Lady Summer Fenton
by Robert V. Droz

Lady Summer Fenton is the only child of Baron Harold Fenton and Baroness Elspeth Fenton.

Summer's goal in adventuring is to bring her father home (and is thus infrequently found at home). She is not looking for riches or fame, nor is she looking for a prince charming. In fact she has already had to turn down some 'charming' types because it would have interfered with her hunt. Summer is willing to hire parties to help her search for her Daddy if the dungeon he has crawled into is of a sufficiently dangerous reputation.


A lithe and healthy girl, Summer has long been admired by the young boys of Fentonford. Her hair is strawberry blond hair and eyes the fierce blue of a clear sky on a cool day.


Summer is usually quiet, but prone to outbursts of strong emotion that leave her companions stunned. She hates long debates and is very uncomfortable in social situations. She is very egalitarian in outlook, two of the adults she grew up around are an Elf and a half-orc.


Summer is the heir to the Fenton family lands. Summer has been aware of her parents' difficulties since she was a child. She blames herself for Daddy going away and intends to bring him back. The closest thing she had to a father figure was Berwyn Elliallel, Fentonford's woodsman and the man who instructed her in the Ranger arts. She chose her special Ranger enemy of Troll as a result of her first adventure. She is still abrupt in her dealings, figuring she can learn Etiquette later.

AD&D Statistics

Race: Human Class: Ranger Level: 2 Aligment: NG
STR: 17
DEX: 16
CON: 15
INT: 13
WIS: 16
CHA: 15
HP: 25 AC: 2
Special Attacks:   None
Special Defences:   None
Prefered Weapon:  Long Sword (Primary), Dagger (Secondary)
Weapon Proficiencies:
Long Sword
Long Bow
Non-Weapon Proficiencies\Skills:

Animal Lore
Set Snares

Animal Empathy
Hide in Shadows (-5%)
Move Silently (1%)


Long Sword +1
Studded Leather Armor +3
Adventurers Gear

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