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Personal Information
Name: Duriel-Gurth Player: James Robbins
Race: Human Gender: Female Height: 6'3"
Class: Fighter/Priest (Dual Class) Level: 25/9 Weight: 195 lbs
XP: Not Given Next Level:
4,250,000 / 450,000
Kit: None Alignment: Chaotic Evil
Eyes: Violet Hair: Brown Deity: None
Age: 40
Ability Scores
Str: 19 Weight Allowance: 485 lbs Bend Bars/Lift Gates: 50%
Attack Adj.: +3 Damage Adj.: +7 Max. Press: 640 lbs Open Doors: 16(8)
Dex: 17 Missile Adjustment: +2 Pick Pockets: +5% Open Locks: +10%
Reaction Adjustment: +2 Armor Class: -3 Move Silently: +5% Climb Walls: +5%
Con: 19 System Shock: 99% Poison Save: +1
Hit Point Adjustment: +2(+5) Resurrection Chance: 100%
Int: 18 Max. Spell Level: 9th Max. Spells Per Level: 18 Illusion Immunity: None
Bonus Proficiencies: 7 Chance to Learn New Spell: 85%
Wis: 15 Bonus Clerical Spells: 2, 1, 0, 0, 0, 0, 0 Clerical Spell Failure Chance: 0%
Magic Defense Adjustment: +1 Spell Immunity: None
Cha: 19 Loyalty Base: +10 Maximum Number of Henchmen: 20
Initial Reaction Adjustment: +8
Saving Throws
Paralyzation: 3 Poison: 3 Death Magic: 3 Petrification: 4 Polymorph: 4
Rod: 5 Staff: 5 Wand: 5 Breath Weapon: 4 Spell: 6
Hit Points: 168
Base THAC0: 16
Melee THAC0: 13
Missile THAC0: 14
Natural armor class 10
Leather armor +5 -2
Magical armor adj. -5
DEX Defensive adj. -3
Weapon Proficiencies

Two-handed Sword (Grand Mastery)
Footmans Flail
Horsemans Mace
Long Sword

Non-Weapon Proficiencies
Blind Fighting 15
Endurance 19
Heraldry 18
Hunting 14
Modern Languages (Elven) 18
Riding, Land-based 18
Runnning (2 slots) 12
Swimming 19
Native Languages

Secondary Skills:




#AT Speed


Range (-2) (-5)
Weapon Melee Missile Factor Sm-Med Large Type Size Short Med. Long
Two-handed Vorpal Sword
  • Items Readied
    • Gythyanke Special Two-handed Sword +5 (Vorpal)
  • Items Worn
    • Leather Armor +5
    • Ring of Mind Shielding
    • Ring of Vampiric Regeneration
    • Medallion of Perpetual Youth (5 years remaining)
    • Gauntlets of Ogre Power
    • Girdle of Giant Strength
    • Armband of Flight
    • Belt of Many Pouches
    • Hewards Handy Haversack
    • Bucknards Everful Purse (12cp/15sp/5gp per day)
  • Items Stored
    • Portable Hole
    • Enchanted Mace
    • Dwarven Warhammer
    • Quarterstaff of the Magi
    • Platemail Armor +3
    • Large Shield +5
    • Chainmail of Tyr +3
    • Intelligent Long Sword (call to arms) +3
    • Jousting Lance +4
  • Money and Wealth
    • On Person:
      • *500 Platinum Pieces
      • *2000 Gold Pieces
      • *200 Silver Pieces
      • 100 Gems values at 10gp each
    • Stored in Keep overlooking Vaasa
      • *9,801 Platinum Pieces
      • *15,546 Gold Pieces
      • *31,091 Silver Pieces
      • *35,435 Electrum Pieces
      • *45,000 Copper Pieces
      • 1,000 Assorted Gems of various wealth ranges
Turning Undead
Skeleton or 1 HD:
Wight or 5 HD: T Mummy or 7 HD: 7 Ghost or 10 HD: 16
Ghast: T Spectre or 8 HD: 10 Lich or 11+ HD: 19
Ghoul or 2 HD:
Wraith or 6 HD: 4 Vampire or 9 HD: 13 Special: 20
Shadow or 3-4 HD:
# = Roll less than # on a 1d20 to turn 2d6 undead. T = Automatically turns 2d6 undead.
D = Automatically destroys 2d6 undead. D* = Automatically destroys 2d6+2d4 undead.
Class 1st 2nd 3rd 4th 5th 6th 7th 8th 9th
Character Description and History

I, Duriel was born in the month of Uktar, the rotting, on the dance of spirits day (31st), my birth killed my mother, the midwife told my father to kill me for she saw the great evil I would do. Alas, he raised me alone, the neighbor lady would stop in from time to time to help with feeding or changings when my father had to work the fields. Soon I was old enough to help him plow and work various other chores on the farm. I did this for six years when a traveling Priest (Dongolf Of Tantras) of Tyr came into town. I begged my father to let me go hear his preaching, this was to no avail, for father thought what did I need to go listen to the ramblings of a priest for. Soon, on the last day the priest was to be in town I snuck away from the farm to go see the him. I knew then I was commiting an evil act by disobeying my father but I had to join this strange priest in his travels. Tyr would forgive me wouldn't he? thought I, a young farm maid. Sure the god of justice would forgive a minor transgression. I followed the priest far outside of town and soon overtook him.

Many years later I grew in power under the wise tutlige of this aged priest, he taught me to fight with the footmans flail, and horsemans mace, I soon left him to travel and preach the word of Tyr.

I soon found an adventuring company called the Brave Foragers. Their group constisted of Exrtun the mage, Torden a dwarven fighter from Citadel Adbar, Dongwet a Shou Lung warrior, Trexes a gnome illusionst/thief. We set out on many adventures, delving deep into what was to be called Undermountain. The place was dark and many fights insued as we made our way through the underhalls of Halaster Blackcloak. As we progressed I grew tired of just healing the injured and sick. I wanted to battle too, but being the only priest I was not allowed. They told me I was far too valuable I should protect the wizard. So I did just that, till the Shou Lung warrior fell, and sad to say I had not a one healing magic left. So unhooking my flail I stepped forward to take his place yelling to Trexes to guard the wizard. My first hit was a critical strike I crushed the head of the lead orc before us. After the battle Torden was quiet impressed with my skill, having received only minor wounds. But the Shou Lung warrior died later that eve under my care. I prayed to Tyr to allow me to justify his death and received a vision of the battle I had just fought. We progressed though the underhalls and soon came upon a treasure room with many weapons and artifacts. I found a helm of silver and upon donning it I found I wanted to hurt people. (It was a Helm of Alignment Change (lawful good -- chaotic evil). My party was blind to the effects of this magic but I still had magic to ply my way as a priest of tyr but when I grew exhausted the group would know my secret. I had lost my way to Tyr.

We were forced to flee Undermountain being chased by Umber Hulks, and Niogi, the dwarf was the first to fall, and then the gnome fell. I turned to the wizard and told the old fool to get us out of their or he wouldn't have to fear death by the band of creatures following us I would do the job for them. He attempted to cast a teleport spell but we were sent to another part of the deep delve. He appeared in a wall and I was flung down a well. I fell for what seemed like an eternity. After some time, I think I fell asleep, my body was splashed by cold sea water.

I awoke to find I was on the Rat Hills of Waterdeep. The helm, my gold, my weapons all gone, the only thing I had left was the armor on my back and torn clothing.

I Made my way into waterdeep looking for work, and found some with a local smith. I worked for my meager coppers to buy new clothes and sold my armor for lodging. Soon I entered a caravan as a warrior maid and left the City of Splendors behind two years later.

The caravan took us to Amin and further south. My skill with the two handed sword became better and I soon left the caravan in Calamshan.

About a month later I came to the aid of a Red Wizard named Vintex. We then traveled the Sword Coast in search of ancient tomes and other treasures. We even entered the Mere of Dead Men once to leave very quickly. Soon we met up with a drow priest by the name or Moriel, and a Paladin of Cyric named Quaylar. We traveled for many years together the four of us. Challenging many a horde of dragon, and wizards tower alike.

Qualar and I soon became lovers, and I saw the green eyed monster in Vintex come forth. I played this off on the two for many a moons when we decided to go our seperate ways.

Quaylar went to Zhentil Keep, Moriel disappeared to never be seen for many years (I think he went back to Menzoberranzan to challenge the matriarch socity), and Vintex and I went to Thay so he could become part of the Council.

And to this day I stay with Vintex at his keep or we share mine. Soon we plan to go in search of magic to keep this warrior my Wizard alive much longer. We tried to contact Quaylar, and Moriel to no avail, but we shall set off alone if need be. I heard tales of risings in Vassa. The rumor goes: The witchking is alive again...

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