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Forgotten Realms 2009 Releases

Wizard of the Coast's Forgotten Realms products for the year 2009 are listed below. Note that release schedules now only contain novels. WotC no longer produces ongoing roleplaying material for the Forgotten Realms.

For a complete list of all Forgotten Realms products and novels, please download the Forgotten Realms Bibliography.


1st Quarter 2009


Canticle (The Cleric Quintet, Book 1)
The Legend of Drizzt - The Collector's Edition, Book 3
The Fanged Crown (The Wilds, Book 1)


The Silent Blade (paperback)
Unholy (The Haunted Lands, Book 3)


Corsair (Blades of the Moonsea, Book 2)
In Sylvan Shadows (The Cleric Quintet, Book 2)


2nd Quarter 2009


The Spine of the World (paperback)
Threat from the Sea Omnibus

Downshadow (Ed Greenwood presents Waterdeep, Book 3)


Night Masks (The Cleric Quintet, Book 3)
The Restless Shore (The Wilds, Book 2)
The Sword Never Sleeps (The Knights of Myth Drannor, Book 3) (paperback)


City of the Dead (Ed Greenwood presents Waterdeep, Book 4)
Sea of Swords (paperback)

3rd Quarter 2009


The Crystal Mountain (The Empyrean Odyssey, Book 3)
The Pirate King (Transitions, Book 2)
The Stowaway (The Stone of Tymora, Book 1)


The Edge of Chaos (The Wilds, Book 3)
The Fallen Fortress (The Cleric Quintet, Book 4)


City of Torment (Abolethic Sovereignty, Book 2)
The Chaos Curse (The Cleric Quintet, Book 5)


4th Quarter 2009


House of Serpents Gift Set
The Ghost King (Transitions, Book 3)
The Legend of Drizzt Gift Set, Set IV)


Corsair (Blades of the Moonsea, Book 2) (paperback)
The Fall of Highwatch (Chosen of Nendawen, Book 1)
The Shadowmask (Stone of Tymora, Book 2)


Return of the Archwizards Gift Set
Wrath of the Blue Lady (The Wilds, Book 4)


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