Mystra's Tears
by Adam Dabdoub

Mystra's Tears is a shop selling magical items and spell components. In a prime location near the Mages Guild, the business is run by Shrastathishra (Shras for short!) who also employs Corwin Drakewood as a clerk\apprentice.

The store has a very well respected reputation although it is not a well known establishment, except through maybe the close knit community of mages in the surrounding area. Adventurers, rich nobles and young wizards are frequent customers to the shop.

Most of the stores items are created by Shras and Corwin but quests may be posted from time to time to obtain components when needed.

Shrastathishra used to be a lawful evil rakshasa, residing in his now distant homeland. When a powerful wizard and servant of mystra saw his great magical potential, he cast a spell upon him that would reverse his alignment. Due to some strange magical flux (the wizard theorized it was Mystra herself), the spell became permanent. Shras was rejected violently from his homeland, but with the wizard's assitance, he escaped to Faerun. After a bit of time spent with the wizard, they set off to spread Mystra's will.

In a great duel with a marauding Xvimite, Shras' friend died. The tower where he lived now stands grandly near the center of the city, although it is deserted now. The courtyard around the tower is a serene place, and legend has it the ghost of the wizard occasionally is seen, protecting his beloved city. Shras now lives in seclusion, running his shop and occasionally interacting with passing adventureres whom he sees as trustworthy. He lives to protect Fellaren-Krae, for it was his friend's dying wish. When Shras rarely speaks to those who can keep his past a secret, he usually speaks to them in a dark, smoky back room of the shop where he sleeps sometimes. It is adorned with hanging censers and sitting pillows. His manner is intelligent, calm, and occasionally enigmatic, but will rise to a furious, merciless anger to those who would loot his shop or harm the city.

Corwin, his younger apprentice of sorts (mid 20s), interacts with most of the common customers in addition to watching over the shop during the day. The common knowledge of the public is that he runs the shop by himself. Though his casual indifference and sarcastic, cocky humor can turn away some customers, he is a hard worker with great ambition. Occasionally he likes to take on an ominous appearance when dealing with younger adventurers or kids who wander into the shop. His black robes, magically echoing voice, and glowing eyes are all characteristics of this mood.

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