Sourei "Jingles" Brassseeker

by Daniel Deadmarsh

Sourei is a gnome illusionist and stands a mere 3'2" tall. Sourei is a barkeep and waiter at the Mixed Potion Tavern in Fellaren-Krae. During daylight Sourei can be found in the Guild building. In the morning, Sourei is at the Guild Library and Laboratory. A few minutes before noon Sourei opens up the Mixed Potion Tavern, where he remains until the tavern closes, some time after midnight, or when the last patron leaves.


Sourei's skin-colour is slate grey, with a granite colour beard. He has a large round nose, which he is very proud of. He has small ears and bright blue eyes. He has tight curly granite coloured hair. He has a tattoo of the Wizard's Union symbol on his right shoulder.

Tied into his beard are several tiny brass, gold, silver and mithril bells. There are nine bells in total. They jingle whenever he walks, talks or makes sudden head movement.

He wears dark brown pantaloons, and a light brown shirt, over that he wears a dark grey vest. The vest has a total of two dozen hidden pockets. On the outside of the vest there are a total of 6 larger pockets, in the front. The backside of the vest is made so that a flap rests over another single large pocket, large enough for a thin travelling spellbook.

He wears a short yellow sugarloaf hat with three feathers in it. All of which are light-brown in colour, they are all feathers from a young Roc.He wears thigh high sealskin boots. Each boot contains a hidden sleeve on the inside.

He carries the guild staff wherever he goes, it is one of two known guild staffs that are 4' in length, the other belonging to Olan Coarsebeard, another gnome illusionist of the Inner Circle.



Anyone that knows Sourei, know him as one of the Guild's most loyal and respected members. By all accounts he is fun loving and very open-minded to people, customs and changes. He is described as a happy, jolly old gnome!

He considers Spittle, Pauly and Olan Coarsebeard amongst his closest friends, and values friendship above all other matters even magic.

He has a great love of music and often will provide an old legend or two to a bard just to hear it or another ballad. Or after a few drinks of the Weave wine he'll stand up on the table and sing a little jingle to the tune of his bells. He can often be found humming along to the jingling of his bells.He is enthralled with the tavern and guild.

He is always striving to improve the tavern with new magics and new artwork.

Sourei has a love of bells, and has a rather large collection of bells (all shapes and sizes) in this chamber.



Sourei was born in Fellaren-Krae and lived across from the guildhall all his life. He was an avid fan of magic, collecting the rare and exotic goods. Being a gnome he enjoyed building small trinkets and gadgets. He grew up helping out within the Guild as a scribe, later becoming an apprentice to one of the inner circle members and then ultimately a member. He served three years with the militia not because of any voting that went awry, but out of personal choice.

He's been on the Wizard's Union Inner Council now for just less than 3 years. Sourei is one of four mages that makes their home within guild walls.

On one of Sourei's excursions into the forests of Cormanthor, he met and befriended a Sprite named Spittle. During that excursion he had found a rare mithril bell made by the elves of Myth Drannor. A few short months later, this bell was stolen straight from his beard as he slept. His only clue was a overly friendly elf that kept buying Sourei drinks the evening the bell was stolen. Nothing else was stolen.

Spittle, Pauly and Olan Coarsebeard are the only individuals that have heard Sourei discuss the possibility that Fellaren-Krae is home to an elven thieves guild. He is currently exploring the possibilities of any infiltration into the Wizard's Union by members of this supposed rogue's guild.

Both of Sourei's parents were killed during the Thalassan uprising. Sourei now uses his old family home as an additional warehouse for himself and for the Mixed Potion Tavern. The tavern is directly across the street from his old home.


Other Information

Sourei keeps a small black coloured mole as a familiar. The familiar is either in his quarters or hiding in one of Sourei's many pockets. The mole answers to the name, Mr Jigs. It is no bigger than Sourei's hand. Sourei gains the ability to sense vibrations through the earth and which direction the vibrations are coming from.

Mr Jigs has 2 HP, and AC 7 and is a very shy animal, remaining hidden the bulk of the time.

AD&D Statistics

Race: Gnome Class: Illusionist Level: 11 Aligment: NG
STR: 9
DEX: 16
CON: 12
INT: 16
WIS: 14
CHA: 12
HP: 28 AC: 6
Special Attacks:   None
Special Defences:   None
Prefered Weapon:  Dagger
Weapon Proficiencies:


Non-Weapon Proficiencies\Skills:

Gem Cutting

Languages: Common, Gnome, Halfling, Dwarf


One of the Roc feathers in his hat is magical. It is a "feather falling feather", if the wearer falls over 6 inches the powers of the feather take over, as per the feather fall spell

Among the many bells jingling in Sourei's beard, four are magical:

    1. A gold bell of protection +2 (acts as a ring of protection)
    2. A mithril Bell provides protection against charm spells (immune to all charm spells and charm like spells including mass charm)
    3. A brass bell acts as a ring of warmth.
    4. Another brass bell when the command word is spoken, while being rung, will summon three 4th level gnome fighters, their names are Pox, Thax and Sulex. All have 28 hp and cause 1d6+3 points of damage with their maces. They can remain corporeal for 1 day

In the hidden sleeve of his left boot is a small wand of magic missiles (16 charges)
In the right boot is a small wand of dancing lights (24 charges)
He also has a gold ring with a diamond in it surrounded by small rubies, this ring is a ring of wizardy (doubling all 1st and 2nd level spells memorized)

His guild staff that he carries to most places, has the standard magical abilities as the rest of the guild staffs, plus a few additional powers:

  1. Staff +1
  2. Mirror Image 1/day
  3. When the wielder speaks the command word, the end of the staff lights up with a blue flame. It provides illumination as a torch. The effect lasts until dispelled

Sourei keeps three spell books in his tower chamber. The large one is his main book (it contains all the spells below), and the other two are travelling spellbooks, containing a mixture of the spells below.

With his ring and the benefits gained as an illusionist Sourei may memorize the following amount of spells:1st level (10), 2nd level (10), 3rd level (5), 4th level (5) 5th level (5). Sourei must memorize 2 illusionary spells from 1st and 2nd level, and 1 illusionary spell for the rest.

Master Spellbook: '*' denotes an illusion spell

1st level: Alarm, Cantrip* (Illusionary Flicker), Change Self*, Dancing Lights, Find Familiar, Light, Magic Missile, Mending, Phantasmal Force*, Spook*, Ventriloquism*, Read Magic

2nd level: Blindness*, Blur*, Deafness*, Fool's Gold, Deeppockets, Hypnotic Pattern*, Invisibility*, Levitate, Magic Mouth, Mirror Image, Wizard Lock

3rd level: Haste, Illusionary Script*, Item*, Lightning Bolt, Spetral Force*, Wraithform*, Self-Flicker*

4th level: Enchanted Weapon, Fear*, Improved Invisibility*, Illusionary Wall*, Fire Trap, Minor Creation*, Hallucinatory Terrain*5th level:Cone of Cold, Dream*, False Vision, Major Creation*, Stone Shape,Telekinesis

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