The Great Mind Society

by Guy Patching

The Great Mind society is a society working on a technology that must surely be illegal. They are producing necklaces that will dominate a human mind, the machine that makes them are power by a brain. The higher the intelligence and the wisdom the better the necklace made is and the longer the brain will power the machine before it dies. The Great Mind society recently set up in Fellaren-Krae using their powers of persuasion to build a tavern and then build a secret tunnel underneath it. The tavern is run by two dim witted fools who are pure of heart but have been dominated by these necklaces, these necklaces at the moment are only powerful enough to control very low intelligence minds, they want to develop them into something they could use on even the most intelligent of beings. Their hopes go as far as dominating chiefs of Orc tribes, controlling the Council of the Oakenstaff although they are worried about that because of the magical enchantments of the Oakenstaff itself which may be effected. At the moment they are putting the technology only into action only in small degrees, as it can only be used on the low intelligence and they do not wish to waste the power of their captured minds to produce something that is not of great use to them.

Joining the Great Mind society would be very difficult for they feel that the less people know the secret, the better. If you do want to join them you would have to prove your usefulness to them in some kind of way, otherwise they will simply kill you and maybe use your mind to power their machine. They are however looking for various inconspicuous and good people to do work for them.

They are currently hiding out underneath The Great Mind Wine Bar which they constructed. It is officially owned by a Human called Jo and a Dwarf called Geoff both of whom are of low intelligence and are dominated by the Great Mind society.


There are currently 9 members to the Great Mind society:

1. Jequel - Jequel is head of the Mind Flayers in the Great Mind society. He spends most of his time u in the tavern trying to figure out good people to capture for their intellect and the rest of his time listening to other Mind Flayers telepathically to make sure that nobody is going to hurt their possibilities in this matter. When the technology is done Jequel hopes that he can move on without the humans and as such he wants to make sure his power in the group is greater than that of the non Mind Flayers in the group.


2. Ji'il - Ji'il is a human who was brought up in a harsh world of Orcs, his father cast a doubled "friends" spell upon him so that the Orcs would view him as someone who could be used and not kill him. He was given to the Sorcerer of the Orcs whom he killed at the age of 10 with powerful spells of enchantment. The Orc committed suicide, or so it would have seemed to onlookers. Ji'il moved to the Isle of Prespur to do some research as soon as he was able. He wanted to create the perfect enchanting devices to produce fanatically loyal servants who retained their intelligence. Perfect spies he felt. Is research was successful and he found the hideout of the Mind Flayers researching the same area and they joined forces to form the great Mind Society, very soon after people sought him out to be his apprentice.

WP: Quarterstaff.
Class: Enchanter
Equipment: Quarterstaff +2. Robe of the Evil Archmage


3. Sinil - Sinil is a Mind Flayer, immediate second to Jequel in the Mind Flayers section. He is the best Mind flayer researcher they have and is probably the best researcher out of all of them but he has little intelligence in strategy and cunning such as needed to take over an organisation.


4. Cria - Cria is a Drow who when she was much younger murdered the Head of a Guild in her home city. She has been running since, hiding and running, spending a small fortune of priceless gems she stole from him. She is now much older and she has travelled possible across the entire length of the Forgotten Realms by various methods. She has ended up in Fallen Krae where she saw a man called Ji'il whom she recognised as an excellent mage and she decided to come under his protection in case she was still being followed. She has been a loyal servant, for the moment…

Class: Mage\Thief
WP: Short Sword, Dagger.
Equipment: Short Swor,d Dagger +1. Knave's Robe.


5. Szu - Szu is a Mind Flayer who s naturally good at controlling Umber Hulks, the particular favourite pet of Mind Flayers. He has 10 underneath his control who he can use to attack anyone he chooses. he is not stupid to try and take control of the society however as the Umber Hulks would quickly turn against him because of the greater power of the other mind flayers and the Enchanters in the Society, for though he is good at using them and controlling them he is not as strong telepathically as the others and his psychic powers would be outweighed by the enchantments of the other humans.


6. Gurff - Gurff is a Dwarf who believes now that fighters are vulnerable. He also does not want to live the dangerous life but wants to win. He wants to be an extremely important King or similar. He believes that this society is his key. He is a strong fighter but he would not dare take on sometimes even the lowest level mage or possibly even Cleric. He was in an army that he was a leader in after an adventuring life. He came up against a small army mages who creamed his army to shreds, he only just escaped and he went as far as he could. He offered his services to a Mage he found in the City who seemed to be clever and would help him overcome his problems and gain him a cushy life.

Class: Fighter
WP: double Handed Sword
Equipment: Double Handed Sword + 1. Plate Mail.


7. Xix - Xix is a Mind Flayer who wants Mind Flayers to be the dominant race. Totally. He believes this is what they are capable of and will fight for it. He believes that the great Mind society taking over Falleren Krae would be a good start.


8. Sarius the Sword - Sarius the Sword is a human who is well known in the crime circles of Falleren Krae. He has travelled a long way to find a place where his skills are quite unique. When he wields his katana he is one with it. He can hit home almost every time he swings. He has only one arm but he makes up for tat with his repeater crossbow of reloading which slowly reloads itself. When asked where he lost his arm he will only reply that he fought someone with 2 katanas and they took advantage. He has since killed them when he did not have the chance of getting an arm chopped off to slow him down. He did do odd jobs for the Great Mind until he decided to become a permanent member so that he could cash in on what he felt was a breakthrough technology.

Class: Fighter\Thief
WP: Katana. Short Sword, Scimitar
Equipment: Studded Leather +3, Katana +1. Repeater Crossbow of Realoading


9. Coinsmasher - Coinsmasher is similar to Sarius in that he started off doing only mercenary jobs for the Great Mind but decided to join because he could get steady work. He is known as coinsmasher because with any hand crossbow he can shoot from a taverns distance and hit a coin, he likes to knock a gold coin out of someone's hand and walk over and pick it up, this is his warning to them to pay him tribute.

Class: Fighter\Thief
WP: Crossbow. Short Sword
Equipment: Studded Leather +1, Hand Crossbow +3.

The Great Mind Society's hideout is underneath the Great Mind tavern. If you were to open a safe in the wine cellar you would find a button, push this button and a door opens which leads to some steps that lead downwards. You will reach a dead end where you must speak the Command word and the wall will slide away to reveal a small room where the Mind Flayers and their allies are working on the Necklace for the great Mind society.

On guard there could be Sinil (100%) Cria (95%) Szu (100%) Gurff (80%) Xix (75%) Sarius (20%) Coinsmasher (20%) Jequel (upstairs or 45%) Ji'il (upstairs or 35%). There are also 10 Umber Hulks, 5 Trolls and a 9 Ogres who have been dominated by the Great Mind Society.

The hideout is a very simple room with 9 beds and the machine and a few tables on the opposite side of the circular room.

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