Lira Musskin
by Robert V. Droz

Lira runs Fenton House. She herself only fully trusts those she knows well. Per Baroness Fentonís instructions, she makes sure no males go upstairs to the sleeping quarters at any time, and no men are allowed to stay overnight downstairs.


Lira is an attractive lady of average height and slightly above average weight. She has short brown hair and big dark brown eyes.  Lira does not wear armor except for her Cloak of Protection +3. She carries a pair of magic daggers +2 and a sling with 6 stones. She keeps a set of thieving tools amongst her personal effects up in her room.


Lira is friendly but firm, with a face that inspires trust. Lira is very loyal to Lady Fenton, and has placed all her talents at the lady's disposal. She maintains her contacts within the Thieves Guild, paying her dues to keep abreast of the latest news.


Lira took refuge in the Fenton House almost ten years ago after a botched pickpocketing attempt. She had no money, so she was put to work. She discovered she liked to cook, and the food provided at Fenton House was better than she was used to. She learned to cook herself, and how to run a household. She has officially hung up her lockpicks, retiring from thievery. She has gained weight since her thieving days; good living can do that to you.

AD&D Statistics

Race: Human Class: Thief Level: 8 Aligment: NG
STR: 13
DEX: 17
CON: 15
INT: 14
WIS: 13
CHA: 15
HP: 41 AC: 4
Special Attacks:   Backstab (x3 damage)
Special Defences:    None
Prefered Weapon:   Dagger (primary)   Sling (secondary)
Thief Abilities: 
PP: 55% MS: 55% HS: 50% CW: 70% FT: 45%
DN: 50% Read: 10% OL: 25%
Weapon Proficiencies:
Long Sword
Short Bow
Non-Weapon Proficiencies\Skills:
Local History
Riding, land-based
Cloak of Protection +3
Dagger +2 (x2)
Sling (6 bullets)
Thieves Picks

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