Fenton Hall - Adventuring Ladies Academy

by Robert V. Droz

The Adventuring Ladies Academy is run out of Fenton Hall, it is Baroness Fenton's pet project. She uses them as you would a guard force, ensuring the safety of the roads and tracking down raiding monsters. Lady Fenton will not allow any men to stay in Fenton Hall, a rule she instituted to give the girls time to concentrate on their studies. Besides combat training, Lady Fenton encourages her students to learn Monster Lore, Tactics, and Riding. Fees for the academy are based on the ability of a student to pay, but hard work is expected of all. Miss Sable instructs wizards. Rogue training is rumored to occur. Religious instruction is by priestesses and priests from Fellaren-Krae.

Baroness Fenton offers hospitality to female adventures at her home, males are shown to the Inn. The price of their room and board is telling their stories to the girls at a meal.

Fenton Hall is built on top of an old fortification, there is more room in the underground passages than there is in the house above. The chapel in the Hall is dedicated to the Red Knight, with favored positions given to female deities nearby. The hill on which Fenton Hall is located is oddly round, a reminder of the land's troubled past. To the south and west is Mill Lake, which adds to the defence. There is a deep well inside.

There are 4-24 students at the Academy at any given time. There are also 10 servants, all women, mostly recruited from bad situations in Fellaren-Krae or Eidemane.

In addition, the following are inhabitants of Fenton Hall:

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