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Posted - 17 Feb 2015 :  12:41:13  Show Profile Send blindhamster a Private Message  Reply with Quote  Delete Topic
Hey folks, below is a character im playing in the Horde of the Dragon Queen Adventure, any suggestions would be appreciated :)


Name: Riardon
Height: 5'10"
Weight: 124lb
Eyes: Blue
Hair: Platinum
Skin: Tanned
Age: 116
Other Features: Has a starburst birthmark on his neck just above his left collarbone

1374DR: House Aryvandaar, the former Sun Elven noble house and rulers of the Vyshaan empire that had made dark pacts and covenants with Tanar'ri resulting in their line mingling with the blood of the nine hells and creating the Fey'ri (Demonfey), had begun a war with the Elves of Evermeet in a bid to take control of the city of Myth Drannor and reclaim their percieved 'birthright' as scions of the elven noble houses. However this spurred the elves whom had mostly retreated to Evermeet, their home across the seas, or to other cities such as Evereska, Sulldanesselar and Semberholme to rise up against them. A great battle began on the outskirts of Evereska where the Demonfey, their loyal sun elven followers and a host of Demons and Devils besieged the fortress home. A Great crusade from Evermeet came to stand against them and the battle was joined in what would be remembered as the Battle of the Cwm, the forces pitted against one another ground each other to less than they had previously been and it was only the actions of a reborn Elven Hero out of legend Fflar Starbrow and Lord Miritar, the high priest of Corellon that the foe was vanquished.

But despite the victory Evereska was left in relative ruin, the Fortress home had suffered greatly in the years leading up to the Battle of the Cwm with the ancient powers of the Netherese beginning to rise in the Anaroch desert once more and the extra planar creatures known as the phaerimm eating much of the magical power from the cities Mythal, not to mention killing many powerful casters and devouring many magical artefacts. With the added losses of the war with the Demonfay, Evereska was a shadow of its former glory, the vast majority of the older, more skilled Elves had been slain in one conflict or another and much of its defences were destroyed. With Myth Drannor once again reclaimed in the following year, a sizable portion of elves would eventually leave Evereska to return to what was once the seat of Elven power in Faerun.

But not all.

Shortly after the Battle of the Cwm, an elven babe was found amongst the rubble of shattered manor houses. However none there knew whom the babe belonged to, it's possible he was the child of one of the commoner folk fleeing through the area, or perhaps a new-born from one of the noble families in the district whose parents had been slain in the battles. Still others suggested he may have been the offspring of House Aryvandaar. It mattered not however, as a priest of Hanali Celani the elven goddess of love found the babe and took him to Fountainheart of Shimmering Gold - the temple of LadyGoldheart in Evereska. There the elven babe was given a name 'Rael' and the priests and priestesses cared for him, along with many other orphaned children from the wars, albeit none so young.

He was watched closely as whilst many children became orphans that day, to find a newborn in such a scenario seemed completely improbable and what’s more he bore a most unusual birthmark - that of a starburst of pale skin on his left collarbone. The priestess by the name of Selenwy considered it an omen, for the symbol was that of Corellon Larethian himself, and surely after the events that had transpired there was some meaning to a babe with the lord of the Seldarines own mark upon him appearing. Despite this, the mark and the circumstances surrounding the tiny baby would cause many - including a number of the priests of Corellon themselves to view the child with no small amount of suspicion in the coming years...

1389DR: Aged 15, Rael had grown, no longer a tiny babe he'd begun to fill out, although he was still reasonably short compared to the other children - but with platinum-blonde hair, piercing blue eyes and smooth clear features he was already beginning to resemble portraits of elf lords out of the history books. Approaching adolescence the priests and priestesses that cared for him had also discovered that he could have a fiery temper, quick to anger but also quick to laugh he'd become something of a leader amongst the children - particularly those that had arrived in the years after him. He also displayed a keen mind, albeit one that needed to be honed, nothing unusual in children, especially those with the blood of the Sun Elves running through their veins. So it was that he was sent to the Academy of Magic in Evereska, to learn under the cities best Wizards. Had it been maybe half a century earlier he'd not have been considered an acceptable applicant at such a place for at least another decade, but times had changed, everyone was young in Evereska now, and the city still needed all those with ability to be trained.

1409DR: Twenty years would pass, training in cantrips, training in knowledge of the arcane, knowledge of history and religion were expected of all students before their teachers would even consider teaching even the most basic spells of the first circle. Aged 35 now Rael was decidedly average of height by elven standards, but his body had filled out, he didn't really look the classic scholar of the arcane, where many of the other students were slender and aquiline in appearance, Rael had gained a strong jaw, hard features and a powerful physique. Regardless of appearances however he'd been diligent in his studies and knew much of the histories of his people, could spout a great deal of arcane theory and was able to explain concepts some of the older students still couldn’t fully understand, his mentors were happy with him for the most part, his temper had begun to be reined in, although he was still prone to outbursts when he felt he was wronged.

Evereska had been quiet for a number of years by this point, the wars of a few decades earlier were still clear and recent in the memories of many of the city’s residents, borders had been closed, the Mythal had been strengthened once more, albeit to a lesser extent than it had once been and Greycloaks patrolled the region surrounding Evereska diligently, turning any away that were not of the people, slaying those perceived as enemies without mercy. Tomb guards continued to watch over the old tombs as best they could, their numbers now beginning to increase once again with new, although perhaps too young, recruits and the watchtowers once again housed swordmages and bladesingers, although again these were a mix of skilled veterans from the wars and new recruits, many too young to even have adult names.

Rael was now spending his time split relatively evenly between his studies at the Academy of Magic and the Temple of Corellon, for reasons unknown to him the High Priest had insisted on it. Rael learned of theology and the planes, of what it meant to be an elf and a follower of the Seldarine - things he knew of course! but perhaps this knowledge was from a different perspective when coming from a priest of Corellon instead of a priestess of Hanali.

It was in the winter months of 1409 that Rael would have his first experience close call with death. He walked the valley surrounding Evereska alone, whilst the night was cold the stars were bright and he basked in the simple calm of it all. Out of the Mythals mists came a figure wearing old and tattered robes, he carried a slender bladed and engraved sword in one hand and advanced on the young elf calmly. The figures features were wreathed in shadow, a hood concealing his features, but his hands were bare and appeared emaciated, it spoke with a rasping voice that all the same had the familiar lilt of one of the elven people. "At last, a descendant... I grow tired of this body". The blade in the creatures hand flashed with a malevolent light and the figure strode ever closer. Rael was forced to back off but was quickly cornered, he carried a short blade of course and drew it quickly to defend himself - he was no warrior however and would have been quickly bested, except he was saved by another stranger, an apparition of an elf with a cold hard expression wearing dark splendid armour surged out of the very ground and fended off the elf-thing, striking it with a ghostly blade of darkness. With a Hiss and a curse of "Vyshaan!" the elf-thing fled. The apparition turned to stare at Rael, then sneered "mongrel, you are barely worth saving, but perhaps you will serve a purpose in time", it then likewise vanished without another word.

1428DR-1433DR: Many years passed and Rael was never again visited by the apparition or the elf-thing with the strange blade, his training in wizardry continued and he mastered a number of spells of the first circle. However as an orphan he had no permanent ties to the city of Evereska and decided he wished to travel, Myth Drannor was once again considered the seat of Elven power in Faerun and he'd heard many tales about it. So he left the city and travelled with caravans, using the cantrips and minor spells he'd learned to aid those he travelled with as best he could. But travel can be a lonely thing and when travelling through waterdeep he stopped long enough to gather the materials and knowledge to summon himself a companion. And so he began a friendship with a Fey spirit he called Ebrath, Rael and Ebrath travelled together for a number of years after that before eventually heading to Raels intended destination of Myth Drannor, during those travels the two built a strong bond of friendship and a good working relationship, Ebrath typically in the form of some avian creature would regularly give Rael the warning he needed to avoid some danger in the roads they walked.

1434DR: Whilst in Myth Drannor, Raels life would take a turn in a completely different direction, despite his obvious natural strength, he'd always relied on his mind more than anything else, he'd held swords of course, and even learned to draw and fire a longbow with relative proficiency as would be expected of any proper elven child. But he'd not considered himself a warrior, more a scholar than anything else. However it was in Myth Drannor, in the presence of a reborn legend that Rael decided that he could do more, and be more. For the people, his people. So it was that he went to the temple of Corellon, one far larger than that which was in Evereska and requested the right to be tested and trained.

His reception was very different from that which he'd had in Evereska, here he was not a baby of unknown origin, he was simply another elf, one with an unusual birthmark perhaps, but one wishing to help defend the people regardless. His prior training in magic and religion helped him greatly in his initial studies at the great temple although initially his trainers cautioned him that without any prior experience in true fighting styles he would take many years to acquire true skill he worked diligently, favouring the weapons of the people, the longsword, shortsword and bow as is not uncommon in paladins of Corellon his began to prove himself over the coming years.

1450DR: Rael, now 76 had become a full paladin of the Knights of Myth Drannor, he and Ebrath often acting in a scouting role, his knowledge of arcane magic being considered a boon, albeit unusual in a divine warrior of the Seldarine. He'd helped fight in a number of skirmishes and battles with the denizens of the forest of Cormanthor and worse enemies besides. He proved himself again and again as a capable warrior and defender of his friends, and allies whenever he was called upon. He had already acquitted well of himself when a band of bandits led by a fearsome Tiefling had begun raiding some of the outlying towns and Rael had bested him in single combat. He did however have to be saved from getting into more trouble than he could handle on more than one occasion, his righteous fury toward enemies of the people sometimes blinding him to the common sense to remain with his unit.

1458DR: One year he would find himself wandering the hallowed halls of the many ancestral vaults in Myth Drannor, only to be drawn to an old unmarked crypt as if something somehow called to him, he walked the dusty old place, had the cities original Mythal not fallen during the Weeping war centuries earlier, perhaps he'd know who the crypt belonged to, instead all was dust and mildew, mixed with overgrown creepers, some of the old statues remained standing, depicting haughty looking elven nobles, looking down as if at something beneath them. But he saw no indication of what this place was. When the young elf sighed and turned to leave the old crypts, his foot clanked on something hard and metallic, old but ornate looking longsword with a faded family crest in the hilt, pausing with a frown he lifted the blade, which felt somehow 'right' in his hands, then left, he had no family of his own, so perhaps he could continue something more.

1474DR-1476DR: Rael became Riardon, taking his adult name, he did not feel as if he'd just become an adult, in fact he often found himself feeling old beyond his years, He often travelled with Ebrath alone now, seeking out those in need, defending those unable to defend themselves, and seeking out knowledge and lore for the people. More and more often he would travel further afield from Myth Drannor, often not returning for months at a time. He should have taken a true vow by now, but had not been back long enough to attend the required formalities. He'd gotten something of a name for being a wanderer and often elusive, but also for being there when he was truly needed.

1476DR-1487DR: Riardon returned to Myth Drannor when Netheril began its war, he fought alongside his old companions once more and defended the great city from the minions of the ancient wizards of shade, he was of course only a minor warrior in the army that defended his home, but he did all he could to keep those around him safe. However in 1487DR the wizard known as Elminster caused the Netherese floating city that attacked Myth Drannor to fall from the skies, stopping a greater plot where the ancient lich Larloch would become a Deity in his own right, but at the same time destroying both cities... Myth Drannor fell for the second time.

1487DR-Present Day: Riardon did not travel to Semberholme with Coronal Miritar and the majority of refugees from Myth Drannor, he instead returned to Evereska for a time, he met old friends and discovered new ones, Selenwy also gave him a strange alabaster mask, explaining it had been swaddled in with him when she found him, and whilst she did not know what it really meant, perhaps it might help him discover more of who he was. However things were not set to stay peaceful, for Cultists of the Dragon would eventually raid a series of Evereskan tombs, slaying many of their defenders and Riardon found himself on the move once more, to recover what had been stolen and to protect his people once more, all the while getting the sense he was being watched, though by what he did not know...

[b]Character Stuff

I built him as a wizard 1/paladin 2 (I started a few weeks into the campaign due to taking some time off)
the stats i rolled were pretty good, issues i currently have:
Ive been given permission to swap my 13 Dex (15 due to elf) for my 16 CHA if I want to, reason i was thinking this may be better, is if i want the bladesinger style to hold out... i ought to keep my off hand free, but dropping charisma down doesnt really seem fitting of a paladin. itd mean id go from 15 Dex to 18 Dex, so id also need to switch from medium armour (chain shirt) to light armour (studded leather)... I went strength based and use a longsword because it fits the bladesinger concept and classic elf concept better.

Thoughts, suggestions?

Great Reader

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Posted - 17 Feb 2015 :  14:38:27  Show Profile Send Diffan a Private Message  Reply with Quote
First, background looks amazing. Great job with that. Very detailed and fits great with the lore. Your DM should be very impressed.

Second, Wizard/paladin is a very hard build to pull off due to the multiple attribute dependency of the character (otherwise known as MAD) and as such, keeping Strength, Intelligence, and Charisma up is going to be hard with just a few Ability Score bumps. Can I ask why you chose Paladin for the class? Not that I have a problem with it per-se, I just find that a feat like Magic Initiate (Cleric / Druid or maybe your DM will allow Cleric or Druid cantrips and Paladin spells?), Healer, and Inspiring Leader that lend to the Paladin style.

Also, I too am playing a Bladesinger (Fighter Eldritch Knight) to which I created a feat for. HEre it is:

Prerequisite: Elf or Half-elf, must have the ability to cast a cantrip or 1st level spells.

You've been trained in the ancient elven artform that blends the use of blades and magic into one harmonious display.
• So long as you are wielding a longsword or rapier in one hand, and nothing in the other you gain a +2 shield bonus to your AC. This form of fighting is called Bladesong Style.
• So long as you are in your bladesong style, you can use Intelligence or Dexterity (your choice) instead of Strength for attack and damage rolls of your weapon-based attacks.
• You have Advantage on Constitution-based saving throws to maintain your Concentration.
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Great Reader

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Posted - 17 Feb 2015 :  14:44:09  Show Profile Send Diffan a Private Message  Reply with Quote
Alternatively, I created this Arcane Tradition for the Wizard class called School of Bladesong. It sort of blends being an elven wizard into a bladesinger over the course of 14 levels. It replaces the features you normally would gain by choosing a specific arcane school.

Elves, since they’ve learned the ancient Art of magic, have been blending its effects alongside the use of swords and other martial ways. This art-form is collectively known as Bladesinging or Bladesong. The use of this style is unique among the elves and is highly cherished, and kept secretive, to only those of their blood-lines. In more recent times, as the elven nations fell and their presence in the world reduced, they have started training those with only half-blood this ancient art-form. However this attitude isn’t shared by all elves and many believe such teachings to those who are “tainted” has in itself tainted the practice.

Prerequisite: If one wishes to learn the art of Bladesong they must be an Elf (high or wood) or Half-elven and find an instructor who’s willing to teach them the way.

Beginning when you select this school at 2nd level, you gain proficiency with light armor and the Performance skill. Additionally you can treat longswords as a finesse weapon.

Starting at 2nd level when you select this school, you gain a +2 shield bonus to your armor class so long as you are wielding a longsword or rapier in one hand and nothing in the other and are wearing light or no armor. If you don medium or heavier armor, wield something in your off-hand, or are unconscious you lose the benefits of Bladesong.

Beginning at 6th level, when you use your action to make a weapon-based attack, you can cast a cantrip as a bonus action.

Starting at 10th level, you have advantage on Constitution-based checks when maintaining your concentration.

Starting at 14th level, whenever you cast a 1st through 5th level spell you may also make a weapon-based attack that uses your Bonus Action.
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Posted - 17 Feb 2015 :  14:59:11  Show Profile Send blindhamster a Private Message  Reply with Quote
Hey, thanks! I really wanted to go for a pretty detailed background for the character.

I actually explained my reasoning for going the way i did with the class options over in this thread:

basically i got some excellent stats thanks to generous stat rolling system the DM had in place:
18 17 16 13 12 10

i initially thought id go eldritch knight/fighter but it gets you a REALLY slow spell progression and you dont really get anything for it.

Going paladin wizard means i get better spell progression and the option to use smite to increase damage a huge amount in really sticky situations... at least that was my theory.

I actually made a Bladesinger wizard archetype too:

Bladesong Style

At Level 2 you learn to accomodate the use of armour in your spellcasting as well as to better use your hereditary weapons
You gain the benefits of the dueling and defense fighting styles with longswords and shortswords and proficiency with light armour

You may also enter the bladesong once per short rest

- For one minute you add intelligence to Armour Class and Damage Rolls with Short Swords or Longswords so long as you have no weapon or shield in your other hand.

This ability cannot be used again without taking a short or long rest

War Magic

At Level 6 you may make a single attack as a bonus action after casting a cantrip

Extra Attack

At Level 10 you can make two attacks as an attack action instead of one

Battle Magic

At level 14 you can make a single weapon attack as a bonus action after casting a wizard spell.

main things i did... was avoid finesse based longsword use, as much as I'd LOVE to use one with finesse, there is a reason it doesnt get the rule I guess, I also opted for short sword over rapier, seeing as elves no longer get rapier prof and get short sword prof instead. I used the Valor Bard Archetype as a basis as is pretty obvious, however the DM wasn't keen on using anything homebrew as we're all completely new to the system. Another issue with wizard archetype is it only gets d6hp which is going to be a huge issue for a melee character.

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King Libertine

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Posted - 09 May 2022 :  08:49:37  Show Profile Send King Libertine a Private Message  Reply with Quote
Not sure that house Arryvandaar is a house. Do you mean the Vyshaan clan?
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George Krashos
Master of Realmslore

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Posted - 10 May 2022 :  10:27:53  Show Profile Send George Krashos a Private Message  Reply with Quote
Originally posted by King Libertine

Not sure that house Arryvandaar is a house. Do you mean the Vyshaan clan?

King Libertine, I know too well the joy of digging up old scrolls and reading Realmslore here at the 'Keep. But given his thread hasn't had any activity since 2015, I think you can safely assume that your questions will go unanswered and to move on to more active topics.

-- George Krashos

"Because only we, contrary to the barbarians, never count the enemy in battle." -- Aeschylus
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Giant Snake

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Posted - 17 Mar 2024 :  01:53:05  Show Profile Send Giant Snake a Private Message  Reply with Quote
Honestly that is the reason I only make characters what are unknowns or, if an elf, probably some wood elf or minor elf.
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