Longreach Ma'Kenzie
by J.R. Carr, jr.

Longreach Ma'kenzie is the owner of Keepers Rock adventurers outfitters shop in Fellaren-Krae. Mak can be found anywhere at any time. He is generally found at the Keepers Rock, or a nearby tavern looking for a game of some sort or sharing stories and listening to ancient tales.


Mac is very clean and impeccably dressed in the most trendy of clothes. He takes great pains to blend in with the customs of the lands he enters.


Mac is very friendly and affable. Extremely likeable and well rounded in the skills of conversations and people. A sharp businessman with a rapier wit, Mac can win over just about anyone.


Mac was orphaned in a small village in Kara-tur as a babe. His father, a travelling half-elf and mother, an adventuring human mage, had decided to see the other side of the world. Mak reckons that this makes him quarter-elf, but he has no abilities that prove this, (but he likes to point out his ears seem slightly more pointed than that of a normal human….)

They were cut down in their path by a group of assassins determined for ethnic cleansing. Mac was brought to a temple and raised by 2 men. A monk of high caste and a bushi of high cast. Both had taught Mak the glories and beliefs of their professions, but never allowed him to choose one or the other. Mak and his 2 mentors were celebrating his 14th birthday, to the best of their knowledge, and gave him his presents. One was a set of Sai, and the other was a scroll.

The scroll detailed out his history and the history of his folk. It also detailed out maps, directions, and stories of the land of Kara-tur. He was then told to find his fortune and upon the death of the two mentors, he would receive their past. That puzzled Mak, because he did not know what that meant. Mak was sent back to the land of his ancestors, and found his mothers' family. By 16 he was adventuring. With his knowledge of history and interest in it as well, he found he was able to swap tales with the best of them and so his career took off.

On one random morning, in mid-spring, Mak awoke and found a katana, wahizashi, a ring, and a tome. In the tome he found a verse marked by a ring. His mentors had passes and this was their history. Two histories bound in the tome. Mak has since always added his lifetime to the tome as well as the history of his mother.

AD&D Statistics

Race: Human Class: Bard (charlatan) Level: 5/9 Aligment: NG
STR: 16
DEX: 18
CON: 15
INT: 17
WIS: 13
CHA: 17
HP: 67 AC:  
Special Attacks:   Whirlwind attack 3/day (with Katana) - can attack all in a 10' radius one time with or without initiative.
Special Defences:   Sai of Shujenka - empowers monk's abilities of weapon breaker and absorbs magical to hit pluses and transfers them to ac of bearer. ONLY when used for defensive purposes.
Prefered Weapon:  Katana
Weapon Proficiencies:

Long Sword (Katana)
Short Sword (Wahizashe),
Dirk (Sai)

Two-Weapon Fighting Style

Non-Weapon Proficiencies\Skills:

Gambling (gaming)
Information Gathering,
Ancient History, and

Thieves skills
Kit skills of Charlatan
Detect Forgery,

Safewind - Katana -allows whirlwind attack 3/day and acts as a defender +4 otherwise
Sai of Shujenka- Offers monks weapon breaker abilities to catch, disarm, or break a weapon upon a hit (unless the weapon is magical.If the weapon is magical, the weapon absorbs and returns the power for Mac Defence. (There is a save possible at -4 for the attacker v. breath weapon…this lasts 1d4 rounds.)
Mac generally uses a Chain shirt (+2) and leathers while adventuring under his travel tunic. He has access for just about any expedition that one could think of, courtesy of Keepers Rock.

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