by Adam Dabdoub

Shrastathishra is the proprietor of Mystra's Tears magical shop in Fellaren-Krae.


Shrastathishra looks like most other Rakshasa, having the figure of a man crossed with a tiger. His tiger-like head has bright, golden-green eyes that can be unsettling when he chooses, but otherwise posess a serenity not typical to his kind. Most of the time, his slender figure is covered by his white robes of the archmagi, the hood covering his face completely in shadow when in the dim light of his shop.


Though commonly kind and wise, Shras will quickly rise to a merciless anger to those who would loot his shop or harm Fellaren-Krae. When speaking to someone other than his apprentice, Corwin, he is enigmatic and philosophical, always making someone question their own motives further.


Shrastathishra used to be a lawful evil rakshasa, residing in his now distant homeland. When a powerful wizard and servant of Mystra saw his great magical potential, he cast a spell upon him that would reverse his alignment. Due to some strange magical flux (the wizard theorized it was Mystra herself), the spell became permanent. Shras was rejected violently from his homeland, but with the wizard's assitance, he escaped to Faerun. After a bit of time spent with the wizard, they set off to spread Mystra's will.

In a great duel with a marauding Xvimite, Shras' friend died. The tower where he lived now stands grandly at the center of the city, although it is deserted now. The courtyard around the tower is a serene place, and legend has it the ghost of the wizard occasionally is seen, protecting his beloved city. Shras now lives in seclusion, running his shop and occasionally interacting with passing adventureres whom he sees as trustworthy. He lives to protect Fellaren-Krae, for it was his friend's dying wish.

Other Information

His contingency spell, which he recasts at the end of its duration, states that if he is killed or loses consciousness, a teleport without error spell is cast to send him to a basment-like area deep under his shop, accessible only from within his own room. There is a barrier at the trap door leading down that acts as a symbol of fear to those with any alignment other than any type of good. Only he and Corwin(his apprentice) know about it. There, a permanent unseen servant is instructed to pour healing salves on him and alert Corwin.

AD&D Statistics

Race: Rakshasa Class: Mage Level: 18 Aligment: ?
STR: 12
DEX: 16
CON: 11
INT: 19
WIS: 15
CHA: 13(16)
HP: 50 AC: -8
Special Attacks:   Claws, Staff of power, spells
Special Defences:   Contingency, Bracers of Defence AC2, Ring of Protection +3, Robe of the Archmagi
Prefered Weapon:  Staff of Power, Dagger +2, +3 vs. evil creatures
Weapon Proficiencies:
Non-Weapon Proficiencies\Skills:
Gem Cutting
Local History
Land-based Riding
Bracers of Defence AC2
Ring of Protection +3
Hooded Robe of the Archmagi (good)
Dagger +2, +3 vs. evil creatures
Staff of Power

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