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Tevnes of the Realms

Personal Information
Name: Tevnes of the Realms Player: Jay
Race: Human Gender: Male Height: 5'11"
Class: Bard Level: 8 Weight: 168 lbs
XP: Not Given Next Level: 110,000
Kit: None Alignment: Chaotic Good
Eyes: Brown Hair: Black Deity: Ao
Age: 30
Ability Scores
Str: 14 Weight Allowance: 55 lbs Bend Bars/Lift Gates: 7%
Attack Adj.: +0 Damage Adj.: +0 Max. Press: 170 lbs Open Doors: 8
Dex: 17 Missile Adjustment: +2 Pick Pockets: +5% Open Locks: +10%
Reaction Adjustment: +2 Armor Class: -3 Move Silently: +5% Climb Walls: +5%
Con: 12 System Shock: 80% Poison Save: +0
Hit Point Adjustment: +0 Resurrection Chance: 85%
Int: 14 Max. Spell Level: 7th Max. Spells Per Level: 9 Illusion Immunity: None
Bonus Proficiencies: 4 Chance to Learn New Spell: 60%
Wis: 16 Bonus Clerical Spells: 2, 2, 0, 0, 0, 0, 0 Clerical Spell Failure Chance: 0%
Magic Defense Adjustment: +2 Spell Immunity: None
Cha: 16 Loyalty Base: +4 Maximum Number of Henchmen: 8
Initial Reaction Adjustment: +5
Saving Throws
Paralyzation: 10 Poison: 10 Death Magic: 10 Petrification: 9 Polymorph: 9
Rod: 10 Staff: 10 Wand: 10 Breath Weapon: 13 Spell: 11
Hit Points: 54
Base THAC0: 17
Melee THAC0: 17
Missile THAC0: 15
Natural armor class 10
Chain Mail Shirt +2 -3
Magical Armor adj. -2
Ring of Protection +2 -2
DEX Defensive adj. -3

Weapon Proficiencies

Sword (Katana)

Non-Weapon Proficiencies
Animal Lore 14
Local History (Realms Blind Fighting) 16
Tracking 16
Running 6
Musical Instrument (Oriental Flute) 16
Set Snares 16
Religion 16
Sage Knowledge
(Netheril Magic items)


#AT Speed


Range (-2) (-5)
Weapon Melee Missile Factor Sm-Med Large Type Size Short Med. Long
Dagger +1
Katana +2
  • Items Readied
    • Katana + 2 (sheathed between backpack and back)
  • Items Worn
    • Chain Mail Shirt +2 (full sleeve dark green pullover with half sleeve chain mail shirt extending to mid thigh)
    • Full Helm
    • Ring of Protection +2
    • Leather Pants with grey trim
    • Dagger +1 (sheathed in boot)
    • Bandolier
      • Daggers (x8)
    • Brown Fur Cloak
    • Soft brown Hide Boots
    • Belt
      • Silk Rope (25ft)
    • Gauntlets of Ogre Power (1d4+4 rounds\day)
  • Items Carried
    • Backpack
      • Main Pocket:
        • Wool Blanket
        • Torch (x4)
        • Flint and Steel
        • Small Silver Mirror
        • Flask of Oil
        • Whetstone
        • Hard Tack (1 week)
        • Wooden Stake (x8)
        • Small Wooden Mallet
        • Grappling Hook
        • Map Case (x2) w/blank paper
      • Hidden Pocket:
        • Lock Picks
        • Black Bodysuit (+10% HS)
        • Black Grease (+10% HS)
      • Side Pouch:
        • Long Wooden Pipe
        • Tin of Exotic Pipeweed
        • Wooden Ale Mug (hanging from bottom)
        • Silk Rope (50ft) (hanging from side)
  • Items Carried
    • Potion of Extra Healing (x5)
    • Wand of Magic Missiles ("Aruvae")
    • Mage Mask
      • (detect\read magic, read concealed glyphs, runes and inscriptions, infravision 60', read in darkness)

Other\Class Abilities

Thief Skills:

Pick Locks: 40%
Hide in Shadows: 50%
Climb Walls: 70%
Read Languages: 50%
Legend Lore: 40%



1st Level: cantrip, magic missle, audible glamer, phantasmal force, read magic, detect magic
2nd Level: knock, rope trick, wizard lock
3rd Level: item

Class 1st 2nd 3rd 4th 5th 6th 7th 8th 9th
Character Description and History

Born an only child to wealthy land owners in the Dales Tevnes spent his childhood learning to read, write and do arithmatic from the best tutors money could fetch. He was also instructed in the noble art of swordplay by his fathers best friend, a large man named Louftove. When Tevnes wasn't busy with his studies his father would take him into the vast forest behind the manor where they would at times spent days hunting the same stag. Tevnes thought he was the luckiest child on Toril, untill the summer of his fortenth year.

Tevnes and his father had been on their longest hunt ever. For ten days they chased a two hundred seventy pound stag, finaly catching it drinking from a shallow stream in a small clearing. Tevnes' arrow pierced it's loin and came half way out the other side. The beast took three steps and fell. Father and son field cleaned the carcas and started home, both beaming, with their largest prize yet.

The celabration was over the moment they where met at the gate by a stone faced Louftove. His mother was gone. She had fallen ill a day after the hunt had begun and the doctors could do nothing for her. One week later she had drawn her last breath. Tevnes was devistated.

One month later his father married a strange woman who had started at the manor shortly before his mothers death. This seemed strange to noone save Tevnes and Louftove. On the night of the wedding Tevnes and his father heatedly argued the marrige and Tevnes vowed his father would regreat the mistakes of his life. If he had known the trueth he may not have said it.

The woman his father had chosen over his mother had seduced him the way she had been seduced by dark powers from negtive planes. A greater Baatezu had given her artifacts from the Netheral Ages with would cause mass death. He planned to then harvest the soles for his demented use.

Tevnes would not attend the ceramony, and was thus spared the massacur that befell all there. The sounds of murder in the grand hall reached his room at the same time Louftove burst thru the door. Also boucotting the wedding his fathers best friend and he fought the charmed minions of their unknown foe. In the grand hall they where confronted by Tevnes' father who killed Louftove as Tevnes' blade plunged deap into his side. The battle was over, but the misterios women was nowhere to be found.

Since that day Tevnes has devoted his life to finding his mothers murderer. And although he has met agents of the evil he first face many times between then and now, he was yet to once agian face the woman whos name he does not even know.

His travels have taken him all over the realms, and he has worked at lenght with members of The Company of the Chamelon. He is on first name basis with the members of House Tillik

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