Fentonford Inn

by Robert V. Droz

Fentonford Inn is one of the most recognizable buildings in the town of Fentonford. It is located in the center of Fentonford, about a day's caravan travel out Fellaren-Krae. It looks on the outside that someone tried to cram an entire town into the smallest area possible, and the roofs don't match. This is just about what happened. The buildings that make up Fentonford Inn were formerly local houses that the families outgrew. Various proprietors of the Inn have added to the structure over the years, the latest addition having 5 more rooms.

The Inn's proprietor is Peg Leg Matson (3rd level human fighter).

The Inn is known for being clean and the food good, which it does not need to be, being the only such business out this way. Service is improved by Peg Leg offering an additional bonus to the member of his staff who had the highest tips for the day. Besides the local farmers, loggers and hunters; most caravans travelling between Fellaren-Krae and Eidemane stop here. The staff mostly minds its own business unless people are obviously planning illegal acts, at which point word would be sent to Fenton Hall.

To obtain supplies to the inn, Peg Leg plays Eidemane and Fellaren-Krae off each other to get the best prices possible.


Name Occupation Level, Race, Class Description
Corlee Cook 0-lvl Halfling Older lady, 2nd in charge, has known Peg Leg a long time
Mirana Maid 0-lvl Human Local farmer's daughter, looking for a way out of town.
Lulu Waitress 3-lvl Half-elf Fighter Expelled from academy for social reasons (brought boy in)
Jerilyn Waitress 3-lvl Elf Thief Thief from Fellaren-Krae lying low
Nika Waitress 4-lvl Human Thief Former bad girl in Fellaren-Krae, looking for a new beginning
Cara Maid\Waitress 2-lvl Human Fighter Was talked into following Lulu away from Academy


Item Cost Item Cost
Mug of Beer 2 cp Mug of Ale 5 sp
Mug of Honeymead 7 cp Mug of Wine 1 sp
Soup 5 cp Stew 1 sp
Common Meal 3 sp Hearty Meal 5 sp
Common Room - Floor (#1) 5 cp Small private room (#5) 4 sp
Private Room (#6) 5 sp Large Room (#7) 1 sp
Best Rooms (#8) 5 gp    
Fresh bathwater (outside-cold) 2 gp Fresh bathwater (outside-warm) 3 gp
Fresh bathwater (inside-cold) 1 gp Fresh bathwater (inside-warm) 2 gp


Room Descriptions

1) The Main Room

The floor here packed hard earth. The bar has a roof area over it, showing its former life as a front porch. One wall has a stage area and a huge fireplace. There are trophies on the walls, each one with more than one story, like a boar's head, a broken spear, etc. Three hallway lead to the rooms, and the door behind the bar leads to the kitchen.

2) The Kitchen

This area has the inn's pump and well, as well as the cooking fire. Most of the equipment is geared towards a halfling's scale. The single wooden tub (5' x 3' ellipse) for private baths is kept in here, as is a magic funnel that warms water passed through it. There are stairs leading down to the cellar, where more supplies are kept (no map). There are doors leading to the main room and the employee's room.

3) Employees Room

The employees stay in this room, 3 sets of bunk beds line the wall. Their personal items are kept in the cabinet or in locked boxes under the bed. Doors lead out to the hallway, back to the kitchen, or to Peg Leg's room.

4) Peg Leg's room

There is not much in this small room, just his bunk and a stool. The bed, the walls, and even the fireplace all have hidden or secret panels that he keeps his valuables in, he changes these often and leaves snap traps, marbles, or even caltrops behind in the 'empty' ones to frustrate thieves. It is rumoured that he has possession of a powerful magic ring, which he must keep in here because no one has noticed it on him.

5) Small private room

Around 10 square feet or so with a bed, a stool, a small window and a fireplace. There are 5 of these in the inn.

6) Private room

Around 12 square feet or so with a bed, stool, cabinet, fireplace and a small window. There are 5 of these in the inn.

7) Large Room

Around 15 square feet or so with a double bed, two stools, cabinet, fireplace and a window. There are 4 of these in the inn.

8) Best Room

Around 20 square feet or so with a double bed, another bed, 2 stools, a table, a cabinet, a fireplace and 2 windows. There are 5 of these in the inn.

9) Privies

The privies are moved periodically. There is also the 'bath', surrounded by a seven-foot high fence to allow privacy. The tub is substantial, 12 feet across in diameter and four feet deep. A spigot near the bottom allows it to drain. There are three stools and many pegs on the back wall for use in hanging things. Note that use of the tub is free for patrons, having the staff refill it with fresh water costs money.


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