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Realms of the Dragons 2
Forgotten Realms Anthology

WotC Code:

Product Type: Novel
ISBN Number: 0-7869-3808-0
Author: Various authors
Cover Artist: Matt Stawicki
Release Date: May 2005
Format: Paperback book (288 pages)

This is a second collection of short stories by various authors and is based on the 2004-2006 trilogy by Richard Lee Byers entitled - The Year of Rogue Dragons.

The following is taken from an announcement on the WotC site:

'In September of 2005, Kameron, Erik, and James will join a select group of even more new authors in a second volume of the Realms of the Dragons anthology. This collection will showcase eleven authors who will be making their Forgotten Realms novel debuts in 2005 and beyond. '

The following is a description taken from the reverse of the product:

'Realms rise and fall, human lives tick by llike seconds on a clock, and the dragons watch from on high. But when the mighty wyrms lose their minds, when they succumb to their basest, most violent impulses, time stands still.

And that just happens to be the moment you should be running the fastest.

From the far corners of Faerûn, from the skies above and the pits below, from the imaginations of the next generation of fantasy masters, comes tales of dragons good and evil.

This collection features all new stories by Forgotten Realms newcomers including Maiden of Pain author Kameron M. Franklin, Murray J.D. Leeder, Erik Scott de Bie, James P. Davis, and many more.'

Short Stories within this anthology are as follows:

  • Faerie Ire - Erin Tettensor
  • The Woman Who Drew Dragons - Rosemary Jones
  • The Hunting Game - Erik Scott de Bie
  • The Road Home - Harley Stroh
  • How Burlmarr Saved the Unseen Protector - Kameron M. Franklin
  • A Tall Tale - J.L. Collins
  • The Book Dragon - Jim Pitrat
  • Freedom's Promise - Ed Gentry
  • Possessions - James P. Davis
  • Queen of the Mountain - Jaleigh Johnson
  • The Strength of the Jester - Murray J.D. Leeder

Also included are excerpts from Maiden of Pain, Ghostwalker, Son of Thunder and Bloodwalk.

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