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 Church Inquisitor and Immune inquiry
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Posted - 29 Jan 2023 :  18:56:56  Show Profile Send blade020877 a Private Message  Reply with Quote  Delete Topic
so i play a Church Inquisitor 3.5 and max level so i have Immune to Compulsions. so i have tried to play the tactic in battle of using End to Strife 9th level and as i a immune to it i can attack while in it. but the Dm says because i am imunne to it i can't cast it..... so if your immune to spells you can't cast it??

Wooly Rupert
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Posted - 29 Jan 2023 :  20:20:07  Show Profile Send Wooly Rupert a Private Message  Reply with Quote
I wouldn't say that immunity to an effect prevents creation of that effect, unless the creation involves being affected.

It's Realms-specific material, but the Seven Sisters sourcebook lists specific spells that the Seven Sisters are immune to -- and says nothing about them not being able to use those magics themselves.

That aside, I'm not familiar with the wording of any of the relevant material you're citing, here. There may be something there that your DM is keying on or that you've overlooked.

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Posted - 30 Jan 2023 :  01:20:19  Show Profile Send Kentinal a Private Message  Reply with Quote
Where did immunity come from, it is not in class description? The grant of immunity might have contained the spell casting restriction, considering the End to Strife is a class spell, the immunity is not a class ability.

Searching the 3.5 SRD I found this
Spell Immunity

A creature with spell immunity avoids the effects of spells and spell-like abilities that directly affect it. This works exactly like spell resistance, except that it cannot be overcome. Sometimes spell immunity is conditional or applies to only spells of a certain kind or level. Spells that do not allow spell resistance are not affected by spell immunity.

I have not found any example of being immune to effect does not prevent using it. Dragons immune to their breath weapon being one example.

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Posted - 30 Jan 2023 :  02:17:21  Show Profile  Visit bloodtide_the_red's Homepage Send bloodtide_the_red a Private Message  Reply with Quote
There is nothing in the rules about a spellcaster that can't use a spell they are immune to the effect of. The classic example is a Lich that is immune to many things, but can freely cast such spells.

I can see a DM not liking the spell and it's untyped damage each round. And when you take away "hurts the caster too" part, the caster (and player) can just sit back an laugh.

But it does have limits.

The spell is worded poorly.....but it SHOULD only effect intelligent beings that can understand 'end of strife'. It SHOULD have no effect on a wolf or a volt or a T-rex.

9th level..well, how many do you cast a day? Are you doing 15 minute days? Cast the spell get into ONE battle, then freeze time so your character can rest, then get up and cast the spell, repeat. In a typical game you could only cast it a couple of times a day: Awake 16 hours, have the spell for a couple minutes each day.

You know, at high level you SHOULD be fighting high level foes and monsters.

The list of creature types: construct, ooze, plant, undead and vermin are all immune to this spell. And the list of individual monsters immune is long enough: just in Monsters of Fareun "Greater Dopplefangers, Nyth, Sharn, and Nishruu. A fun 'stealth' one is Leucrotta.

And in 3.5 you have like 50 templates, that can give immunity.

And in 3.5 you have plenty of abilities, spells and magic items.

also...foes can just stay away....a dragon can sure breathe more then 100 feet away, for example.
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