Tomul'mas Kaleddon
by Daniel Deadmarsh

Tomul'mas Laleddon is the joint owner and host of the The Little Dryad's Tavern in Fellaren-Krae. He is mostly found hosting at the tavern during operating hours and spends time upstairs after hourse enjoying the company of one or both of the Sundreen twins. He has also been seen visiting the Danel'Liune Family.


At the age of 132, Tomul'mas is fairly young by many elven standards. He has a great mane of golden hair with a tint of green. There are three braids of hair, one on either-side and one that runs from the back central portion of the top of his head. He has emerald green eyes. He is light of frame, like most elves, with distinguished features. He has a tattoo of a faerie dragon on the back of his left hand.

He commonly wears, a colourful yellow and green robe, with espruar writing along the sleeves and collar. It is opened to reveal tan-leather britches and a white silk shirt. He has a silver belt buckle, carved on the inside of the buckle is a symbol. The Harper's symbol. He wears one sparkling-ivory carved ring on his right hand, the carving is that of ivy all around it. He has forest green boots. Hidden under his shirt, is a thick gold necklace, the pendant is that of a sleeping dragon, resting in the dragons coiled tail is a sapphire gem.

He carries a wand of magic missiles (35 charges) in one of his robes sleeves, and at his belt in small vials he carries three potions: water-breathing, haste and healing. All located on his left hip. His ivory ring is magical, it is a ring of protection +2 and also provides the wearer an additional bonus (+1) to natural plant poisons. The ring was a gift from the Danel'Liune family.

He also carries a scroll, in a small case on his right hip a case with a spell scroll: The scroll always rotates between one of the following three that he likes to keep on hand: Fire Ball, Polymorph Self and Knock.

The dragon and gem pendant around his neck is a Periapt of Healing (2d6+2, 1/day).

When he walks about town he carries with a magical-carved oak staff +1. The carving is that of an aged elf at the end of the staff.


Tomul'mas is outgoing and friendly. He loves the company of women, and will rarely turn down the advances of the fair sex. However he is deeply enamoured with the Sundreen twins and is cautious not to hurt them or their feelings. However, this has not stopped him in visiting several other women (elves and humans) of Fellaren-Krae.

Tomul'mas is enthralled with the tavern that he had designed and continues to add the scents and sites of the forest into the main dining room, either through the acquisition of special items or with the aid of magical spells. He has cast magic mouth on several of the carvings in the restaurant. The enchantment is a low animal growl.

One of his ambitions is to persuade a treant to move into the tavern. He knows of a few treants that live in the forests of Northern Sembia, but has not yet managed to persuade them or any other treant to relocate, and likely never will.

Not being a strong combatant, he opts to aid combat situations from the distance.


Tomul'mas was raised in the Dalelands, near Daggerdale. He travelled to Sembia, after his parents left for Evermeet, to learn more about diverse civilizations in an urban landscape. He arrived in Fellaren-Krae and fell in love with it's many stories, people and hidden dangers. He remained here apprenticing in wizardry with the Danel'Liune family (an elven noble family). He showed his promise and skills in the arts of magecraft. Shortly after apprenticing he decided to join a caravan as a wizard for hire. Here he met Bolgar Hamflyn an adept fighter and roadside gourmet chef. They quickly became friends and decided to form an adventuring party with several of the other caravan guards.

After their first trip to Waterdeep, they recruited an additional two adventurer's (one of them being Tomul'mas' sister). They returned to Sembia, passing through Cormyr and by that time they had a total of 10 adventurers within the party, now known as the Sembian Troupe (not one among them having been born in Sembia).After a disastrous journey into Myth Drannor, Tomul'mas and Bolgar returned to Fellaren-Krae to open up a profitable and widely known tavern.

He is a retired Harper Agent, acting now as a Harper Informer, only Bolgar knows this secret.

AD&D Statistics

Race: Moon Elf Class: Wizard Level: 7 Aligment: CG
STR: 10
DEX: 16
CON: 9
INT: 17
WIS: 13
CHA: 14
HP: 19 AC: 5
Special Attacks:   Spells
Special Defences:   None
Prefered Weapon:  Primary: Staff, Secondary: Dagger
Weapon Proficiencies:


Non-Weapon Proficiencies\Skills:

Ancient History (Myth Drannor/ Cormanthyr)
Riding, Land-based
Skill Alchemy
Skill Woodcarving

Languages: Common, Elven, Draconic, Sylvan, Gnoll, Orc, Giant


Robe (yellow and green with espruar writing along the sleeves and collar)
Shirt (white silk)
Belt (with carved silver harpers buckle)
Wand of Magic Missiles (35 charges)
Potion of Water-breathing
Potion of Haste
Potion of Healing
Ring of Protection +2
Scroll Case
Scroll (fireball, polymorph self OR knock)
Pendant (Periapt of Healing)
Staff +1

Spellbook: The book is bound in fine deer hide with a mythril lock of a bear's mouth. The book itself is treated to be water-resistant and the pages/ink inside are water-resistant, due to aid of some local priests. Tomul'mas keeps the lock in a sealed robe pocket.Italized spells are those Tomul'mas usually prepares on days he plans to remain at the tavern.

1st level spells: (4) Hold Portal, Silent Image, Change Self, Feather Fall, Grease, Magic Missile, Summon Monster I, Read Magic, Cantrip (light candle)
2nd level spells: (3) Web, Locate Object, Shatter, Blur, Magic Mouth, Levitate, Knock, Rope Trick
3rd level spells: (2) Magic Image, Secret Page, Slow, Haste, Tongues, Fire Ball, Suggestion, Dispel Magic, Gust of Wind
4th level spells: (1) Rainbow Pattern, Dimension Door, Minor Creation, Polymorph Self

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