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The Black Roses

The Black Roses are an ongoing band of adventurers in the Realms.  All information on The Black Roses, the characters themselves and the artwork shown below (also in the 'Gallery of Faerun') are the property and copyright of their creators and are used by Candlekeep with permission from Tiziano Baracchi, Marina Baracchi, Luisa Andreatta, Tiziana Girardi and Massimo De Angeli. All contact with members of The Black Roses should be through:

The Black Roses are depicted here in Cormanthyr, not too far from Myth Drannor. (Click image to see full size version)
From left to right: Raidaril Korianthil, Madmax, Ama, Lysanderlyn, Boadicia

The Five Black Roses

"The Five Black Roses", By Tiziano Baracchi
(Acrylics on canvas)


The seven members of The Black Roses are shown here in another painting by Tiziano Baracchi. (Click on each image to see the full size version)
From left to right: Brandimarte, Thalassia, Lysanderlyn, Boadicia, Madmax, Deianira, Raidaril


"Danger at Zhentil Keep", By Tiziano Baracchi
(Acrylics on canvas)

The Black Roses began adventuring about two years ago in Eveningstar and is now based in Dagger Falls. The campaign DM is Tiziano Baracchi who also plays a PC, Raidaril Korianthil.

Listed below are the members of The Black Roses, along with their race, class and player.

Raidaril Korianthil Elf Fighter \ Mage (Bladesinger) By Tiziano Baracchi
Ama * Half-elf Ranger (Falconer) By Marina Baracchi
Boadicia Elf Fighter (Berserker) By Luisa Andreatta
Madmax Human Thief (Swashbuckler) By Massimo De Angeli
Lysanderlyn Half-elf Cleric of Sehanine By Tiziana Girardi
Deianira Human Cleric of Lathander By Mariarosa Mancini
Brandimarte Human Fighter By Claudio Ferracci
Thalassia Elf Mage \ Thief (Spellfilcher) By Marina Baracchi

* - No longer a member of the Black Roses.

History and Lore

This section contains tales of The Black Roses, their conquests, history and other interesting articles submitted by the players of the characters.

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