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 Thought Experiment - Creating names/games
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Skilled Spell Strategist

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Posted - 12 Dec 2023 :  15:06:38  Show Profile Send sleyvas a Private Message  Reply with Quote  Delete Topic
Was just thinking about an idea and figured it could be a fun little idea to share and see if anyone else comes up with something. I'm trying to leave the idea very open, because its more about creativity than "you have to follow this formula"

The gist
Think of a "game" of some sort played in our world

Put a twist of some sort that would be realmsian in some way

Come up with a new name for this game and anything else that you might think would particularly fit it (i.e. this game is favored by mages... this game is favored in the North... this game was created by the netherese... etc...)

Throwing out the idea that came to my mind that made me want to do this.

Base game... billiards.

The cue ball (known as the beholder) is a hollow glassteel ball with a gyroscope/"top" in the middle. this "top" holds a pebble with continual light held in between two "plates" and has 10 "tubes" allowing a "spotlight" of this light to come out. This means that there are always 10 lines of light shooting out from this "cue ball"

The game can be played by two to four players, and the number of balls is dependent on the number of players. Each player has 8 balls of all the same color, but one has a white stripe and must be the last ball sunk by that player. Other balls can be sunk in any order, and each ball sunk equals a point. Sinking another player's ball has no penalty, but removes the ability of that player to make a point with that ball... unless you sink their striped ball which eliminates you and gives them 4 points... but also ends their game.

There are 5 by 8 rows of points on the table with flip over metal circles. There are screw in, highly polished/reflective, metal posts that go into these spots. Each player places a number of these posts based on the number of players (i.e. if 4 players, each places 2 posts.. if 3 players, each places 3 posts... if 2 players, each places 4 posts).

Name of the game
Bouncing Beholders

Origins: This game was developed by bored Zhentarim mages, but it quickly became favored by the guards that often accompanied them. It was not uncommon for them to use item to turn a "Bouncing beholders" table into a piece of cloth and then returned to its normal form once a new encampment was setup. Ironically, beholders travelling with these Zhents took to this game as well, using cue sticks via telekinesis. Accusations of using their telekinetic ability to cheat led to the death of more than one beholder by another beholder, which led to a ruling at many tables that another beholder must focus its central eye on the table in such a way that still allowed telekinetic maneuvering of cue sticks from its outer edges.

Alavairthae, may your skill prevail

Phillip aka Sleyvas

Edited by - sleyvas on 12 Dec 2023 15:14:52

Senior Scribe

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Posted - 12 Dec 2023 :  16:23:42  Show Profile Send Delnyn a Private Message  Reply with Quote
The Orcs of the Spine of the World play "club bullets" where one player ("sniper") armed with a club to hit an orc shotput thrown by a trained orc weaponmaster ("headsman"). Helmets are optional but considered for wimps. The headsman (absolutely no penalties for "bad aim") has seven assistants ("hounds") each wearing rothe leather gloves to catch the shotput. These assistants retrieve the shotput when it is hot and return to the thrower. There is another orc (the "back wall") with leather armor, leather glove and full helm behind the sniper.

About no penalties for bad aim by the headsman. If the sniper tanks the bad blow, he may opt for the headsman's skull instead of the shotput. Again, no penalties.
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Great Reader

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Posted - 12 Dec 2023 :  20:50:08  Show Profile Send Ayrik a Private Message  Reply with Quote
Kobold punting may be out of style these days - because of koboldism and #koboldlivesmatter# and all that other nonsense - but it still remains a most popular sport with many DMs, players, PCs, and NPCs throughout the D&D cosmos.

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Giant Snake

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Posted - 13 Dec 2023 :  01:58:51  Show Profile Send Giant Snake a Private Message  Reply with Quote
Goblins like to play Spider Bones. Itís a cross between dice and pick up sticks but the different bones all have a point value that wildly varies based on the quality of the bone. Playing with a ludicrously rigged set is common and encouraged, as are multipliers and anything that allows them to make up exceptions as they go along and it infuriates other, less intelligent, evil races the goblins like to play against. Many goblins have met their end when trying to overplay their hand against big orcs or even other goblins.
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