Corwin Drakewood
by Adam Dabdoub

Corwin Drakewood is the clerk and apprentice of Shrastathishra of Mystra's Tears magical shop in Fellaren-Krae. Corwin can be found in local taverns and the Mages Guild at times when he is not at Mystra's Tears.


Corwin is a mage of youth in appearance and personality. His charming appearance, including an ever-present sarcastic grin, a light brown goatee, and similarly colored and short brown hair, goes over well with most of the local barmaids and young women. When in the shop, he wears his small, circular spectacles at the edge of his nose, and flowing black robes. On his belt is his girdle of many pouches, bearing his spell components and wand of magic missiles.


Corwin's most frequent personality is a cocky one, as he likes to flaunt what power he has. Often he makes his voice echo and boom throughout the shop for effect. In the end, Corwin is good natured and has inherited some of his mentor, Shrastathishra's, love of the city and definitely of magic. Although from time to time he acts as if he is above everyone, except Shrastathishra.


Not too long ago, Corwin left his boring noble family like many a young adventurer who had tired of only reading about great wizards and dashing knights. With no skills of great use, however, he found himself picking the very pockets of the noble society he was once a part of. For weeks, he got by on what little he could steal.
One week, Corwin saw a great display of magic in the streets as a mage magically fried his enemy in the streets. The wizard then grandly exited, taking his foe's equipment.

Things had changed little in the town, but Corwin was changed forever. That night, he managed to steal an old spellbook and a few scrolls a fat noble had inherited from someone. The amazing part was that with a few stolen spell components from random places, Corwin began to teach himself based on what he could witness and the spellbook he had. Unfortunately, such dangerous methods have their risks, and when he tried to use a magic missile to defeat one of the thugs in the slums of the city he lived in, it backfired and injured them both. It was then Shras found them both, dying, on one of his midnight walks. Shras looked over the scene, and then to Corwin and handed him a wand, stating simply, "Try using this in the future. Much more reliable." He then walked off, making sure the two would live. Corwin managed the strength then to get up and chase after, begging to apprentice under him, stating he could take street life no longer. With mock reluctance, Shras took on his first apprentice. Since that day Corwin has risen to the relative power he hungered for, and with Shras' guidance, he has put it to good use.

AD&D Statistics

Race: Human Class: Mage (previously Thief) Level: 9 (3) Aligment: CG
STR: 11
DEX: 17
CON: 12
INT: 17
WIS: 13
CHA: 15
HP: 30 AC: -2
Special Attacks:   Spells, Wand of Magic Missiles
Special Defences:   Bracers of Defence AC4, Cloak of Protection +3
Prefered Weapon:  Wand of Magic Missiles, Staff
Weapon Proficiencies:
Short Sword
Non-Weapon Proficiencies\Skills:
Gem Cutting
Local History
Land-based Riding
Bracers of Defence AC4
Cloak of Protection +3
Girdle of Many Pouches

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