The Jade Dragon Tavern
by Rick Tierney

The Jade Dragon Tavern is located within the boundaries of the Caravan Holding Area of Fellaren-Krae. Most of the supplies to the tavern are purchased from the caravans entering the city. 

The proprietor of the tavern is Orrin the Quick Blade (hem W5/T7).  Orrin employs a waitress named Janise (hf T4).

Known as a bit of a shady establishment, the Jade Dragon is long suspected of being a thief's den, but as of now the Watch have been unable to prove any allegations.  However, Orrin runs a clean tavern and does not allow any fights on the grounds.

The Jade Dragon gets its name from the centred piece, a carved Jade Dragon. The statue of the dragon is a foot long and a half-foot tall.  The carved dragon is above the bar in a glass case that radiates a strong magic when detected for.  It is a wonder why no one has stolen it, some say that the dragon is nothing but an illusion.

Food and drink at the Jade Dragon are as follows:

Item Price
Common Meal: (Stew, Bread and Cheese) 4 sp
Fancy Meal: (Venison, Boar and Exotic) min. 2 gp
Drinks: (Beer and Ale) min. 1 sp
           (Wine (glass) - Common) min. 1 sp
           (Wine (bottle) - Common) min. 1 gp
           (Wine (glass) - Elven) min. 5 sp
           (Wine (bottle) - Elven) min. 5 gp

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