Bolgar Hamlyn
by Daniel Deadmarsh

Bolgar Hamlyn is the joint owner and cook of the The Little Dryad's Tavern in Fellaren-Krae. He is mostly found at the tavern or at the market looking for good deals on new exotic meats and spices.


Bolgar, at the age of 48 has more facial hair then he does on top of his head. He keeps a neatly trimmed black-greying beard. He is tall and muscular, from the hard work he performed as a caravan guard. However, as of late he has managed to gain some relaxed muscle in his mid-section, largely due to his hard work tasting samples of his cuisine.

He often wears a large leather apron when preparing meals in the tavern. When out in public, he wears no visible armour, he wears leather britches, jerkin and a forest green tunic. He keeps his long-time companion "Knight's Errant" at his side. Old habits die-hard! He has a plain silver band on his left hand, his wife wears a similar band. And he has one golden earring on his left earlobe.

He carries a small sack containing gold and silver coins that he uses to purchase his ingredients. Once purchased the ingredients arrive at the back door of the tavern. Many of the tavern's ingredients are delivered on a weekly basis, a schedule that Bolgar has worked out with many of the suppliers.

The silver band that he wears has a magical link to its' mate, the one worn by Rajien. In a moment of potential danger for one of the wearers, the matching ring will become ice cold, at death the ring will turn black. The rings were a gift from Tomul'mas.

His ear-ring is a magical ring of protection +1, which also allows the wearer to detect noise at 70% opportunity as a thief.

Knight's Errant is a magical scimitar that Bolgar acquired as payment from one of his caravan trips to Kara-Tur. It was a thank you for saving a merchant and his family from a number of ghoulish creatures. It has an intricate Kara-Tur script along one side of the blade and an oriental dragon along the other. The handle is that of two intertwined dragons and the end of the pommel has a jade gemstone that the dragons are both holding. The blade provides 5' radius of light-green light in the dark when unsheathed. The blade is a scimitar +2. Once per day the user can cast protection from evil as the spell, and thrice per day cast faerie fire(green flames),with a successful hit, targets receive a standard save to avoid, duration 12 rounds.

Knight's Errant was crafted over 500 years ago. It was one of the blades given to the personal guards of a now dead dynasty. The blade went to the grave with the yielder who past away of natural causes. The blade was than seen shortly after by the previous owner's son. He sold it to a money-lender to gather wealth. Knight's Errant was then sold to a wizard who saw the blade as something he could enhance, and create a truly magical marvel. The wizard kept the blade for sometime, enhancing its' powers. The blade was then given to a paladin of Tyr from Cormyr. The remained in the paladin's family for generations, disappearing with the attack of the Horde. The sword then emerged with a merchant from Kara-Tur, who gave it to Bolgar as a thank you, for saving his family. Where the blade was in those few years, is unknown.

In addition to the powers listed above the blade provides a +4 bonus to saving throws against the effects from a dragon's aura. Bolgar has never seen a dragon and therefore has not yet experienced the will of the sword.


He is a great big jovial man, with a deep friendship for his friend Tomul'mas and love of his wife Rajien. He enjoys working in the kitchen creating new delectable dishes for the tavern's clientele.

He his humble, but also relishes in his culinary talents.

He his a traditional believer that good things come to those who wait. Bolgar now believes he has found his niche in life and would never want to jeopardize that which he has found and built.

On a regular basis he journeys to the temple of Tempus and offers a prayer for those comrades who have fallen at Myth Drannor.


Bolgar grew up in Zhentil Keep, under the watchful eye of his mother, who was a barmaid. She was taken and sold into slavery, to the one of the Red Wizards of Thai. Bolgar at the age of 6 found himself alone. Serving the same man that sold his mother. Bolgar, at the age of 12, escaped and stowed-away on a caravan leaving for distant Kara-Tur. He was discovered on the way, and was forced to serve as a caravan guard if he wanted food, clothing and money. He didn't mind it, as he was getting something in return. Bolgar became a caravan guard dealing often with goblinoids. He was also considered one of the better cooks of any caravan he joined. He was often hired for his cooking talents and not necessarily his skill with the blade.

He met Tomal'mas Kaleddon on a caravan route. They quickly became friends and decided to form an adventuring party with several of the other caravan guards. After their first trip to Waterdeep, they recruited an additional two adventurer's (one of them being Tomul'mas sister). They returned to Sembia, passing through Cormyr and by that time they had a total of 10 adventurers within the party, now known as the Sembian Troupe (not one among them having been born in Sembia).

Bolgar has never returned to Zhentil Keep, but has been to Thai in search of some clues about his mother's whereabouts. To no avail. He believes she has passed away.

After a disastrous journey into Myth Drannor, Tomul'mas and Bolgar returned to Fellaren-Krae to open up a profitable and widely known tavern. Bolgar married Rajien prior to the opening of the tavern.

AD&D Statistics

Race: Human Class: Fighter Level: 6 Aligment: CG
STR: 15
DEX: 14
CON: 16
INT: 13
WIS: 11
CHA: 11
HP: 42 AC: 8 (without armor) 6 (with armor)
Special Attacks:   None
Special Defences:   None
Prefered Weapon:  Knight's Errant (scimitar)
Weapon Proficiencies:

Scimitar (specialized)
Long-bow (specialized)

Non-Weapon Proficiencies\Skills:

Skill Cooking
Riding, land-based
Animal Handling
Knowledge (seafood and meats)
Knowledge (herbs, grains and spices)

Languages: Common, Kara-Tur common, Goblin


Knight's Errant (Scimitar)
Leather Breeches
Tunic (forest green)
Leather Apron
Small Sack

Bolgar also keeps a suit of studded-leather armor +2, in his bedchamber.

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