by Rob Current

Theman is the owner of Theman's Caravan Repairs at White Horse Ford, where he works with Aldri Longlegs.



Theman is an inch short of six feet when standing up straight. But the years of hard work have made him lose an inch due to being a little stoop shouldered. His large muscles have begun to shrink with age and his clothing, is very plain and workmanlike. His clothing is always in good repair and replaced fairly often. He has begun to notice that his clothing fits looser than it did a few years ago.



Theman is a pleasant hardworking man. Given to small quiet smiles. He has a slow wit that often leaves people suddenly laughing hours after talking with him, as the joke finally hits them.

He is a loving family man and a loyal Semban citizen. He distrusts the other races and holds a particular grudge against elves, gold elves in particular.

At his age he gets tired faster than he used to, so he has brought his prices down a bit in order to keep up the business until his son Dathis comes back and can take over.



Theman's father moved down from Yhaunn to get his troublemaking son away from the gangs. Theman's father started by raising pigs, and just fell into repairing wagons through natural aptitude.- They settled in White Horse Ford when with was half the size and travel was intermittent. Theman married a local crofters lass, and has had a rather blissful marriage and five children.

His eldest Dathis left for an exciting life when he was 16 and became an experienced adventurer. Now fifteen years of adventuring later he has returned home to learn the business.

Theman son Glen is farming in the nearby field with his wife and 2 children. Harran is unmarried but wooing the young daughter of the Widow Elsa, Rowelena. The youngest son still lives with Theman and tending to the pigs out back of the Caravan Repair. Theman's only daughter has married one of the local trappers.


Race: Human Class: Expert Level: 4 Aligment: LG
STR: 13
DEX: 11
CON: 12
INT: 13
WIS: 14
CHA: 11
HP: 22 AC: 10
Special Attacks:  None
Special Defences:   None
Prefered Weapon:  Light Crossbow \ Spear
Weapon Proficiencies:


Non-Weapon Proficiencies\Skills:

Craft: Cartwright +7, Wheelwright +6
Profession Farier +5


He has a chain shirt, a helmet and a spear when called for Militia duty.

His business as a variety of standard tools of his trades.

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