Pauly Pepperjar

by Daniel Deadmarsh

Pauly Pepperjar is a cook, waiter and brewer at the Mixed Potion Tavern in Fellaren-Krae and can often be found in the kitchen of the Mixed Potion Tavern, or having a drink in the tavern's hall. On his rare moments off he'll be sitting in a large plush chair on the porch of his home, in The Hearth, puffing on a smoke-weed pipe or playing games with his neighbours. Pauly is 3'1" tall and 65 years old.

Pauly lives in a small halfling community known as the Hearth. It's a 40 minute walk from the city. He has a small two-room cottage, the cottage is partly built in the side of a small blueberry covered hill. On the covered porch Pauly has a human sized plush velvet chair. It is weather beaten, as Pauly leaves it outside, rain or shine, and it has an indentation from the many hours Pauly seats in this chair.

Pauly tends a small crop of blueberry's and smokeweed, lemonweed and pixie mushrooms.

Inside Pauly's house, hanging from the walls, are all kinds of memorabilia Pauly has purchased from caravans and sea-going traders. He also has a large variety of games ranging from dice games to table-top strategic games. He is often seen playing these with his neighbours or showing the younger halflings of the thorp 'smart moves' in the strategic games.

Pauly maintains little wealth, keeping it in his belt pouch. But has a large collection of items, as mentioned above in his home. He also has three large cookbooks of unique recipes inside his house. The only problem is that Pauly can not read.



Pauly is a Hairfoot halfling. His hair is dark brown with peppered with grey. He has hazel-green eyes, a stout nose, a wry smile and no facial hair. He is missing two teeth on the side of his lower jaw, were he often rests his smoke-weed pipe. His skin is tanned and wrinkled from the years he spent at sea.

Pauly wears a leather apron over his round belly. He wears leather slippers when in the kitchen, so that his feet do not get burned by hot-splashing water.



A quiet easy going halfling, he loves riddles and rhyming games, he's currently in the question game that has been going on for three years with Spittle the Sprite.

He has a humble, quiet attitude that portrays confidence and wisdom. He never insults or bothers others, often keeping to himself. He has been classified as the most laid-back person in Fellaren-Krae.

However, he often enjoys a good cup of Honey Mead and a puff on his smoke-weed pipe, above many other things.

When the other halflings in The Hearth, get together and have a festive time, Pauly is always there, drinking, eating and smoking his pipe. Recounting tales of his years at sea, his time with the Fellaren-Krae militia or he'll listen intently to another storyteller.



Pauly grew up and lived in Luiren for over 30 years of his life. He grew in a small hamlet, where he tended his crops and livestock and brewed his ales. After his wife passed away from yellow fever, he became a little adventurous and joined a large galley as it's chief cook. This was a little unusual for halflings and particularly for Pauly, since he does not know how to swim.

He spent 7 years travelling the Sword Coast, and parted company with his sea-going friends to travel on land. He joined a caravan heading to Kara-Tur from Baldur's Gate. He parted company with the caravan in Fellaren-Krae and became a cook for the city's militia. He worked until he was asked by an old friend, Balehorn Redfield, a human wizard of the Wizard's Union, to be the head cook in a small guild owned and operated tavern. Pauly had befriended Balehorn while he served with the city's militia, an accession step required by the Wizard's Union. Pauly accepted looking for something a little different. He's been with the Mixed Potion Tavern since it's been opened, just over 6 years ago.

Shortly after Pauly began working in the Mixed Potion Tavern, he built a small home in the tiny halfling thorp, known as The Hearth, outside of Fellaren-Krae.

AD&D Statistics

Race: Halfling (Hairfoot) Class: N\A Level: 0 Aligment: NG
STR: 8
DEX: 12
CON: 10
INT: 11
WIS: 13
CHA: 14
HP: 7 AC: 9
Special Attacks:   +1 bonus when using a thrown weapon.
Special Defences:   +2 bonus to reaction rolls with humans+2 bonus to spells, wands staffs and rods.
Prefered Weapon:  Kitchen Knife
Weapon Proficiencies:


Non-Weapon Proficiencies\Skills:


Languages: Common, Halfling


Leather Apron and slippers
White cotton shirt
Tan breaches
Green vest
Small vial of funnel spider anti-venom
Small belt pouch with 9 silver coins and two pearls.
Sling and stones
Small knife


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