Leif Silvermoon
Proprietor of Nature's Bounty

by Shea Silvermoon

Leif Silvermoon is the proprietor of Nature's Bounty, a herbalist shop in Fellaren-Krae. Leif is a half-elf and a 9th level Ecomancer.


Leif's parents are an Evermeet Noble and a Norland Skald. He was raised in his mother's (the skald) community, learning the way of warrior. The other kids teased him about his pointed ears and lithe form, but he was unable to best them in any physical fight.

The wise man of the village, an ecomancer, saw potential in Leif and took him away from the village of his youth to train him in the ecomancer's ways. This included teleporting him to the Elvish Court, many hundreds miles away from everything that he had ever known. The wise man, named Tirade, made Leif into an able mage and herbalist. Leif considers Tirade his father and respects him above all others.

Leif joined an adventuring company, devoted to the defense of the Comanthyr forest and Elvish court. There he met Miri and Cortan, the people that would soon be his two closest friends and companions. After seeing about five years of adventuring life he was now a masterful ecomancer, and ready to settle down. The biggest blow to him was the learning of the death of his mother in the Norland due to sickness. He blamed himself for not being there and treating her. He fell into a deep depression and only the help of his former teacher Tirade made him sane again. Tirade arranged for him to revisit Miri and Cortan in Fellaren-Krae to lift his spirits. Miri, Cortan, and himself decided to settle down in the city, and run a shop together. When Miri and Cortan both took up resident in the city, Leif found a grove of trees outside of the city and build his tower out of them.

When "Nature's Bounty" opened people started to ask Leif many questions, because of his gift for sorcery. When Leif was unable to answer these, he sought out them out, mostly out of pride. He began to collect knowledge as to be never stumped again by a question.

In his tower he has a growing library of books and other printed papers, maps, scrolls, etc... Now his major hobby is the collection of knowledge, and because of this he has been given the informal title of "Sage of Fellaren-Krae." He loves the title and his has only increased his personal crusade for knowledge.

AD&D Statistics

Race: Half-elf Class: Ecomancer Level: 9 Aligment: NG
STR: 12
DEX: 15
CON: 10
INT: 17
WIS: 17
CHA: 14
HP: ?? AC: ??
Special Attacks:   Spells
Special Defences:    Spells
Prefered Weapon:   Whip
Weapon Proficiencies:
Hand Crossbow
Non-Weapon Proficiencies\Skills:
Herbalism (3 slots)
Weaponsmithing (special ecomancer version)
Reading / Writing
Cooking (Vegetarian)
Rope Use
The Whip of Leaf and Branch
Wooden Dagger +2
Wooden Hand Crossbow
Bone Bolts +1 (x24)
Standard Ecomancer outfit: Tunic, Pantaloons, Hooded Cloak, Belt with Pouches, Boots - made of deerskin, linen and cotton.

Leif has the following spells memorized:

1st Level:
Entangle, Cantrip, Pass Without Trace, Charm Plant

2nd Level:
Barkskin, Speak With Plants, Levitate, Improved Phantasmal Force

3rd Level:
Tree, Tongues, Protection From Normal Missiles

4th Level:
Plant Door, Polymorph Self

5th Level:

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