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Narissa of Darkmist

Personal Information
Name: Narissa of Darkmist Player: Kayne  
Race: Human Gender: Female Height: 5'8"
Class: Fighter \ Mage (Invoker) Level: 4 / 11 Weight: 115 lbs
XP:   8,056 / 532,772 Next Level: 16,000 / 750,000
Kit: None Alignment: Chaotic Good
Eyes: Brown Hair: Raven Black Deity: Mystra
Age: 27
Ability Scores
Str: 16 Weight Allowance: 70 lbs Bend Bars/Lift Gates: 10%
Attack Adj.: +0 Damage Adj.: +1 Max. Press: 195 lbs Open Doors: 9
Dex: 17 Missile Adjustment: +2 Pick Pockets: +5% Open Locks: +10%
Reaction Adjustment: +2 Armor Class: -3 Move Silently: +5% Climb Walls: +5%
Con: 15 System Shock: 90% Poison Save: +0
Hit Point Adjustment: +1 Resurrection Chance: 94%
Int: 18 Max. Spell Level: 9th Max. Spells Per Level: 18 Illusion Immunity: None
Bonus Proficiencies: 7 Chance to Learn New Spell: 85%
Wis: 8 Bonus Clerical Spells: 0, 0, 0, 0, 0, 0, 0 Clerical Spell Failure Chance: 25%
Magic Defense Adjustment: +0 Spell Immunity: None
Cha: 15 Loyalty Base: +3 Maximum Number of Henchmen: 7
Initial Reaction Adjustment: +3
Saving Throws
Paralyzation: 10 Poison: 10 Death Magic: 10 Petrification: 8 Polymorph: 8
Rod: 6 Staff: 6 Wand: 6 Breath Weapon: 10 Spell: 7
Hit Points: 59
Base THAC0: 17
Melee THAC0: 17
Missile THAC0: 15
Natural armor class 10
Ring of Protection +3 -3
Unknown adj.. -8
DEX Defensive adj. -3

Weapon Proficiencies

Long Sword (specialization)
Short Sword

Non-Weapon Proficiencies
Boat Piloting 18
Etiquette 15
Herbalism 16
Navigation 16
Reading \ Writing (Common, Elvish) 19
Riding, Land-based 11
Rope Use 17
Seamanship 18
Swimming 16
Languages (Common, Elven)  
  • Items Readied
    • Rod of Smiting (5 charges remaining)
  • Items Worn
    • Ring of Protection +3
  • Items Carried
    • Horn of Valhalla
    • Scroll (prismatic wall, mordiken's lubrication)
    • Potion of Disenchant
    • Ring of Free Action
    • Wand of Frost (1 charge remaining)
    • Wand of Paralyzation (9 charges remaining)
    • Scroll - Cone of Cold (x 2) (penned by Narissa)
    • Scroll - Darkness 15', Fly (penned by Narissa)
    • Travelling Spell Books (x4)
Class 1st 2nd 3rd 4th 5th 6th 7th 8th 9th
Character History

Born to the cold winds of the Savage North, Narissa’s early childhood home was one of the few inhabitable locales of Icewind Dale. She lived with her family on the shores of the Trackless Sea, and there learned to love and fear the great ocean and it’s boundless power. Her aptitude for information, including the memorization of the constellations and ability to explain the properties of navigation at age six caught the attention of the village elder. After much discussion and forethought she was placed on the trading vessel Northern Bound, a caravel from Waterdeep. Her possessions were a single note written by the village elder (and corrected by her), and most of the village’s coined wealth needed to pay for the unprecedented education she was to receive.

However, captain Sarchell of the Northern Bound became acutely aware of his young passenger’s capabilities, and stationed her aboard his vessel as a support to the ship’s navigator. At age six there was little Narissa could do to argue – in fact, she enjoyed life aboard Northern Bound, and did her work quite well for the price.

When Narissa was ten, a decree in Waterdeep was made in response to increased pirating. All trade ships on the payroll of Waterdeep would either have to have five professional mercenaries aboard at all times or the sailors themselves would have to be trained in weaponry arts at Waterdeep for a fee. Not wanting to mercenaries aboard that he would have to feed and pay, the captain opted to send members of his own crew for training. Narissa had now been aboard for four years, and proved her worth. The training was meant for individuals of at least fourteen years of age, and preferably older, but Sarchell sent her along with the others. He knew there was something special about her, and that time alone stood between her time aboard and her eventual departure for grander things.

Indeed, Narissa excelled in her brief training. By age eleven she was a swash-buckling navigator aboard a profitable trade ship.

Her features flourished with her achievements, and the young girl that the crew had known began to blossom into a young woman. But they would not get to see her grow beyond that.

When Narissa was fifteen, a wizened old passenger on his way home to Waterdeep heard her voice coming from below. He was on deck, and ambled over to listen to the soft voice. He recognized it as the pretty young navigator, and his ears perked as she read aloud the tale of the Golden Elf to the sailors – in elvish! At fifteen years old this young woman could navigate a caravel, speak in an educated manner, and read elvish dialect! Immediately he sought the captain out, and asked him about her. The captain admitted she had taught herself to read in elvish, and had been reading and writing since she was six. Right then and there, the old man known as Rolek of the Crimson, a retired adventurer of the Blades of Faerun and a fourteenth level wizard, found his apprentice in the least likely place. Of course, the fates had hinted at such a thing – why else would such a powerful wizard choose to travel by boat?

Narissa was upset about the circumstances, and fought her departure heartily. In the end, she had little choice, and was sent with the strange old man for her training. His promises of lessons in philosophy and religion, of historical studies and so on were at first quite unappealing, but soon enough a new challenge to her keen intellect won her attention.

Narissa excelled as wizard’s apprentice, and lived a safe and fulfilling life. When it was clear that she would succeed in her studies despite her late start, Rolek gave her a worn-out journal with the mark of a crimson serpent on it. It was her first spellbook.

Before she could complete her studies, an old companion from the Blades of Faerun made an appearance at Rolek’s home. His name was Gilthanus, a moon elf. Unlike Rolek, he still walked with a light step and spoke with a youthful tone. He was a beautiful man, his voice like a song. Narissa was at once smitten with the wondrous creature. The three had dinner, and Gilthanus spoke of his adventures in the wild. He was an excellent storyteller, and his danced with the candlelight as he spoke. Stories of valor swept through the room, speckled with moments of lifesaving decisions and brave actions with sword in hand, of striking down an evil foe scarce moments before the enemy could deal his own fatal blow. Narissa listened to the tales of swordplay and of warrior’s chants; of moments after battle when the fighters would gather and sit in a silence only they comprehended. She had seen it years ago in Icewind Dale when the hunters would return. They all shared a common bond that no other could understand except them – and that no other would ever share, even their closest friends and wives. It was at that moment that Narissa decided she would travel with the elf, and see the worlds that he saw, and meet the people that he met. She would live by the sword, as she had aboard the trade ship, make a name for herself as a woman to be reckoned with. The chaotic nature of her decision did not surprise Rolek as much as she thought it would when she told him the next morning. He simply nodded and gave her one of her one of his rare smiles.

“You go now into the wilderness child, and you will choose your own path. It is not for I, nor the captain of a ship, or an elvish warrior to decide. In time, you will see it clearly enough yourself.”

And so Narissa became the apprentice of Gilthanus at the age of twenty-one. Already old enough to be independent by human standards, the elf still deemed her very young and was patient in his teachings. The two traveled together for years, until Narissa finally did become independent and joined a forming band of adventurers, thanking the elf for bringing her into this new world that so few were a part of.

And thus it went. Narissa was involved in several campaigns, most of them successful, and gained and lost companions along the way. In time, the old wizard’s words rang true. She took a break from adventuring and finished her studies, realizing the path for her had been laid out long before she had decided to see it. When she returned to her old band, the few that still remained greeted her not a warrior, but a wizardress.

Since then her adventures have taken her far and wide, beyond even the Spine of the World where she saw most of her closest allies killed by giants of flame and elves of the depths. Since that failed campaign, Narissa decided to settle and build a laboratory, which she did in Harrowdale. She owns a caravel called the Silver Mist, whose home is Harrowdale harbor. She also owns a shop in Harrowdale that specializes in elvish toys. Where she obtains them is a mystery, but some say she has formed a loose business with Azargatha Nimune of Deepingdale, who has connections with the elves of the old Elven Court. Word has it she plans on setting up another shop somewhere in the realms in the near future, and also plans on bringing together another band of adventurers to scale the mighty Spine of the World when the time comes.

enerated by the Advanced Dungeons & Dragons Core Rules CD-ROM 2.0

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