Adaon Starmist
by Tiziano "Raidaril" Baracchi and Marina "Thalassia" Baracchi

Adaon Starmist is the Treasurer of the Fellaren-Krae Spellfilchers Guild.

Adaon can be found in his workshop and home (near the docks), his sister's jewellery shop, the locksmiths guild (often in Thaldir's room or workshop) and, after work, quite often in a quiet corner of The Orc's Demise, sipping a tankard of stout with Gunther (hm level 0) and the apprentice Linflas (em spellfilcher M1/T1) listening to Brimley's reminiscences.

Adaon and Elyssara work best as a team, gaining a +1 to saving throws and THAC0 when together.They have also perfected and frequently use the "good cop- bad cop" strategy (with Adaon being the good one and Elyssara using to the hilt her ability to subtly intimidate).



Adaon and Elyssara could, at first glance, be mistaken for identical twins, they are, in fact, very much alike, but for gender and the fact that Adaon is right handed and Elyssara is left handed.

Both have silver white shoulder-length hair and violet eyes, on the lightly tanned skin of gold elves.

Adaon is often clad in worn and comfortable leather clothing, with a slightly disheveled air, he does not care overmuch for his appearance, much to the dismay of his sister that often reminds him of the "family decorum". He has a warm smile and pleasant manners.



Adaon is the "warm" part of the duo, he is cautiously friendly with everybody, and seems to take seriously nothing but his work. Gunther, his human helper, uses to say (when Adaon isn't around), that he must be a changeling from a silver elf family.

The warmth is authentic, but the carefree air is a facade, as carefully cultivated as his sister's coldness, in fact Adaon is deeply dedicated to the Elven cause and can be quite ruthless when the situation demands.



The family that had celebrated the twins' birth as an especially good omen , went into mourning and never pronounced their names again ( at least not in public) after they started their spellfilcher training .

The two grew up rebellious and fiercely attached to each other. After the last of a long series of teachers gave up on them (after an incident involving a potion of fire breathing mysteriously ending up in the vegetable broth for dinner), the two were given in charge of Thaldir as a last chance. He succeeded in "taming" them (quotation from one of the former teachers) and brought them with him to Fellaren-Krae .

Adaon is the guild's treasurer, his responsibilities as such often keep him from active adventuring, but sometimes he leaves, under the pretext of a trade fair or a commission, in "training missions" with junior guild members.

AD&D Statistics

Race: Gold Elf Class: Mage\Thief (spellfilcher) Level: 9/9 Aligment: NG
STR: 10
DEX: 17
CON: 12
INT: 16
WIS: 11
CHA: 14
HP: 28 AC: 3
Special Attacks:   Backstab, Spells
Special Defences:   Detect Magic 3\day
Prefered Weapon:   Short sword of quickness +2 (primary)   Hand Crossbow +2 (secondary)
Thief Abilities: 
PP: 60% MS: 85% HS: 85% CW: 80% FT: 95%
DN: 30% Read: 40% OL: 70% Find\Remove Magical Traps: 62%
Weapon Proficiencies:
Composite Short Bow
Hand Crossbow
Short Sword
Non-Weapon Proficiencies\Skills:

Tightrope Walking
Riding (land based)
Information gathering
Set Snares
Artistic Ability (drawing)
Fast talking
Languages: (Common, Elvish, Thieves'cant)

Short Sword of Quickness +2
Hand Crossbow +2
Ring of Protection +4 (+2 saving throws)
Wand of Monster Summoning
Long Sword
Composite Short Bow
Lockpicking Kit

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