Mixed Potion Tavern

by Daniel Deadmarsh

The tavern is a legitimate business owned and operated by the Guild of Mages (Wizard's Union). The Mixed Potion Tavern is located at the corner of Merchant's Way and Dragon's Heart Lane. It is on the ground floor, eastern side of the guild hall. Many of the watch members are weary about entering the tavern due to the high amount of magic that is freely thrown about the tavern.

The tavern is a well known watering hole for bards, mages and other users of magic. It is known for it's reasonable prices and exciting environment. Mages are allowed to cast all kinds of spells here in, except those of summoning and those harmful in nature (i..e, fire ball). Decanters and mugs of all kinds are seen floating about the tavern. There's dancing lights, whispering winds, and ghostly sounds all about the small tavern.

The tavern is also well known for it's good food and specially brewed Bluefire Weave Wine, which is said to have drops of Mystra's Weave in it!

The tavern's décor helps to create the ambiance of this mages watering hole. There are many carvings of gargoyle faces at the top of the stone pillars. All of the gargoyles eyes are aglow with continual light yellow, pale blue, pale green and white quartz, creating an iridescent lighting effect. Along the Western wall there are large portraits of the four founding members of the guild. These prove to be a topic of discussion for many of the mages, as they attempt to determine which of the four was the greatest beneficiary to the Wizard's Union.

Inset in an alcove over the fireplace is a floating stuffed beholder. This creature was slain on one of the many expeditions that the Wizard's Union has sponsored.

Hanging from the wall, behind the bar is a large tapestry. It depicts three human mages in flowing robes, casting spells at a flying blue dragon. While two large armies of humans and orcs clash on an open field.

There is only one natural glass window in the tavern. The window is stained glass with the symbol of Wizard's Union in the center.

All the tables are rounded mahogany, on the tabletop of many is the carving of an old bearded man. When a patron places his/her hand on the tabletop, a magic-mouth spell is activated. The spell simply asks the patrons to make themselves at home and will list off the drink list.

Hanging from the walls are many small worthless knick-knacks that the Wizard's Union has collected from it's many expeditions. Along with a small plaque identifying the mages name or expedition that brought the item back.

The mixed potion tavern is one of very few taverns in Fellaren-Krae to boast cold beverages. This is possible through Sourei's magic and creative engineering. He developed in the cellar below the tavern a system of pipes that run through a coolant area into the upstairs tavern, where all Sourei has to do is push down on the taps to get great tasting chilled beverages.

Regular customers are numerous, virtually all members of the Wizard's Union can be seen sometime in the walls of the tavern. The guild leader, Kara Firevine, is seen regularly in the tavern at night. Other regulars are family members of the Royse and Theoretus noble families.

The occasional commoner and youngster wanders in just to see what all the commotion is all about and to catch of glimpse of magic.



The honey-based beverages are purchased from a small halfling farm outside of Fellaren-Krae, no more than a 40-minute walk by foot. The farm and it's neighbours have formed a small thorp, which has been nicknamed The Hearth.

The Dwarven Dark Ale is supplied by the dwarves of Morandin's Forge.

The Bluefire Weave Wine is a concoction made by the halfling Pepperjar and the gnome Jingles. The liquid is a blueberry-spring water based wine, brewed by Pepperjar. The taste is enhanced with some rather complex spices and a bit of magic by Jingles.

The Stuwarde family supplies all the other wines and ales to the tavern.

The tavern also gets it's foodstuff from the small farms that make up The Hearth, a small halfling community.


Name Occupation Level, Race, Class
Pauly Pepperjar Cook \ Waiter \ Brewer 0-lvl Halfling
Bolgar Hamlyn Barkeep \ Waiter 11-lvl Gnome Illuisionist
Spittle Waiter Sprite


Beef stew with truffles, potatoes, carrots and a small loaf of bread
5 sp
Tossed pixie mushroom and lemon-weed salad with vinegar dressing
2 sp
Bowl of Boiled 4 Eggs (Pigeon and Chicken)
1 sp


Wine List
(Price is per bottle. Charge ¼ for a glass)

Strawberry-Honey Wine
8 gp
Stuwarde Ice Wine
30 gp
Elven Firewine
200 gp
Stuwarde Grove White Wine
20 gp
Stuwarde Sea Wine
8 gp
Stuwarde Dragonwort Wine
20 gp
Bluefire Weave Wine (for guild members only)
80 gp
Dragon's Breath (Golden Ale)
4 sp
Spider's Bite (Dark Ale)
2 sp
Fallen Stars Brew (Medium Ale)
2 sp
Ghoul's Touch (Dark Ale)
2 sp
Wolf's Fang (Light Ale)
2 sp
Dwarven Dark Ale
4 sp
Moosehead (Light Ale)
1 sp
Honey Mead (Light Ale)
1 sp
Pot of Hot Tea (green or blackberry)
1 cp

Spittle the Sprite

Spittle the Sprite: INT 12; AL NG; AC 6; MV 9 Fl 18(B); HD 1, hp 5; THACO 19; #AT 1; Dmg, dagger 1d4+1 (see below); MR nil; Size 2'; XP 270.

Special Attacks: When invisible (+2 to attack and -4 to be hit)
Special Defenses: Spittle can become invisible at will. He can also detect good/evil at will within 50 yards.
Languages: Common, Elven and Sylvan

Personality: Spittle met Sourei Brassseeker in the forests of Cormanthor. While Sourei was in search of ever yet another bell. Sourei and Spittle became quick friends and Spittle accompanied Sourei back to Fellaren-Krae.

Spittle can best be described as a good-hearted fun loving little imp! He loves games and loves watching people, he also loves to listen in on conversations and simply absorbs all kinds of gossip. Spittle is currently in his 3rd year of the question game with Pauly Pepperjar.

He is often seen serving drinks to mages and the like, however he refuses to serve non-guild members.

Spittle uses his detect evil ability whenever a non-guild member, and will give his impression of an ill being to Sourei the gnome.

Spittle carries a magical dagger (+1), anyone hit with the dagger, must save versus magic, or begin growing mushrooms in their hair. The mushrooms continue to grow when cut (taking a day to fully mature), and are edible. A remove curse (cast by an 8th level cleric) will negate the effect.

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