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The Silent Blade
Paths of Darkness - Book 1

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Hardback: 8585
Paperback: 21388
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Product Type: Novel
ISBN Number: Hardback: 0-7869-1180-8
Paperback: 0-7869-1388-6
Author: R.A. Salvatore
Cover Artist: Todd Lockwood
Release Date: Hardback: October 1998
Paperback: June 1999
Format: Hardcover book (347 pages). / Paperback book
Drizzt: The dark elf leads his friends on a mission to destroy, once and for all, the evil crystal shard, not realizing the full power of the call of Creshinibon.
Wulfgar: Returned from the Abyss only to find his world crumbling around him, the barbarian Wulfgar struggles against an old enemy that may not be as deadly as the demons he carries within him.
Entreri: The assassin finds himself embroiled in the power struggles of the darkest streets of mysterious Calimport and the even darker caverns of Menzoberranzan.  But still his greatest enemy eludes him.

Also released in Paperback format.
Also, in 2004 - The Paths of Darkness Collectors Edition

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By: Matías Laíno Date: 10-March-2002
Rating: GoodGoodGoodGoodGood

What can I say about this book?, the mere fact of being a book written by Salvatore and about Drizzt Do'Urden already makes it a very excellent novel, the story is superb as usually, taking unexpected turns, as always, but this time Salvatore has included something that has made the book even better, half the book is from the point of view of Drizzt's most hatred enemy: Artemis Entreri, he writes about how's Entreri's life after the last time he battled Drizzt and the things that happen when he returns to Calimport, the place where he's most feared.
Though I love to read about Drizzt, it was even more interesting to read about Entreri, learn about the way he thinks, how Drizzt has changed his life, and a very special surprise almost at the end of the book!
In sum, this is one of the best FR books, and everybody who likes Dungeons & Dragons should read it!.

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