Baron Harold Fenton
by Robert V. Droz

Baron Harold Fenton is the husband of Baroness Elspeth Fenton and has been away from his wife and his daughter, Summer, who is unknown to him. Harry hasnt been home for quite some time and can be possibly found anywhere around the Fellaren-Krae area and beyond (except Fentonford!).


Harry looks the part of a stout fighter. His body is trim from years of combat. His hair has grown long; the blond curls and waves match those of his beard and mustache. His blue eyes and ready smile are part of his infectious charm.


His charm gets him far in the world, as does his desire to adventure. He is willing to delve into any dungeon, be that as extra muscle or torchbearer. He has an eye for luxury and pretty girls. Any money he manages to acquire is often spent rapidly. He avoids commitment like the plague, be that with an adventuring company or a pretty girl. He does not tell anyone about his past, and will leave if it becomes an issue.

Harry does not like to attack a woman, and avoids combat with them.


Harry is Baron Harold Fenton of Fentonford. He took up adventuring when he was young to get some seasoning, as his father put it. The shy and bookish Harold found he liked the life, and the freedom it gave him. He worked his way to Waterdeep, and attached himself to an adventuring company. A lady fighter there caught his eye, Elspeth. His title, his wealth, or his muscles did not impress her. This intrigued him, and he set about trying to win her, falling in love with her. When the word came from home that is was time to assume his duties, he asked Elspeth to marry him. She accepted, and they moved back to Sembia. Once there, Harold took over the Baron's duties from his ailing father, and had a big wedding. The next year saw the old Baron die, and much mourning, and the new Baroness get pregnant, which was a cause for much rejoicing.

Harold was in Fellaren-Krae on business when he heard an adventuring group planning a expedition to clear out some caves to the south that had been infested by Kuo-Toa. He worked his way into the conversation, and managed to get himself invited to join this short expedition. He sent word home that he would be late. Events conspired against him and he found himself sailing away from Fellaren-Krae, to far-off ports of call. After a short period of time he came to like this new life, and embraced the adventurer's life again, dropping his title and last name because of continual nagging questions.

By the time he returned to Sembia, he heard about his new daughter. He also heard of the bounty his wife placed on his head, and a rumor of her anger at his absence. He decided to give her more time to cool off and went back to adventuring.

He still plans to come home someday, till then he believes the stories he has heard about his wife's competence as ruler and her Academy project.

He does not know his daughter, Summer, is out actively hunting for him now, in his eyes she must still be a child, it has not been that long, has it?

AD&D Statistics

Race: Human Class: Fighter Level: 9 Aligment: CG
STR: 18/61
DEX: 12
CON: 16
INT: 15
WIS: 10
CHA: 15
HP: 76 AC: -1
Special Attacks:   Magical Sword
Special Defences:   Magic Armor
Prefered Weapon:  Long Sword
Weapon Proficiencies:
Long Sword (specialized)
Long Bow
Heavy Crossbow
Great Axe
Non-Weapon Proficiencies\Skills:
Riding, Land-based
Animal Handling
Rope Use

Long Sword + 3 (detect evil, treasure and traps, can also talk to his sword and "she" gives him empathic impressions)
Plate Mail Armor +3
Iron Rations (1 week)

He has the usual adventures gear, and is always packed and ready to travel

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