levels, +2 constitution per 3 levels, +1 dexterity per four levels, once a week; also allows Yurt to talk directly to the Monkey God once a year, directly)
  • Items Carried
    • Tinderbox
Character Description and History

Not much is known about Yurt’s past. What is known is that when his tribe discovered he was mute they banished him to the jungle, mutes are considered inauspicious and avoided. He traveled the jungles of his homeland for around a year, a parhia whom no one wanted anything to do with. Then one day he saved a small spider monkey from hunters, little did he know how much that monkey would change his life. It turns out the monkey, Hanuman, was one of the original animals, creatures created directly by the Supreme being at the begining of time, and imbued with mystical powers. Hanuman is one of the oldest creatures on earth, he claims to have taught Yurt’s people how to survive in the jungle; what is for sure is that he is very old, very magical, and fluent in any language. Within five hours of meeting Yurt, Hanuman had suceeded in establishing a mental link and has served as his translator ever since. Under Hanuman’s tuatalege, Yurt has become quite proficiant with the spear, the traditional weapon of his people.

Together the two ventured out of the jungle (a first for Yurt and Hanuman) to a nearby port town. There they managed to secure passage, at a dicount (the sailors viewed monkies as very good omens). Through variouse voyages and adventures the duo landed in Baldur’s Gate. While in Baldur’s Gate they met up with Lordin, Thorin, and Jasper. Lordin was immediately intreeged with Hanuman, the two have spent many evenings discussing philosophy and magic. Yurt fit’s in well with this oddball group, especialy Thorin, who shares his love for battle. He can now communicate with members of the Raging Fools through gestures and facial expresions, but there are still times when Hanuman’s translation is needed.

Yurt is well over six feet, has pale gray skin (a tribal traite) and blue hair (a result of the magiccreating the mental link between Hanuman and Yurt), he is easy going and afable but almost reckless in battle. For now, and for as long as he can see, he is content to travel with the Fools,fighting hordes and collecting treasure.



STR: 4, CON: 6, DEX: 25, INT: 20, WIS: 21, CHA: 10, HP: 20, LVL: N/A

Hanuman is about a foot tall, covered in blue and purple hair, with small glowing silver, and purple eyes that seem to hold the secerets of the univers withing their swirling colors. Hanuman has been studing dagger weilding under Lordin, and currently wears a small dagger strapped to his back for emergencies.

Skills and Powers:

Heal twice per day
Perfect Wall Climbing
Can identify any magical item
Pick Pockets: 85%
Can insult any race to point of blind rage!
Grant Yurt holy might
Languages: All

Weapon Proficiencies:



Dagger +1
Necklace of the Monkey God (allows Hanuman to vanish into the realm of the monkey god if gravely wounded, and reapear a day latter)

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