The Great Mind Wine Bar

by Guy Patching

The Great Mind Wine Bar is located next to the houses of the some of the most intelligent people in the City. It is near the highest concentration of Sage's Libraries in the Castle District. The proprietor of The Great Mind is Jo, a huge and kind man often refered to as a gentle giant. Many wines are available to the wine bar as merchants bring supplies through the ports of Fellaren-Krae from all over the lands of the Sea of Fallen Stars and from the Heartlands and beyond.

To most eyes this is a highly legitimate business. It is where all of those of the highest intellect go to discuss matters of philosophy, legends, knowledge, theology and all the other things intellectuals tend to talk about. To those who know the truth however there is a very dark and sinister story behind the Wine bar!

To the commoners and general folk of Falleren Krae this is something to be revered as something only the clever folk can go to. The prices are reasonably expensive but they seem to be generous to those who add to the conversation with wise words . It is thought to be a place to go to if you have a problem.

Nearly all the sages in the area along with some of the mages frequent this locale to share their philosophies and knowledge. They come from all over the City to do so. Adventures are also known to come here to learn what they can about local legend and lore. It is said that if knowledge was water then in this bar, you would be drowning!

It is in fact set up by a group of Mind Flayers and Mages (mostly enchanters) who have come together to try and develop a new technology they have conceived which consists of a small bracelet which can be used to control, minds permanently or until the necklace is taken off. Their machine needs to be powered by a powerful mind and there are not many willing volunteers. That is why they moved their hideout from out of the Storm Fangs and into the city itself. Using their individual powers of persuasion they managed to place a necklace around two unfortunate adventuring fellows Geoff and Jo now run the bar and set up the tavern for them whilst the society they had set up (named the Great Mind Society) ensured that the underground building went successfully). If you were to go into the cellars and into a backroom in the cellars you would find a safe, a rather large safe. If you were to crack the code for that safe and open the door you would find a hole big enough to stoop down and step through. There you would find a ladder which you could climb down and on reaching the bottom you would find, dug into the earth, the location of the Secret Society of the Great Mind. If you have a high intelligence (17 or above) then you may well be targeted for use as power in their great necklace making machines but they tend to only go for people who have high intelligence but are low on protection or are vulnerable to attack.

There are codes of practice in the bar. No spells may be cast, especially divination spells. Paladins are not allowed into the bar. If you wish to ask question to the sages on the middle table (where the great debates always take place) you must buy them all drinks and then sit on a circular table around the edge. They will ask you for your question and when you ask it they will answer with all their considerable ability. These sages and mages are all very knowledgeable and if there is something in Fellaren-Krae they don't know about it is a very secret society. Rules on entering the tavern and asking a question are written on a poster on the wall. If you try and sit on the middle table you will be expected to be a very knowledgeable person.


Name Occupation Level, Race, Class
Jequel Host 11-lvl Elf (Mind Flayer) Psionicist
Ji'il Host 12-lvl Human Mage
Geoff Waiter 5-lvl Dwarf Fighter


Item (wine is priced by the bottle, glasses available on request)
Evermead (Fine Elven Mead)
150 sp
Common Red Wine
3 gp
Common White Wine
2 gp
Arabellan Dry (red) (bottle)
15 gp
Berduskan Dark (red)
15 gp
Fire Wine (dark)
18 gp
Kaorph (blue wine)
20 gp
Westgate Ruby
15 gp
Saerloonian Topaz
12 gp
Saerloonian Glowfire
10 gp
Saerloonian Special Vat
10 gp
Clarry (pink)
10 gp
Winter Wine
4 gp
Mead (glass)
3 gp
Rich Sweetened Coffee (cup)
2 gp
Coffee (cup)
1 sp
Bread and Fish
1 sp

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