Keepers Rock
by J.R. Carr, jr.

Keepers Rock is an adventuring outfitter Located in the Dock Ward or Fellaren-Krae, in mid-sized warehouse of three stone stories, was the first actual warehouse in the city, but has since been transformed into an adventurer's outfitter. Keepers Rock is owner by Longreach Ma'kenzie (Wandering Ma'kenzie) and managed by Duckbill Fre (human f1, STR 17, DEX 15, CON 15, INT 13, WIS 15, CHA 15, AL NG).

The warehouse itself was the first built in the ward, allowing it to be the most well known outfitter in the city. If there is to be something needed for an adventure, expedition, or voyage, it can be found here. (4 in 6 chance it is "in the back" if Fre or Sam are pressed and there is an "urgent need" 5 in 6, but add 30% to the price) The Rock does not have the reputation for storing enchanted items, but will suggest Mystra's Tears. (Yet another Rumor abounds that the Rock will purchase magical items, but the rock is VERY selective)

Keepers Rock's legitimacy is well known. Ma'kenzie and Fre have contacts and are well known throughout the realm as adventurer's and friends of the public. There is a rumor that the Keepers' Rock has several contracts with royals throughout the realm to supply imperial guards with ceremonial (and effective) weapons.

The reputation of the business is one of quality, selection, and guaranteed work. Just as anything else, quality costs a little more. Specialty items (non-magical) can be requested, and through Fre and Ma'kenzie's network of suppliers, obtained, For a fee of course.

Duckbill Fre has obtained a lifetime contract to supply the City Watch and Guard of weapons and armament. Fre is the son of former Trade and Commerce representative, the late Creek Fre. Duckbill has maintained a solid relationship with the Council, since his early years.

Fre and Ma'kenzie have yet to meet someone who will not do business with them. Fre is the main contact for the town of Fellaren-Krae, while Ma'kenzie handles affairs outside of the city and with non-human suppliers.Fre will purchase equipment from people off of the street, however, he will not re sell magical items to the general public, as Ma'kenzie will use those item's for other proposes.

Ma'kenzie bought the Rock from its previous owner for a song. (Rumors are he won it in a card game, and this is more truth than rumor) Ma'kenzie did not know what to do with the Rock. In passing, while having a goblet of wine at a local celebration, he overheard Fre speaking to the current officials for Commerce, Defense, and The City Watch. The following day, Mac made Fre the offer. Mac backed Fre and generally stays out of the daily business of the firm.

The Rock is open air, except for an office on the third floor. The office overlooks the warehouse and is accessible by a spiral staircase that has no visible means of support. When a person steps onto the first step, the stairs being to spiral up with their own power to the opening in the floor of the office. (This is, of course magical, and was put there so an armload of equipment could be moved up to be inspected or stored for future reference.)

A counter and case adorn the wall of the Rock where the daily business occurs. Somewhere in the Rock is a storage area for the more unusual fare. Too keep thieves from feeling that the rock is easy picking the, shelves have been enchanted to allow any merchandise that is removed will glow a ruby red. This is deactivated as soon as the item is touched by the Checker's gavel. (The gavel is just a wooden gavel enchanted with the remove glow spell, the simple reversal of the enchantment of the shelves). This was incorporated by Mac as a favor from a Mage whom he beat in a game of dice. (Rumor is that the mage was none other than Elminister himself. This is not true, but sometimes the rumor that the Rock is protected by El's magic is enough to keep the honest people honest.) There are other guards and wards in place, but the public does not readily see them.

All stock available at Keepers Rock (including weapons and armor, voyaging equipment and all other forms of adventuring gear, are available at the costs listed in the D&D Players Handbook +10%)

The Help:

Duckbill has some help in cataloging and running the Rock.

*All three are devoted to Mac and Fre, and know their jobs very well. They can be depended on at all times

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