Theman's Caravan Repairs

by Rob Current

The Owner

Theman's Caravan Repairs shop is owned by none other than Theman, who runs the shop with a number of helpers. Theman has been working in White Horse Ford for 45 years.


The Business

The premises are located on the north-east side of the Weeping Creek, right next to the ford.

Theman's father started repairing wagons in front of his pig farm. When Theman took over and built a purpose-made building 20 years ago, business really picked up! The shops reputation is for solid work; it might not be great to look at, but a body has to go out of his way to break his repairs. The shop and workmanship is known for the most solid repairs for 20 miles around.

Theman gets regular custom from the travelers, merchants and peddlers, but not much repeat business. Local farmers to come to him to fix plows and other damanged equipment.

He purchases most of the raw materials from the locals in the town of White Horse Ford, the metal work comes from Enrae's Crossing. He builds his own wheels, and his man, Aldri Longlegs can manufacture just about anything out of leather.

Business is doing well, and there has been a slow increase in business over the last 5 years.

Moving on into his sixties Theman is looking to retire soon. But earlier this year Dathis went off adventuring in the hills to the south with the four misfits he used to adventure with out of the Great Dale. They haven't been heard from since.

The Staff

The only staff employed by Theman is Aldri Longlegs.



Major Structural Repair

10-50% value of cart
Minor Structural Repair
5% value of cart

Wheel Repairs

30% value of wheel

Horses Re-shod

2 sp \ shoe

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