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Realms of the Arcane
Forgotten Realms Anthology

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Product Type: Novel
ISBN Number: 0-7869-0647-2
Author: Various authors (see below)
Cover Artist: Blas Gallego
Release Date: November 1997
Format: Paperback book (312 pages)
The text below is taken from a description by TSR on the reverse of the actual product:

'Candlekeep boasts one of the finest libraries in the Realms, where the privileged few may conduct their research.  But what about its secret collections? Volumes and scrolls long forgotten or hidden from the inquiring eyes of browsers.  Volumes dealing with matters that can only be described as arcane'.  

New tales of Toril past and present are within:

Prologue, Interludes and Epilogue stories by Wes Nicholson.
Wishing You Many More - David Cook
Secrets of Blood, Spirits of the Sea - Elaine Cunningham
Bread Storm Rising - Tom Dupree
When Even Sky Cities Fall - J. Robert King
The Grotto of Dreams - Mark Anthony
A Narrowed Gaze - Monte Cook
The Whispering Crown - Ed Greenwood
The Lady and the Shadow - Philip Athans
Shadows of the Past - Brian Thomsen
Tertius and the Artifact - Jeff Grubb

Edited by Brian M. Thomsen

Includes Excerpts from Elminster in Myth Drannor

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