Baroness Elspeth Fenton
by Robert V. Droz

Baroness Elspeth Fenton runs Fenton House, a hospitality house for female adventurers based in Fellaren-Krae.


Lady Fenton is a beautiful woman with an edge to her. Her usually blue eyes fade to grey when dealing with people who upset her, especially happy-go-lucky men. Her reddish brown hair is kept shoulder length. She walks with catlike grace, and fights the same way. She prefers to wear her armor when leaving Fenton House.


Lady Fenton is known for her charm and her wisdom, as well as her fighting skills. She does have difficulty dealing with happy-go-lucky men. She is very concerned with the welfare of female adventures, and will work to further their training. Baroness Fenton's disappointment with her husband has turned into slight bitterness and a mild distrust of all men.

She has remained objective in her duties, and is loved and respected by the people of Fentonford.She has offered a reward of 5000 gp for her husband's safe return. No one has collected yet. Flippant remarks about her husband's absence will garner the speaker a cold hard stare followed by a crashing noise once she is out of sight. She buys a lot of vases. Part of her anger and frustration was channelled into making Fenton House in Fellaren-Krae; some of it has gone into creating the Adventuring Ladies Academy, which is headquartered at Fenton Hall.


Lady Fenton was born a commoner in Shadowdale. Her temperament proved unsuitable for life as a shepherdess, so she took up a fighter's sword and shield. Her travels lead her to Waterdeep, and the Undermountain dungeon. She met Lord Harold Fenton there, out to explore the world before taking up his responsibilities back home. He started to court her and she rebuffed him, wanting something more than to be a sown wild oat. This continued until they fell in love. Lord Fenton asked her to marry him just after he received word his father was dying. They hurried home, and were married within months of Lord Fenton assuming the title Baron and responsibility for the family's lands.

She became pregnant with Summer not long after they settled in Fentonford. One day Baron Fenton had business in Fellaren-Krae. He was missing a day before a runner came back with word of a quest Baron Fenton had been charged with, and that he would return home after it was over. That was eighteen years ago. Since then, periodic word has come back of Baron Fenton's latest quest, and vague promises of his imminent return.

* * * * *

Lady Fenton places a lot of trust in the abilities and judgement of her subordinates, especially Katherine Sable, Mora Rockwall, and Lira Musskin. She still loves her long absent husband, and hopes he will return. This does not mean she won't attempt to pound him silly when she finally gets him back, she just won't kill him.She is proud of her daughter, Summer, especially her ability as a Ranger.

AD&D Statistics

Race: Human Class: Fighter Level: 7 Aligment: NG
STR: 16
DEX: 17
CON: 15
INT: 12
WIS: 14
CHA: 15
HP: 63 AC: -2
Special Attacks:   None
Special Defences:   None
Prefered Weapon:  Long Sword (Primary) Dagger (Secondary)
Weapon Proficiencies:
Long Sword
Long Bow
Non-Weapon Proficiencies\Skills:
Riding, Land-based
Animal Lore
Blind Fighting
Chain Mail armor +2
Medium Shield +1
Long Sword

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