by Guy Patching

Jo is the proprietor and bar man of The Great Mind Wine Bar in Fellaren-Krae's Castle District.



Jo is a big man, huge muscles and very tall. He has green eyes, black hair and grubbt nails. Jo wears a necklace from the Great Mind Society. If somebody attempts to remove the necklace in any way he will fight them with lethal combat and members of the great Mind will do so and so will Geoff. If the necklace is removed Jo will tell all that he saw when he was in the Great Mind, which was not much and he is not too bright so he might leave something out, even if he lasts long enough as he would probably go straight to the Great Mind and attack them head on and the poor soul wouldn't stand a chance.



He is a gentle giant. When he took on his adventuring life he wouldn't hurt something unless it attacked him, then he would kick its ass. He is a friendly but simple person, always caring for his bar and trying to understand what more intelligent people say.



Jo started off life as an adventurer. He joined up with Geoff, a Dwarf raised in his village in the North. They then travelled together with an intelligence Mage\Cleric called Jeremy. Jeremy led them through thick and thin and eventually they were teleported to Fellaren-Krae. They had only been there three days when they were ambushed by the "Great Mind" society. Jeremy was captured and linked up to their machine whilst Jo and Geoff had their minds dominated with special necklaces which completely dominate the mind but give it enough freedom to function normally.

AD&D Statistics

Race: Human Class: Fighter Level: 3 Aligment: CG
STR: 18
DEX: 14
CON: 17
INT: 15
WIS: 14
CHA: 15
HP: 20 AC: 8
Special Attacks:  None
Special Defences:   None
Prefered Weapon: Axe, Sling
Weapon Proficiencies:


Non-Weapon Proficiencies\Skills:



Leather Armor
Necklace (see description above)

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