Waitress of The Jade Dragon Tavern

by Rick Tierney

Janise is a waitress at The Jade Dragon tavern in Fellaren-Krae.  Janise is a human thief and follows the deity Mask. She is also the lover of Orrin the Quick Blade whom she also converted to the ways of Mask.


Janise is young beautiful women of some 20 years, standing about 5’ even and weighing about (that’s none of your business). She has hair the colour of Sune’s and bright green eyes. She always wears a hairpin or two, but is seldom armed.


Janise is a creature of moods, but she is always friendly when working at the Jade Dragon. She is even tempered, despite her hair. Janise is willing to lead young gentlemen on but never beyond their table.


Janise is a young adventurer out of the Moonshea, she started her career with a caravan out of Burdusk, that soon fell to a humanoid force in the Thunder Gap.  Janise is an only survivor of that caravan attack several years ago. The caravan was attacked by a large force of orcs and orgers when travelling through the Thunder Gap. After that attack Janise decided that adventuring was not for her, and she travelled around Sembia for awhile plying her trade, till she came to the city of Fellaren-krae. Janise learning of the good fortune of Fellaren and the lack of orc raids and such decided to stay. Janise took a job at the Jade Dragon as a waitress. Janise took an instant liking to Orrin and after a few months they began to openly share a room. Janise is in love with Orrin and helps with the everyday business of the tavern (and the after-hours business).

AD&D Statistics

Race: Human Class: Thief Level: 4 Aligment: N
STR: 11
DEX: 18
CON: 15
INT: 14
WIS: 10
CHA: 16
HP: 19 AC: 6
Special Attacks:   Back stab
Special Defences:    None
Prefered Weapon:   Long Sword (primary)   Dagger (secondary)
Thief Abilities:   (exclusive of armor & dexterity bonuses)
PP: 45% MS: 55% HS: 45% CW: 90% FT: 55%
Bribe: 25% Read: 40%
Weapon Proficiencies:
Dagger (Specialization)
Long Sword  (Specialization)
Non-Weapon Proficiencies\Skills:
Mage Craft
Reading\Writing (Common)
Common, Elven, Thieves Cant
Leather Armor +2
Long Sword +1
Ring of Invisibility

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