Lyndir Leafwhisper
by Tiziano "Raidaril" Baracchi and Marina "Thalassia" Baracchi

Lyndir Leafwhisper is a member of the Fellaren-Krae Spellfilchers Guild.

Lyndir lives in a small house with a big garden, in the outskirts of the city, often she comes back from the woods with a wounded animal in need of care, or adopts stray dogs or cats; Opal, her black ferret, is a birthday gift from one of her Ahmaquissar cousins.

Lyndir is Fellaren-Kraes current elven sprint-race champion.

Opal, a black female ferret, follows Lyndir everywhere and is often carried around on her mistress' shoulders or in her scrip. Opal is trained to perform the thieves' fetch and succeeds on a roll of 15 or less.



This petite, agile elf is pretty, but not eye-catching. She is black of hair and eyes, with regular features; in her free time she prefers dressing in leather, when occasions require more formal clothing she loves a forest green dress shot with silver threads and a necklace of silver oak leaves and gold acorns, with matching earrings.



With her quick wit and joyful personality Lyndir is well liked by almost every guildmember (most notable exception being Kelsor). She is energetic and impetuous and thoroughly enjoys her life as spellfilcher. The elders of the guild predict that, if she learns a bit more caution, she will rise to great heights.

She has a Ranger-like love for nature, spends almost all her free time in the woods, and often trains in archery and sword with some of the local Rangers.



Lyndir is an unusual case: since very young, she dreamt of becoming one of the elusive spellfilchers, when her sensitivity to magic was discovered she was beyond herself with joy.

The Leafwhisper family, a sept of the Ahmaquissar clan actively endorsed the child's training and career, and Lyndir kept in close touch with them.

A pupil of Thaldir, after her training in Arabel ended she elected to go back to her native Fellaren-Krae and found a job as scribe-accountant of the Locksmiths Guild. When Thaldir and the twins arrived, with her knowledge of place and people she greatly helped them in planning and setting up the basis of the Spellfilchers Guild.

AD&D Statistics

Race: Silver Elf Class: Mage\Thief (spellfilcher) Level: 6/7 Aligment: CG
STR: 11
DEX: 19
CON: 13
INT: 15
WIS: 9
CHA: 12
HP: 24 AC: 0
Special Attacks:   Backstab, Spells
Special Defences:   Detect Magic 3\day
Prefered Weapon:   Short Sword (primary)   Dagger (secondary)
Thief Abilities: 
PP: 50% MS: 75% HS: 75% CW: 80% FT: 95%
DN: 45% Read: 15% OL: 85% Find\Remove Magical Traps: 62%
Weapon Proficiencies:
Short Sword
Composite Short Bow
Non-Weapon Proficiencies\Skills:

Riding (land based)
Languages: (Common, Elvish, Rogues cant)
Tightrope Walking
Animal Handling
Local History (Fellaren-Krae)
Set snares


Bracers of Defence AC 4
Potion of Extra Healing (x2)
Lockpicking Kit
Short Sword +1/+2 vs spellcasters and magic creatures
Dagger +1
Composite Short Bow +1

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