Thaldir Anaurin
by Tiziano "Raidaril" Baracchi and Marina "Thalassia" Baracchi

Thaldir is the Guildmaster of the Fellaren-Krae Spellfilchers Guild.


Thaldir is black haired and green eyed, of medium build. He appears the average elf, unless he is smiling, then his whole countenance lifts up.

The voice is calm and very pleasant, a light baritone, he never needs to raise it. He prefers dressing in cobalt blue clothes, of simple but perfect cut, very lightly ornated in silver. His only jewel is a brooch bearing the symbol of the goddess Angharad.

Thaldir can be found at the Fellaren Krae Locksmiths Guild (usually), the woods around Fellaren Krae or the shops of either of the Starmist twins.


Thaldir, according to his acquaintances was born to be the apprenticemaster of the Locksmiths Guild, he is serious without being cold or unfeeling and, on the right occasion, shows a murderous wit. He is respected by his peers and his students alike, is an inspiring teacher, able to bring out the best from his pupils.


What his common acquaintances do not know is that Thaldir is a Spellfilcher Guildmaster. He was born in Cormyr (and for that is known in the guild as "Tressym").

His family is not known, like all spellfilchers he was taken from his parents, with their permission, upon discovering his inborn sensitivity to magic and was raised in the spellfilcher guild of Arabel.

His adventuring life, tough very successful (but, given the "secret service" way of the spellfilchers, only insiders know the details) was short. He was soon considered too promising to be put directly at risk, and destined to diplomatic missions and teaching (especially gifted and difficult students were put in his charge).

A few years ago he was given the task of setting up a guild in Fellaren Krae, and he is working at it with his usual quiet efficiency, his task of apprenticemaster in the locksmiths' guild put him in the ideal position to find new spellfilcher recruits and assign them to the "right" locksmiths.

At times he misses the adventuring life, and then leaves for a few days, sometimes with friends, sometimes on his own. Thaldir's closest friends are the half-elf locksmith guildmaster, Adaon and Elyssara Starmist. Some wonder about a closest relationship with the last one, wishing Thaldir luck with " that gold elf wildcat".

AD&D Statistics

Race: Elf Class: Mage\Thief (spellfilcher) Level: 12/13 Aligment: NG
STR: 10
DEX: 17
CON: 10
INT: 18
WIS: 15
CHA: 16
HP: 33 AC: -1
Special Attacks:   Backstab, Spells
Special Defences:   Detect Magic 3\day
Prefered Weapon:   Luck Blade "Djinni" (primary)   Throwing Dagger "Pixie" (secondary)
Thief Abilities: 
PP: 30% MS: 95% HS: 90% CW: 90% FT: 67%
DN: 75% Read: 50% OL: 95%
Weapon Proficiencies:
Composite short bow
Hand crossbow
Non-Weapon Proficiencies\Skills:
Tightrope Walking
Riding (Land-based)
Rope use
Thieves' Cant
Ancient History (Myth Drannor)
Information Gathering
Fast Talking
Languages (Common, Elvish, Drow, Thay)
Bracers of Defence AC 2
Luck Blade +1 (2 wishes)
Dagger of Throwing +3
2 Potions of Extra Healing
Wand of Illusion

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