The Little Dryad's Tavern
by Daniel Deadmarsh

The Little Dryad's Tavern is a legal business functioning as a tavern and special event catering business within Fellaren-Krae, and is located near the Merchant's quarters on Copper Street. Any leftovers (before going bad) are donated to the Guild of the People. Leftover breads are donated at the end of the day. The Little Dryad's Tavern is owned and run by Tomul'mas Kaleddon (elven mage7) the host, and Bolgar Hamlyn (human fighter 6), the cook. They are also members of the Merchant's Guild.

The Little Dryad's Tavern is a well known tavern for serving excellent and at times exotic cuisine. Travelling merchants and nobles have been known to make their appearance here whenever in Fellaren-Krae. The owners and servants are all friendly and often go out of their way to please a customer. If the owners receive a foreword on what a customer would like to have for dinner, they will go out and purchase the required ingredients (i.e., swordfish). There are no last minute special requests. People come to the tavern for food and atmosphere.The tavern is known for not distributing any beverages to any customer that has consumed to many drinks.

The Stuwarde merchant family supply the tavern with wine and ales (excluding Rice and Firewine which are acquired through caravan purchases). The Beatrice merchant family provide the meat (pig, chicken, pigeon, goose), grains, fruits and vegetables. Sanifor of Sanifor's Seven Stars Seafood Stand provides them with daily fresh seafood and local hunters are used for the wild animal meals (venison, boar, rabbit). Darcyr Hottgets of 'Ye Hot Coal' provides them with their coal for their kitchen pit fires.

Clientele of The Little Dryad's Tavern include merchants and nobles of Fellaren-Krae, caravan masters, guild leaders and the notable and wealthy of Sembia. Regulars of the tavern are: Poyntilo Montebello, Leuws Family (nobles), Danel'Liune Family (nobles) and Chow Fen On-Ling.


Name Occupation Level, Race, Class
Tomul'mas Kaleddon Owner \ Host 7-lvl Elf Mage
Bolgar Hamlyn Owner \ Cook 6-lvl Human Fighter
Kilem Coclen Entertainer 5-lvl Human Bard
RajienHamflyn Assistant Cook 0-lvl Half-elf
Teel'ainen Sundreen Waitress 0-lvl Elf
Aleen'Fen Sundreen Waitress 0-lvl Elf
Bradford Bus Boy Human (actually a Bronze Golem)

The Tavern Interior

The interior theme of the tavern resembles that of a forest. With stone carvings of animals and sylvan creatures (centaur and satyr) and one stuffed owlbear. Real trees act as pillars and vines creep along the walls. The centerpiece of the tavern is a small stone fountain. The fountain is a stone carving of a large tree, with a sleeping satyr at it's base. Water flows from it's branches into the basin below. Resting in the basin, partly covered by water is a piece of a carving from Myth Drannor. It resembles a carving of a dragon's face. This piece is the only item returned from Myth Drannor from a failed attempt to seek out it's hidden treasures by it's owners.

All meals are served on stoneware, and the tables, chairs and bar are all made from the finest mahogany wood the owners could fine. The legs of the tables are carved to resemble trees, and the tops are carved to form an intertwined canopy of branches and leaves from the four legs. The tavern holds six tables for four, and one table for six.

This tavern is actually haunted, at times the phantom will move items about on customers, to cause mischief and humor, moving drinks on the table, blowing out candles, untying footwear, etc. The phantom has never harmed anyone, and no one has seen it either. Some say the phantom is merely Tomul'mas using his magic. Others believe it is the spirit of a young boy, Lukum Brenhart who died at this location in a fire over 30 years before the tavern was built. In either case the customers enjoy the strange events that occur. The latter is the true reason behind this 'spooky' occurences.

Kilem Coclen will perform ballads and recount stories of old every three days at this location. Kilem collects a small fee from the owners, and accepts any gratuities that are passed his way. He has often accepted requests from nobles and merchants to perform at special events, such as weddings.

The second floor is were the owners make their residence. Tomul'mas, Bolgar and his wife Rajien live here.

The cellar is where the foodstuffs and wine barrels are stored.

Bradford appears as a skinny boy in a red leather jerkin. Many believe the boy to be Bolgar's son. Bradford is, in truth, a bronze golem with an illusion cast upon it. At the first sign of trouble, Bradford will restrain any bothersome individuals.


Item Price
Fish stew in a sour dough bowl, (haddock, cod, prawns, and scallops) 5 gp
Wild boar soup and truffles 7 gp
Wine steamed eel seasoned with garlic, scallions and lemon rinds 7 gp
Leg of venison with wine sauce, roasted potatoes 10 gp
Roasted Pigeon and chicken with raisins, and truffles 5 gp
Rabbit Stew in a sour dough bowl 5 gp
Whole Roasted Goose 10 gp
Glazed, stuffed Cockentrice (half capon and half pig sewed together) 15 gp
Conyng (ginger sauce over baked rabbit) 6 gp
Goat Cheese Cake with wine berry sauce 3 gp
Honey and berry crumple 2 gp
Fish Jelly (Fish Stew extract) 2 gp


Wine List
(Price is per bottle. Charge ¼ for a glass)

Item Price
Elven Firewine 150 gp
Rice Wine (imported from Kara-Tur) 40 gp
Stuwarde Grove White Wine 20 gp
Stuwarde Ice Wine 30 gp
Light Mead 1 gp
Dwarven Dark Ale 2 gp


Special Event catering (tailored menu) - Costs Vary

Brief Owners History

Both owners use to be adventurer's in a large party of 10, known as the Sembian Troupe. After meeting in a tavern in Arabel, Cormyr, they went off to the Dalelands, were they recruited 5 additional adventurers from the area. They then set out for Myth Drannor in search of wealth and fame. It was one of the larger groups to have ever entered ruined Myth Drannor. The group made it to the cities borders. As they entered the rubble-covered streets of the city, they quickly began fighting for their lives. Magic did not work as it should, and were surrounded by demons and monsters working together. From the 15 that entered, only three made it out alive, one of the three died later in the forest from her wounds. She was Tomul'mas sister, Meeliena, she was often called the little dryad by her friends. Bolgar and Tomul'mas retired from adventuring with only a piece of rubble to show for their trip to Myth Drannor.

They returned to Sembia, and when Bolgar married a woman from Tantras, they decided to put their talents to work in Fellaren-Krae, opening 'The Little Dryad's Tavern'.

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