by Robert V. Droz

Fentonford is a small village located just outside of Fellaren-Krae ruled by the Fenton family, headed currently by Baroness Elspeth Fenton. Laughing Satyr Creek bisects the land, and is navigable for small boats up to Fentonford Bridge, then past it if you move the boat up to Mill Pond. To the southwest are woods. The terrain around Fentonford is fairly flat with mixed plains and woods.

The majority of the residents of the Fentonford area are farmers and herders, supplying Fellaren-Krae. Most are human, one family is halfling, some of the farming families have half-elven or Tallfellow blood. Other notable inhabitants include:


To the southeast is Fellaren-Krae. To the northwest is Eidemane. Most traffic through town is going between those two locations. Being a day's caravan ride out from Fellaren-Krae does not hurt business, either. To the south is Ydus Rocks, a fishing community at the mouth of Laughing Satyr Creek. To the north, up the trail alongside Laughing Satyr Creek, is Adkins Castle. It has settled into the swap, and is used as a training dungeon by the Adventuring Ladies Academy.

1) Fenton Hall sits on top of a fairly round hill, overlooking the surrounding terrain. Its lower story is stonework, the upper wood and plaster. The outer wall has stone towers and a stout wooden wall. It is also the home of The Adventuring Ladies Academy, Baroness Fenton's pet project.

2) Fentonford Inn is one of the largest buildings in town. The owner of the building, Peg-Leg Matson, represents the villagers in dealings with the Baroness. The waitresses are often refugees / dropouts from the Baroness's Academy. There are also stables in Fentonford which are run by the inn.

3) Copperbow Mill is the town's mill, grinding grain into flour for the transport to Fellaren-Krae. Milton and Haley Copperbow, a Gnomish couple, run it. The mill itself is clearly marked off limits to trespassers. Inside are a fantastic amount of gears, cogs, springs, and various bits of clockwork powered by the creek's slide towards the sea. The workings are highly magical, and part of an ongoing experiment in Mechani-magic. A shrine to Gond sits beside the door. Anyone taller than a gnome who enters the mill has a good chance of getting caught in the machinery and accidentally activating it, causing a random magical effect. This effect will not harm the machinery. Haley Copperbow is a skilled herbalist; the field next to the mill is an herb garden. The pond behind the mill is a result of the dam. Although the couple is childless, they still want children.

4) Stables (Run by Fentonford Inn).

Legends and Lore

The Adkins family, previous landholders in what is now Fentonford, were said to be powerful mages as well as being elvophobic. The Adkins family also distrusted and disliked Fellaren-Krae, with the new traffic it brought across their land. There are ruined towers dotting the area around Fentonford, each one with potentially dangerous magics. It is rumoured that the mound Fenton Hall is built on is the remains of an Adkins stronghold.

The Adkins family was driven from the area after their undead started attacking caravans. Stories of the Adkins undead are used to keep the local children way from old ruins.

The remaining Adkins family is aware of the Fenton "squatters" and is plotting to get their historical land back. After that, wiping those elves and elf-lovers in Fellaren-Krae off the map would be nice. The Fenton family is aware that members of the old Adkins clan survive, but they are not yet aware they are targeted by them. The biggest concentration of this old necromantic family is in Ordulin.

The Adkins family did not trust itself either, each one of them wanted his or her own tower. Sometimes they would even steal the stones of another's tower, leaving the old foundations and basements behind. Most of these small dungeons have been cleared out, at least those within easy travel of Fentonford. Ones harder to get at might still have treasure, unused undead raiders, or worse.

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