Nature's Bounty
by Shea Silvermoon

Nature's Bounty is a Herbal Shop. It offers various cures, cooking spices, and "supplements" made from the plants outside of town and abroad in Faerun. On the Corner of Oak lane and Sword way, the businesses to the right and left are respectively Murray's Fine Footwear and King's Pawn shop.

The proprietor of Nature's Bounty is Leif Silvermoon, a half-elf Ecomancer. Nature's Bounty is a legitimate business and only produce balms, herbs, cures, and medicines that work. Nature's Bounty also employs Miri (human Ranger 5), the clerk and treasurer for the business and Cortan (human Druid 7) as the inventory keeper, who, along with Leif, are master herbalists. With the local populous it is a mixed vote, many swear by the medicines and First Aid Kits produced by the shop.

Leif, Miri, and Cortan are old adventuring companions from the Elvish Court. They set up shop about five years ago and have been working ever since. They have build a well-kept shop and a strong customer base. Few housewives are without one of their first aid kits in the house to mend scraps and scratches. Though well-liked by most, some people feel that there herbs and cures are a menace and should be put out of business.

Leif supplies most of the various herbs and plants. Various adventuring companies bring exotic plants to the shop to be sold and/or identified. All cures etc… are mixed in house in a small lab in the back and at Leif's home outside of Fellaren-Krae. The main customer base for Nature's Bounty are Druids and Nature Priests, Non-magical doctors and "The Black Arrow" an Elvish assassin (known to Miri and Cortan as Shalyn Nightstar)

A selection of items for sale in at Nature's Bounty are as follows:

Item Price
Minor Cure 5 gp
Cure 10 gp
Major Cure 25 gp
Daily Vitamin (15 day) 10 gp
Common unprepared herb 1 gp
Uncommon unprepared herb 5 gp
Rare unprepared herb 10 gp
Pre-mixed healing balm 1 gp
Common Cold Medicine 1 gp
"The Rangers Guide to the Forest" 20 gp
Supplements (15 doses) 20 gp
Papyrus (per sheet) 1 sp
Journal (100 pages) 15 gp
Quill and plant mixed ink 1 gp
Fire-proofing of books 50 gp
Rare plants identification service 10 gp
First Aid Kit (home) 10 gp
First Aid Kit (adventure) 20 gp
Specific Illness Medicine 5 gp
"The Druid's Guide to Herbs for Dummies" 20 gp

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