Kelsor Thelessar
by Tiziano "Raidaril" Baracchi and Marina "Thalassia" Baracchi

Kelsor Thelessar is the politician of the Fellaren-Krae Spellfilchers Guild.

Kelsor has lodgings and workshop (temporarily, he says) at the Locksmiths Guild and is also often found at lunch or dinner at the Singing Nightingale Inn sometimes with the merchant or student he is cultivating at the moment.



Kelsor is grey eyed and blond, he usually dresses in deep violet clothes, decorated in gold, he is fond of showy jewels ( "all money and no taste" according to Elyssara), and often wears a golden torque with dragon heads holding two amethysts in their mouths.

He has a full, tenor voice that, when angry, can become very strident.



Kelsor sees himself as Thaldir's successor, and does his best to attract into his orbit the younger spellfilchers and the more promising apprentices, even though the more perceptive among them find something discordant in him. He craves power and money, and resents the "outcast aura" surrounding the spellfilchers.

Up to now he has been loyal to the guild, and in council plays the "voice of reason". He harbours a deep dislike for Lyndir but does his best to conceal it, with mixed success. He is constantly looking for magical objects, to increase his not outstanding abilities.

Kelsor is known to have no close friends.



Kelsor often hints at an highly aristocratic background, without ever giving details, he seems to think that being a spellfilcher has robbed him of his rightful place.

He is a native of Evereska, after training he chose Sembia as the base of his future power, being it a place totally unrelated to his family.

He is a respected, high class craftsman, specialized in complex locks for safes (normal and magical).

AD&D Statistics

Race: Silver Elf Class: Mage\Thief (spellfilcher) Level: 6/7 Aligment: N
STR: 12
DEX: 15
CON: 11
INT: 13
WIS: 14
CHA: 10
HP: 25 AC: 5
Special Attacks:   Backstab, Spells
Special Defences:   Detect Magic 3\day
Prefered Weapon:   Long Sword +2 (primary)   Bow (secondary)
Thief Abilities: 
PP: 40% MS: 60% HS: 60% CW: 75% FT: 85%
DN: 40% Read: 10% OL: 50% Find\Remove Magical Traps: 75%
Weapon Proficiencies:
Composite Short Bow
Non-Weapon Proficiencies\Skills:

Riding (land based)
Languages: (Common, Elvish, Rogues' cant)
Tightrope walking
Voice Mimicry
Blind Fighting
Intimidating (strength)

Ring of protection +4 (+2 to saving throws)
Long sword +1 cure light wounds
Ring of spell storing (Teleport without error; Vision; Power Word: Stun)
Medallion ESP 30'
Composite short bow

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