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The Chronicles of Jeiroth

By Tyson Bell

The Chronicles of Jeiroth Ulondarr are presented here by Candlekeep with permission of the author.  The character information and the text contained herein are the property of Tyson Bell.  Download and install the Tolkien font for the best results).

The Chronicles of Jeiroth Ulondarr tell of the events and adventurers of the high-level Moon\Gold elven Fighter\Mage - Jeiroth Ulondarr. These works are not complete and only show excepts from the full Chronicles, more of which may be added at a later date, when supplied by the author.

See the character AD&D statistics for Jeiroth Ulondarr in the Candlekeep Hall of Heroes.

See also The Book of the Cathshee written by Tyson Bell, (located in the Travelers Notebook area), which mentions Jeiroth Ulondarr and the code and practices of the Cathshee Bladesingers..

The Chronicles of Jeiroth Ulondarr

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Aftermath Drannor's Fall

Defenders of High Forest

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