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Personal Information
Name: Demor Player: Thomas
Race: Human Gender: Male Height: 5'11"
Class: Necromancer Level: 6 Weight: 156 lbs
XP: 40,000 Next Level:  60,000
Kit: None Alignment: Neutral Evil
Eyes: Gold Hair: Black Deity: Myrkul
Age: 20
Ability Scores
Str: 7 Weight Allowance: 20 lbs Bend Bars/Lift Gates: 0%
Attack Adj.: -1 Damage Adj.: +0 Max. Press: 55 lbs Open Doors: 4
Dex: 17 Missile Adjustment: +2 Pick Pockets: +5% Open Locks: +10%
Reaction Adjustment: +2 Armor Class: -3 Move Silently: +5% Climb Walls: +5%
Con: 16 System Shock: 95% Poison Save: +0
Hit Point Adjustment: +2 Resurrection Chance: 96%
Int: 18 Max. Spell Level: 9th Max. Spells Per Level: 18 Illusion Immunity: None
Bonus Proficiencies: 7 Chance to Learn New Spell: 85%
Wis: 16 Bonus Clerical Spells: 2, 2, 0, 0, 0, 0, 0 Clerical Spell Failure Chance: 0%
Magic Defense Adjustment: +2 Spell Immunity: None
Cha: 7 Loyalty Base: -2 Maximum Number of Henchmen: 3
Initial Reaction Adjustment: -1
Saving Throws
Paralyzation: 11 Poison: 11 Death Magic: 11 Petrification: 9 Polymorph: 9
Rod: 7 Staff: 7 Wand: 7 Breath Weapon: 11 Spell: 8
Hit Points: 23
Base THAC0: 19
Melee THAC0: 20
Missile THAC0: 17
Natural armor class 10
Ring of Protection +2 -2
DEX Defensive adj. -3
Weapon Proficiencies


Non-Weapon Proficiencies
Reading\Writing 19
Healing 14
Herbalism 16
Spellcraft 16
Scribe ?
Anatomy ?
Undead Lore ?
Sage Knowledge (Necromancy) ?
Thaumaturgy ?


#AT Speed


Range (-2) (-5)
Weapon Melee Missile Factor Sm-Med Large Type Size Short Med. Long
Dagger 20 17 1 2 1d4 1d3 P S 2 4 6
Dagger +2 (+3 vs. larger than man sized) 18 15 1 2 1d4+2 1d3+2 P S 2 4 6
  • Items Readied
    • Dagger +2 (+3 vs. larger than man sized creatures)
  • Items Worn
    • Boots, Riding
    • Black Robes
    • Black Cloak
    • Silver necklace with Myrkul's holy symbol
    • Bag
    • Tunic
    • Ring of Dart
    • Ring of Protection +2
    • Signet Ring for Raven's Bluff
    • Sheath Belt
  • Items Stored
    • Scroll of Banishment
    • Dagger (x5)
    • Silver Dagger
    • Spell Book
    • Vial of Holy Water (x3)
    • Worgs Blood
    • Piece of bone from the "Bonebarrier"
    • Rod
    • Flint and Steel
    • Herbs (5 doses)
    • Spirits
    • *9 Gems
    • *2 Copper Pieces
    • *20 Silver Pieces
    • *4,000 Gold Pieces
  • Animals
    • Nightreaver (Horse, Riding)
    • Sithicus (Cat, Familiar)
Class 1st 2nd 3rd 4th 5th 6th 7th 8th 9th
Necromancer 5 3 3
Character Description and History

Demor was born William Forestfield, son of Derwan and Mytha. He grew up on Forestfield farm, one of the greatest farms in Harrowdale. His frail body sooned showed it self to be a problem on the farm. Overshadowed by his elder brother Gard, William left the farm to study with the town doctor Merinias. Merinias was also a renowed Necromancer. Fearing for the reaction of Williams stern father the family kept it a seacret that William studied with the darkrobed.

Merinias soon saw the potensial in William, and started to prepare him for the lessons he knew he would teach the boy some day. William found his master frightning, and his guests where no better. William soon found out that the mansion of Merinias hold meetings for a seacret Cabal of Necromancers. After some years with the old doctor, William went home.

His father was outraged when he heared what William had done. He beat both William and his mother. William left home and sweared that he'd never return. He also dropped his name and became Demor. Little did he know that destiny would have it otherwise.

He returned to Merinias to learn the dark art. His apprenticeship was hard, Merinias was a cold man. Just but very stern, something Demor learned after trying to steal some gold from his master. Merinias punished him with gold eyes,"So that thou always will remember thy greed when thee gaze upon thy self" he said. From that day Demor always used a hooded robe.

One day when he was in town to buy food, he met his sister Tala for the first time. Her frail and thin body combined with a intelegens reminded him of himself. He knew what he had to do to protect her from their now more drunken father.

He started to save some of the few coppers he recived from Merinias for a future education for his sister knowing that his father would do anything to hinder her become like Demor.

After 6 years of study, and 6 years of saving, he felt it was about time to take action. He teamed up with his old friend Anderwynd. Anderwynd had trained himself to be a Transmuter in the great city of Ravens Bluff. He then went down to his past home. He gave Tala a platinum piece and told her to get out of there as soon as possible. She promised she would. He then gave his family a last farewell, cursed his father and the farm and left.

Demor and Anderwynd left for Shadowdale. There they teemed up with a dwaren warrior, a Halfling and a half-elven bard, Turak, Fredico and Oculus. Demor did not like venturing with so many demihumans, as Merinias had thought him that Humans where the supreme race. But Anderwynd convinced him that they could at least try.

Their first adventure happened down in Stillwater. They saved Michael from turning to a Anti-Paladin. A gruesome evil warrior given power by the now dead God Bane. They battled skeletons, wights, jermalains and a ghost, finally they met what would become the nemesis of Demor; The Lich Eric Ullmade. When the evil castle fell down the waterfall, everybody thought Eric gone forever. But Eric must have put his phylactery somewhere else. Because it did not take long before he sought out his revenge.

Eric suprised them in a sneak attack north of Stillwater, but something made him vanish. Some minutes later, an Oghma priest and a fighter named Rikky, which later proved to be a avatar of the Lord of Three Crowns. It seemed that The Prince of Lies needed a little help to battle the Seraph of Murder, one of Bhaals minions now hunting for the Portfolio of Murder.

The adventuring band followed the murdorus trace of the mad Seraph all over the world. Everyone receiving a vision. Demors vision showing how he killed his sister Tala in a offering. With a whispering message; "Turn before it's to late". It all escalated in Ravens Bluff. Where the group with the aid of the Dark sun managed to banish the Seraph.

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