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Daeron Anane

Personal Information
Name: Daeron Anane Player: David J Hepford
Race: Half-elf (Gold) Gender: Male Height: 6'2"
Class: Fighter \ Thief Level: 8 / 9 Weight: 170 lbs
XP: 301,212 Next Level: 250,000 / 160,000
Kit: Swashbuckler Alignment: Chaotic Neutral
Eyes: Sapphire Blue Hair:  Golden Blonde Deity:  Tymora
Age: 43
Ability Scores
Str: 16 Weight Allowance: 70 lbs Bend Bars/Lift Gates: 10%
Attack Adj.: +0 Damage Adj.: +1 Max. Press: 195 lbs Open Doors: 9
Dex: 18 Missile Adjustment: +2 Pick Pockets: +10% Open Locks: +15%
Reaction Adjustment: +2 Armor Class: -4 Move Silently: +10% Climb Walls: +10%
Con: 17 System Shock: 97% Poison Save: +0
Hit Point Adjustment: +2(+3) Resurrection Chance: 98%
Int: 15 Max. Spell Level: 7th Max. Spells Per Level: 11 Illusion Immunity: None
Bonus Proficiencies: 4 Chance to Learn New Spell: 65%
Wis: 15 Bonus Clerical Spells: 2, 1, 0, 0, 0, 0, 0 Clerical Spell Failure Chance: 0%
Magic Defense Adjustment: +1 Spell Immunity: None
Cha: 16 Loyalty Base: +4 Maximum Number of Henchmen: 8
Initial Reaction Adjustment: +5
Saving Throws
Paralyzation: 10 Poison: 10 Death Magic: 10 Petrification: 11 Polymorph: 11
Rod: 12 Staff: 12 Wand: 12 Breath Weapon: 12 Spell: 13
Hit Points: 71
Base THAC0: 13
Melee THAC0: 13
Missile THAC0: 11
Natural armor class 10
Bracers of Defence AC6 -4
DEX Defensive adj. -4
Swashbuckler Kit Bonus -2
Unknown adj. -2
Weapon Proficiencies

Ambidextrous (1st, 1 slot)
Blades (Broad Group: bastard sword, broad sword, claymore, cutlass, dagger/dirk, falchion, katana, khopesh, knife/stiletto, long sword, main-gauche, rapier, sabre, scimitar, short sword/drusus, two-handed sword, wakizashi) (bonus - Swashbuckler/1st, 3 slots)

Sling (8th Thief, 1 slot)
Small Throwing Weapons (Broad Group: belaying pin, dagger/dirk, dart, throwing/hand axe, knife/stiletto, shuriken) (1st/3rd fighter, 3 slots)

Whip (9th fighter, 1 slot, NPP -1)

Fighting Styles:
Punching (specialized)
Single Weapon (specialized)
Weapon & Shield

Non-Weapon Proficiencies
Blind Fighting 11
Etiquette 11
Gaming 7
Observation ??
Land-based Riding (horse) 13
Rope Use 13
Seamanship 13
Swimming 12
Trailing ??
Tumbling 12
Waterdeep Lore I ??
Travelers Lore (Sword Coast) ??
   (Common, Elvish, Espruar)  


#AT Speed


Range (-2) (-5)
Weapon Melee Missile Factor Sm-Med Large Type Size Short Med. Long
Broad Sword +5
Dagger of Throwing +4
Sling, Sling bullet
Racial Abilities

Detect secret doors - Because of their acute senses, half-elves are quick to spot concealed doors and hidden entranceways.  Merely passing within 10' of a concealed door allows and elf a one-in-six chance (a 1 on 1d6) to notice it.  If actively searching, and elf's chances improve to a two-in-six chance (1 or 2 on 1d6) to find secret doors, and a three-in-six (1, 2, or 3 on 1d6) to notice a concealed door.
Infravision - Infravision with a range of 60'.
Resistance - 30% resistance to sleep and charm spells.


Ambidexterity - Reduces two-weapon fighting penalty by 2.


Special Benefits:

Able to cause quadruple damage with a backstab (thief).
Receives two bonus weapon proficiency slots which can be used to gain proficiency in main gauche, rapier, sabre or stiletto only (swashbuckler).
Receives the etiquette & tumbling non-weapon proficiencies as a bonus (swashbuckler).
Receives a bonus of -2 to Armor Class when waring leather armor, padded armor or no armor (swashbuckler).
Receives a bonus of +2 to female NPC reactions (swashbuckler).
Able to use wizard & priest scrolls with a 25% chance of the reverse of the intended effect occuring, starting at 10th level (thief).


Special Hinderences:

Attracts trouble (DM’s discretion required) (swashbuckler).


Rogue Skills: (thief)

Pick Pockets; 90%
Open Locks; 35%
Find/Remove Trap; 40%
Move Silently; 85%
Hide in Shadows; 85%
Detect Noise; 55%
Climb Walls; 80%
Read Languages; 45%

  • Items Worn
    • Linen Hose
    • Silk Shirt
    • Soft Leather Gamash-style breeches
    • Soft Leather Jerkin
    • High Soft Leather Boots with concealed sheaths (throwing daggers)
    • Leather Wrist Belt with gold buckle and buckle knife (10 gp)
    • Soft Leather Gloves
    • Large Leather Pouch of Accessability with Shoulder Sling
      • Leather Whip +4
    • Small Leather Belt Pouch
      • Thieves Picks
      • Weaponblack
    • Gold Trimmed Leather Scabbard (broad sword) & bardic with gold buckle (5 gp)
    • Gold Trimmed Leather Sheath (dueling dagger)
    • Leather Wrist Sheath x2 (stiletto)
    • Small Leather Purse
    • Dark Blue cabonchon oval aventurine in a gold bezel set amulet of proof of detection and location on a gold chain.
    • Bracers of Defense AC6 (soft leather)
    • Ring of Twilight (gold with bezel set round rose cut black sapphire)
    • Ring of Free Action (gold band)
    • Cabonchon cut round frost agate luckstone & small metal lockpicks.
  • Items Readied
    • Broad Sword of Speed +5
      • (telekinesis (250lbs maximum, 1 round, 2/day), true seeing (9 rounds, 1 day), +2 to all Saving Throws, -1 to each die of damage)
    • Dagger of Throwing +4 (dueling dagger)
    • Steel guardless Stiletto (x2)
    • Throwing Dagger (x2)
  • Items Carried
    • Pouch of Accessability
      • leather +4 whip (bull whip)
      • steel gaurdless stiletto (x4)
      • throwing dagger (x4)
      • leather sling
        • iron sling bullet (x12)
      • lockpick set
      • large glass vile of sleep gas (save vs posion or sleep for 1 D4+1 turns) (x6)
      • small glassteel vile of distilled black dragon venom (1/2 pint) (save vs acid at -4 or 4 D4+12 points of damage) (x6)
      • linen hose (x4)
      • linsey-woolsey hose (x2)
      • wool hose (x3)
      • silk shirt (x3)
      • lace trimmed silk shirt
      • soft leather gamash style breeches
      • velvet gamash style breeches
      • soft leather jerkin
      • gold & silk samite doublet
      • pair of high soft leather boots
      • pair of lace toped high soft leather boots
      • pair of wool lined high soft leather boots
      • leather waist belt with gold buckle & buckle knife (10 gp)
      • pair of soft leather gloves
      • pair of wool lined soft leather gloves
      • pair of lace trimed soft leather gloves
      • felt chapeau with large plume
      • hooded wool cloak
      • linen cape
      • silk lined gold brocade edged linen cape
      • hooded soft leather rain cloak
      • hooded wool lined leather surcoat
      • hooded fur lined leather cloak
      • brocaded silk bardic
      • leather scabbard (broad sword) & bardic with gold buckle (5 gp)
      • leather sheath (dueling dagger)
      • small leather purse (star sapphires)
      • large leather purse (money) (x7)
      • padded linen bag (glass vile of sleep gas) (x6)
      • small black dragon hide bag (glassteel vile of distilled black dragon venom) (x6)
      • glass cutter (DEX-2 or drop glass)
      • 25' hemp rope (x2)
      • 50' silk rope (x3)
      • folding grappling hook (x2)
      • flint & steel
      • waterproof tinder box
      • waterproof bedroll
      • field glass (double range & detail-level of normal vision)
      • leather flask of potion of extra-healing (x4)
      • large skin of water (3 gal) (x2)
      • small skin of zzar (1 gal)
      • provisions (elven bread) (2 wks)
    • Money and Wealth
      • Carried on Person (Encumberance = 3 lbs; value = 143.05 gp in Waterdeep, 78.05 gp elsewere):
        • 1 gold buckle with buckle knife (waist belt) (10 gp)
        • 1 gold buckle (bardic) (5 gp)
        • 2 harbor moons (platinum & electrum) (50 gp/each in Waterdeep, 10 gp/each elsewere)
        • 2 suns (platinum) (5 gp/each)
        • 5 taols (brass) (2 gp/each in Waterdeep, 0 gp/each elsewere)
        • 5 dragons (gold) (1 gp/each)
        • 5 moons (electrum) (0.5 gp/each)
        • 5 shards (silver) (0.1 gp/each)
        • 5 nibs (copper) (0.01 gp/each)
      • Pouch of Accessability (value = 30,905.75 gp in Waterdeep, 30,485.75 gp elsewere):
        • 1 gold buckle with buckle knife (waist belt) (10 gp)
        • 1 gold buckle (bardic) (5 gp)
        • 6 star sapphires (5,000 gp/each)
        • 10 harbor moons (platinum & electrum) (50 gp/each in Waterdeep, 10 gp/each elsewere)
        • 50 suns (platinum) (5 gp/each)
        • 10 taols (brass) (2 gp/each in Waterdeep, 0 gp/each elsewere)
        • 75 dragons (gold) (1 gp/each)
        • 75 moons (electrum) (0.5 gp/each)
        • 75 shards (silver) (0.1 gp/each)
        • 75 nibs (copper) (0.01 gp/each)
Character Description and History

Tall and slender of build, standing 6'2" while weighting only 170 lbs, Daeron's lean frame belies the respectable strength of his well defined, corded muscles. Though born of mixed human and gold elf blood, his appearance shows vertually no sign of his elven heritage, aside from his lingering youth. Now 43 years old, Daeron appears over a decade younger by human standards, with a shoulder length mane of rich, golden blonde hair, a very short and well groomed mustash and beard, bright sapphire blue eyes and a fair, bronzish complexion. A handsome rogue, with finely chiseled features and a soft baritone voice, he lacks all the elven characteristics typical of a half-elf, appearing as a comely young human.

A dashing rogue by all appearances, Daeron dresses in fine cloths that are both stylish and servicable. He is most commonly seen in linen hose and a shirt of sapphire silk with an open collar and blousey sleeves gathered at the wrist, under gamash style breeches with gold button hooks down either side, knee high, roll top boots, a closed jerkin with a hip length peplum and high, duelest's style gloves over his light bracers (bracers of defense), all of soft black leather. He carries an exceptional, dwarven crafted broad sword with a royal Scots style basket hilt of intercately woven gold (Starbreeze), in a gold trimmed, black leather scabbard hung from a black leather bardic with an ornimental gold buckle (5 gp), slung over his right shoulder to rest at his left side, and a long bladed dueling dagger (+4 dagger of throwing) at his left flank, sheathed to a black leather waist belt with an ornimental gold buckle that conceals a buckle knife (10 gp). Daeron also carries a pair of light throwing daggers in hidden sheaths in the tops of his boots, and bares a pair of gaurdless stilettos in concealed wrist sheaths. A large, black leather pouch (pouch of accessability) is commonly slung over his left shoulder to hang at his right side, and a small, black leather belt pouch is typically hung at his right hip. Not overly taken with jewelry or adornments, he wears a gold pendent set with an oval, cabochon cut, dark blue aventurine of fair size (amulet of proof against detection and location) on a gold chain, a simple gold band (ring of free action) on the ring finger of his right hand, and a ring of woven gold set with a round rose cut black sapphire (ring of twilight) on the same finger of his left hand. Daeron also carries a fair sized, cabochon cut, round frost agate (luckstone) in his belt pouch, and a black leather bull whip (+4 whip), as well as a varity of thieves tools, in his large pouch (pouch of accessability).

A fashionable scoundral, Daeron dons fancier apperal for society parties and special events, consisting of linen hose and a sapphire silk shirt with a white lace trimmed, falling band style collar and ruffled cuffs, under black velvet, gamash style breeches with gold buttons down either side, knee high, roll top boots of soft, black leather with white lace boot topers and a pair of white lace trimmed, high, soft black leather gloves, topped by a wide shouldered doublet of gold and black silk samite with a hip length peplum and sleeves that are cut into four wide strips from shoulder to wrist. He tops this garb with a wide brimmed chapeau of black felt with a large sapphire plume and an ankle length cape of black linen lined in sapphire silk and edged in a thin band of gold brocade. He also wears his light, black leather bracers (bracers of defense), gold band (ring of free action), gold and black sapphire ring (ring of twilight) and gold and adventurine pendent (amulet of proof against detection and location). Since Waterdhavian fashion not only allows, but encourages, the baring of tasteful weapons, Daeron carries his exceptional, dwarven crafted broadsword (Starbreeze), in its gold trimmed, black leather scabbard, hung from a bardic of gold brocaded sapphire silk, which he slings over his right shoulder to rest at his left side, and his long bladed dueling dagger (+4 dagger of throwing) sheathed to his black leather waist belt with its ornimetal gold buckle and concealed buckle knife (10 gp), as well as concealing a pair of light throwing daggers and stilettos in the tops of his boots.


Charming and quick witted, Daeron Anane is a dashing, self-styled rogue, and a man of many contradictions. Often foolhardy and impulsive, he is a good natured scoundrel, who faces life and death with his tounge in cheek, and the attitude that "all of life is but a tale told by a fool". However, he can become serious, callous, and even cruel, in the face of evil and injustice. Despite his lack of respect for the laws of the land, Daeron believes in justice and honor, often standing to defend the weak and innocent for no other reward then his own satisfaction.

Outwardly a silver tongued flop living life to the fullest, Daeron has few real friends, and keeps his true heart and nature well hidden. However, those few that have seen past his roguish facade have found a loyal, honorable man strangely dedicated to justice and the greater good, but willing to use less then ethical means to achieve his goals.


A proficient fencer, Daeron prefers to fight in the single-weapon style with his broad sword (Starbreeze), but will employ the two-weapon style, adding his dueling dagger (+4 dagger of throwing), when hard pressed. He uses his skill with thrown weapons to disarm, disable or incapacitate opponents, frequently pining them to walls, or droping signs or chandeleers upon their heads. Of late, Daeron has began to use a bull whip (+4 whip) to perform fancy manuvers, such as entangling one opponent and pulling him into another. Although, capable of delivering devistating damage from a backstab, Daeron views the tactic as dishonorable, and will employ it only in situations of dire need.

A loner, accustome to being self sufficent, Daeron seldom enters a situation with a firm plan, more often acting on sudden insperation, which tends to throw off his allies as much as his foes. True to his swashbuckler nature, he often employes unconventional tactics and typically seems to be "showing off" more then fighting. Although certainly not cowardly in nature, Daeron will evade combat when ever possible, except for duels, and will most often embarass, rather then injure or kill a human, demi-human or intelligent humanoid opponent (PC or NPC). If faced with a clearly inferior opponent, he often employes daring manuvers such as an "expert disarm" which lands his opponent's weapon in his hand.


Marlykan Nightstar, a bladesinger (fighter/mage) & adventurous son of a noble moon elven house from Evereska, with whom he has wandered the Sword Coast & the North for several years; Sabrae Jhalavar, a beautiful, half-drow elven sword dancer (priest of Eilistraee)/ranger, whoes company he has recently been enjoying; Laeral Silverhand, the lady-mage of Waterdeep, one of "the Seven Sisters" & a master Harper, for whom he has performed a few mission in the past; Elaith "the serpent" Craulnober, a moon elven fighter/mage & sometimes rival, sometimes serious foe, whom he has "cooperated" with to achieve common goals; Morigan, the swashbuckling, half Lantan/half Ffolk (Moonshae), buccaneer (fighter) captain of the “Spellbond”, whom he sailed with in the past; Chandryl Jharyl, a smugler, fence, swashbuckler (thief) & resident of Skullport, with whom he shared a number of adventures in the past.


Elaith "the serpent" Craulnober, a moon elven fighter/mage & sometimes rival, sometimes serious foe, with whom he has "cooperated" with to acheive common goals; "Black Viper", a theif & an allie of the Shadow Thieves; Avaereene, a beautiful & cruel mage & the Xanathar Thieves' Guild lieutenant responsible for their slavery opperation in Waterdeep, whom he personally insulted (kissed) while foiling one of their "grabs"; the Knights of the Sheild; the Kraken Society; the Shadow Thieves; the Xanathar Thieves' Guild; the Zhentarim.


Locations Frequented:
Numerous inns, festhalls and taverns in Waterdeep, Skullport, Baldur’s Gate, Berdusk, Silverymoon, Neverwinter, the North & the Sword Coast.


Born on the 29th day of Uktar (November) in the Year of the Great Harvests (NR 293/DR 1325), Daeron is the son of Cyndrael Evanara, a daughter of the noble gold elf house, and Herick Anane, the son of a minor Waterdhavian noble family. Considered a source of embarrassment by both noble houses he was disowned by the Evanaras after his mother died in the Year of the Wandering Maiden (NR 305/DR 1337) under mysterious circumstances, and the Ananes after his father’s death in the Year of Bloodbird (NR 314/DR 1346).

Living by his sword and his wits, Daeron learned the skills of a theif from the street performers of Jester's Court, were he spent much of his youth, and the art of swordsmanship, as well as noble baring, from his father, whom never approved of his son's association with street rogues. Publicly known as a fencer of good repute, but widely regarded as a harmless flop, he charms the daughters of gentel society with his roguish style and romantic flare, but is scowled upon by his own kin.

Rather wild and carefree in his youth, Daeron has matured into a good natured rogue whom often stands for those who can not defend themselves, while he wanders from city to city through out the Sword Coast and the North. Although seldom considered a serious adventurer, he has drifted between a number of adverturing bands, and is one of the few living soles on Faerun who can walk the garden path’s of Waterdhavian society and the dark allies of Skullport with equal acceptance.

Daeron’s natural charm, diverse skills, and position at the frings of Waterdhavian society and underworld, as well as his penchant for justice, would make him an ideal agent for a number of power groups, such as the Harpers. However, although he has perfromed a few odd missions under the direction of Laeral Silverhand, he steadfastly refuses any firm association with such groups.

Daeron gained the nick-name "shadowspawn" in connection with "shady" activites tied to Skullport. Although many of his "day-light" acquantences regard thes rumors as nothing but tavern talk, his reputation in darker circles mark him as a cut-throat, thief, blackmailer and all around scoundrel. This mostly unearned reputation began early in his adventuring career, and has served him well in the past, granting him open access to the Port of Shadows, and other underworld circles, were he is alternately called "shadow-spawn" or "shadow's-pawn" depending on the speaker.


Daeron has no qualms about enjoying life and living it to the fullest, nor does he seek the approval of others. He serves the greater good for the simple satisfaction it gives him, and defends the lives and honor of those unable to do so themselves for the same reason.

Daeron is more deeply hurt by the rejection of both sides of his family then he will let himself believe, having walled in his true feelings behind a facade of non-chaulant indifference. Accustome to facing life alone, and being self-sufficent in all things, it is difficult for him to know how to let others help him.


Campaign Uses:
Although Daeron has served the Harpers on odd occations in the past, he is steadfast in his refusal to be an agent for any power group. However, true to his swashbuckler nature, he has a knack for stumbling headlong into the plots of such groups, leaving him with the choice of either serve their ends, or oppose them, to save his own hide.

Daeron has acted as a vigillante in the past, enforcing justice were courts can not, or will not, go. Although not an assassin, he has arranged the down-fall of powerful foes by turning their own associates against them, marking them for death as surely as if he had cut their throats himself.


Special Item Description:
Starbreeze (+5 broad sword of speed (as scimitar of speed; allows first strike in melee & increases number of attacks/round by one step)): Intelligence - 13 (empathic); Alignment - Chaotic Neutral; Extraordinainary Abilities - telekinesis (as 5th level wizard spell) with a maximum of 250 lbs for one round twice/day & true seeing (as 5th level priest spell) for 9 rounds once/day; Special Purpose - defeat evil; Special Purpose Power - +2 to all saving throws & -1 to each die of damage sustained; Ego - 19; Personality - 32.

An exceptional quality, dwarven crafted broad sword, with a royal Scots style basket hilt of intercately woven gold, a gold wire bound black leather grip and a bright, silvery steel blade with an asimetrical tip which leans away from the guard, Starbreeze is inhabited by the spirit of a half-moon elf-lady and bard from the glory days of Myth Drannor, whom retains the whimsical, romantic and mischievous personality she had in life. She is able to communicate through empathy only, transmitting her emotions, feelings and mpulses to her wielder. Simmular to a scimitar of speed, Starbreeze allows her wielder to strike first in every melee round and increases his number of attacks per round by one step. She will automatically employ her special purpose power when ever her wielder opposes evil, and actively encourages him to do so at every oppertunity, but will typically invoke her telekinesis or true seeing powers only when held and willed to by her wielder, which requires one round of concentration. However, as a sentient entity, she is able to invoke any of her abilities at her own discretion, so long as she does not act against her wielder unless she has overcome his personality. In the recent past, Starbreeze has used her telekinesis power to fly to her wielder’s hand when called in dire need.

As all swords with basket hilts, Starbreeze provides a bonus of +1, plus her magical bonus (+5) and her wielder’s strength bonus, to parry attempts, or allows a blunt attack as a mailed fist for 1 D3 points of damage, plus her magical bonus (+5) and her wielder’s strength bonus.

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