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Druinor d'Yantra

Personal Information
Name: Druinor d'Yantra Player: Dion Fernandez
Race: Human Gender: Male Height: 6'
Class: Mage Level: 2 Weight: 160 lbs
XP: 1,700 Next Level: 5,000
Kit: None Alignment: Neutral Good
Eyes: Chestnut Brown Hair: Yellowish blonde Deity: None
Age: 20
Ability Scores
Str: 12 Weight Allowance: 45 lbs Bend Bars/Lift Gates: 4%
Attack Adj.: +0 Damage Adj.: +0 Max. Press: 140 lbs Open Doors: 7
Dex: 11 Missile Adjustment: +0 Pick Pockets: -5% Open Locks: +0%
Reaction Adjustment: +0 Armor Class: +0 Move Silently: -10% Climb Walls: +0%
Con: 10 System Shock: 70% Poison Save: +0
Hit Point Adjustment: +0 Resurrection Chance: 75%
Int: 13 Max. Spell Level: 6th Max. Spells Per Level: 9 Illusion Immunity: None
Bonus Proficiencies: 3 Chance to Learn New Spell: 55%
Wis: 11 Bonus Clerical Spells: 0, 0, 0, 0, 0, 0, 0 Clerical Spell Failure Chance: 10%
Magic Defense Adjustment: +0 Spell Immunity: None
Cha: 8 Loyalty Base: -1 Maximum Number of Henchmen: 3
Initial Reaction Adjustment: +0
Saving Throws
Paralyzation: 14 Poison: 14 Death Magic: 14 Petrification: 13 Polymorph: 13
Rod: 11 Staff: 11 Wand: 11 Breath Weapon: 15 Spell: 12
Hit Points: 7
Base THAC0: 20
Melee THAC0: 20
Missile THAC0: 20
Natural armor class 10
Unknown adj. -1
Weapon Proficiencies

Short Sword

Non-Weapon Proficiencies
Ancient History 12
Appraising 13
Astrology 13
Mythology ??


#AT Speed


Range (-2) (-5)
Weapon Melee Missile Factor Sm-Med Large Type Size Short Med. Long
Short Sword +1 19 1 2 1d6+1 1d8+1 P S
  • Items Readied
    • Short Sword +1
  • Items Worn
    • Wool Cape
    • Leather Belt
    • Backpack
    • Jewel Ring (worth 75gp)
  • Items Stored
    • Potion of Free Action
    • Spellbook
  • Animals
    • Trained Falcon named "Shade"
Class 1st 2nd 3rd 4th 5th 6th 7th 8th 9th
Mage 2
Character Description and History

Druinor is a hot-headed mage born somewhere in one of the towns surrounding Candlekeep. His father, a fighter-mage named Ashmedrig, died when Druinor was nineteen, and for a brief moment continued to study magework under the tutelage of Tethoril. 

Later on, he traveled north to Baldur's Gate, where he encountered the mage Tiryn and her partner Frekul, two elite agents of Waterdeep's Watch. His travels have taken him to Silverymoon, to the Vault of Sages, and his greatest kill was an ankheg he and his friends encountered somewhere in Amn. 

Druinor's favorite spell is the magic missile, and his greatest dream is to someday embark to the far realm of Kara-Tur to study the arts of war.

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