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The Riders of Elvenflow

The Riders of Elvenflow are an ongoing band of adventurers in the Realms (and beyond!).   All information on the Riders of Elvenflow and the characters themselves are the property of their own creators and are used by Candlekeep with permission from Jim Griffith, Johnathan Detrick, Damon Kline.

The Riders of  Elvenflow timeline represents over twenty years of continuous campaign time. Listed below are the members of the Riders of Elvenflow, past and present showing the member, their basic AD&D stats block if no character page is available (Alignment, Race, Sex, Class) and current\last known status. Not all members listed below were members in the Riders simutaneously.  Approximately, a dozen or so were active at any one time.

Year 1 (original party - called itself The Knights of the Iron Circle)

Magnus Xavier Elven Mage Independant
Cassius Vaughn Human Paladin Deceased
Jaran Marcus NG Hm M Cavalier Deceased
Karvus Baran CN 1/2 Elf M Thief-Mage Unther
Ambrosia Human Cleric of Sharess Other Planes
Samtavan Ilverness NG Hm M Transmuter Deceased


Year 2 (adventurers who replaced fallen members during Azure Bonds)

Dennis Windevryl * Half Elf Bard Unther
Fenrys Andrea ** Half Elf Druid Demipower
Nelik Aldenhire CN Halfling M Thief Deceased
Onyx Blackstone CG Human M Beast Rider Deceased
Gilgamesh CN Human M Barbarian Believed Dead
Irzhul Nakalakaleiril N M Human Mage Retired
Ancalagon the Black (not really a member) NE Drow M Mage/Cleric of Myrkul Deceased :)

*   - See also, Celane Windevryl, wife of Dennis Windevryl.
** - See also, The Rise of Fenrys Andrea.


Years 3-8 (adventurers who joined during the early years of Elvenflow)

Faceous Tyrannus Human Cleric of Tyr Retired
Janson Bedfellows Half Elf Ranger Deceased
Prit CN Gnome M Fighter Deceased
Quasit Darkcloud CN Drow M Mage Other Planes
Knobolathan N Hm M Druid Deceased
Giotto Voltaran N Hm M Warlock Retired
Ramirez CG Hm M Gladiator Deceased
Baish Canterbury Human Fighter (Gladiator) Unther
Epsilon Van Diemen Elf Fighter / Thief Unther
Marnie Drake-Quivic Human Fighter (Swashbuckler) Unther
Aeneas NG Cambion M Fighter Retired
Bram N Hm M Thief Retired
Surrote Quevic CG Hm M Cleric of Hermes Unther
Quann CG Hm M Ranger Retired


Year 9 (adventurers who joined after disbanding as the "Fellowship of Sundyr")

Nadan Primaveran Elf Cleric of Lathander Independent
Zolkiir Khashen Human Transmuter (Academecian) Independent
Ceranno Trajan LG Hm M Paladin Retired
Cinilac Manabir LN Hm M Invoker Retired
Barlowe Gutheril CG Gnome M Illusionist Retired


Years 10 - 12 (half of the Riders explore Wildspace while the others suffered many vengeful attacks from old enemies)

Angelo Mikalis Human Fighter Missing
Dove NG Winged Folk F Archer/Ranger Independent


Years 13 - 16 (the Riders return and liberate Unther from Gilgeam, with long lasting consequences for the party (Elvenflow is destroyed!). They also retreat to the Symbul's service in Aglarond after a harrowing experience with parallel existence)

Escrima Rusteen *** Aarakocra Thief / Mage Independent

***   - See also, The Tale of Escrima Rusteen.


Years 17 - 19 (all but a handful of Riders placed in stasis by Magnus (including himself) in an effort to save them from an artifact wielding enemy. The survivors struggle to free the rest)

Sheyd CG Mongrelman M Thief Deceased
Shelensia CG Drow Fcleric of Eilistraee Other Planes


RECENT YEARS (Magnus disbanded the Riders and invited those who wished to explore other planes to go with him. Meanwhile, Baish and other Riders seek to liberate Unther from its new ruler: Tiamat!)

Zann LG Hm M Jedi Apprentice Other Planes
Starman NG Hm M Fighter, from DC Comics Other Planes
Behemoth CH Hm M Fighter, orig. Marvel RPG Char Other Planes

History and Lore

This section contains tales of the Riders of Elvenflow, their conquests, history and other interesting articles submitted by the players of the characters.

The Trials of Unther The Tale of Escrima Rusteen The Rise of Fenrys Andrea

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